he left me for someone else

My Boyfriend Left Me For Someone Else: 5 Weird Reasons

When my girlfriend left me for someone else, it was terrible. I almost lost my mind.

To make matters worse, the guy she started dating was the same guy she claimed was just a friend.

When she became friends with the guy, I didn’t mind because I trusted her. I later caught her red-handed, and it broke me.

The most confusing part was she didn’t tell me what I did wrong; she acted like the relationship was fine.

I know you can relate to my story since your boyfriend left you for someone else, and I guess, just like me, you didn’t see it coming.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why he left you and what you can do to handle the situation.

My Boyfriend Left Me For Someone Else: 5 Reasons Why He Left

1. His Mom Didn’t Like You

My Boyfriend Left Me For Someone Else

Of course, he wouldn’t tell you his mom doesn’t like you.

Men are very good at keeping things to themselves, but those things they keep often influence their decision.

If you’ve met his mom before and he started acting funny from that period, then there’s a high chance his mom doesn’t like you.

Mothers have a strong hold on their children, especially their male children.

Your boyfriend will not fully commit if his mom thinks you are no good for her son.

As a coach, I have witnessed many relationships crumble just because the guy’s mom disapproves of the relationship.

2. He Was Using You

Although many girls might not know, some guys have no plan for the relationship.

They are just using you to satisfy their selfish desires, and when they get tired of the relationship, they leave you and look for another victim.

For some guys dating you is a goal they are determined to achieve not because they love you but for their ego, and we all know what happens to a goal when you achieve it.

You move to the next; it’s that simple.

You may have been busy planning your future with him while he had an entirely different plan.

If your guy flirts with other women online, tries to avoid discussing the future with you, and keeps asking you for money, he is likely using you for personal gain.

3. He Was Battling Resentment

Men are often silent in relationships, making it easy for them to enter into resentment.

They could have so much bottled inside them that you wouldn’t be able to predict their next move.

You might not see it coming when they suddenly leave you for someone else.

When a man sees you doing something he doesn’t like or that hurts him,

He might tell you the first time but depending on how you react; he might not tell you again.

If your response led to a conflict and you repeated the same mistakes, he would not tell you again but resent you instead.

When resentment stays in his heart for a long time, it can make him lose the feelings he has for you and leave.

Psychologist Dana Jack says men are silent in a relationship for two reasons:

First, men are ashamed to voice their needs because society wants them to be emotionally strong.

Telling you his need would make him look weak.

Secondly, they are afraid of conflict and abandonment,

Men are usually afraid to speak in a relationship because they feel voicing out their needs would make things worse.

All of these could make your boyfriend resent you.

If your guy once tried to correct you and you yelled at him, or he tried to communicate that you hurt him,

But you didn’t give it much attention, that could be why he became resentful and left.

4. He Was Feeling Pressured

he cheated and left me for someone else

Guys don’t like pressure.

The pressure to get married can make him ghost you or leave you for someone else who doesn’t give him much hassle.

I remember when my friend met a beautiful girl in June 2021; he was so into her and believed she was the one.

But there was a problem she wanted them to get married within three months of dating, and that put my friend under pressure.

He tried to cope with the pressure and was trying to see if he could marry her within three months.

It got to a point he was tired of the constant talk of marriage without even getting to know her.

Finally, he ghosted her.

If you were putting pressure on your ex-boyfriend to propose or get married, that could be why he left you.

5. He Discovered Things About Your Past

The past and most guys don’t play nicely together.

The more they know about your past, the more they resent you, especially when they find out something you didn’t tell them at the beginning.

I handled a case some time ago of a guy who discovered his girlfriend once dated a married man; he didn’t like such things.

And to make matters worse, she never told him about it until he discovered it himself.

He always saw a particular number calling her, and she kept declining it until he finally knew the truth.

If you kept your past from him or had a rough one, it might be why he left for someone else.

My Boyfriend Left Me For Someone Else: How To Handle The Situation

6. Find Out What Went Wrong

You must take precautions in following the steps below; you don’t want friends with benefits kind of relationship.

You can put a call across to him after obeying the no contact rule and ask him what happened and why he left you.

The goal is not to get him back but to get information which would help your future relationships.

He might not tell you, which is fine, but at least you tried.

7. Give It Some Time

he left me for another woman

Time is always the best healer of emotional wounds.

I understand it hurts like hell because I have also experienced it.

But with time, you would feel better and might even be grateful he left you.

You might be focusing on the present situation and refusing to see the future, possibly because you believed he was the only man for you.

But the truth is, with time, you might realize you were wrong, and there are more amazing guys you haven’t met.

Please don’t let the pain of heartbreak drive you to start friends with benefits relationship because you feel you can’t get someone better.

Give it time and focus on becoming the best version of yourself every day.

Remember, success is the best revenge you can give an ex.

8. Start A New Relationship

After you have taken time to heal and are confident about handling a new relationship, you can start one.

Allow yourself to fall in love again.

Love isn’t wicked; it’s just that you fell in love with someone that hurt you the last time.

The new guy could make you happy and forget the pain you suffered in your last relationship.

If you decide never to love again because your ex hurt you, that’s proof he still controls you.

If you still have strong feelings for your ex, I would recommend you don’t start a new relationship to avoid hurting someone who knows nothing about your past.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Deal With My Boyfriend Leaving Me For Someone Else?

If your boyfriend left you for someone else, here are a few things you can do

Protect your self-esteem: it’s easy for you to think you are not good enough or the other girl has something you don’t have, making you feel worthless and undeserving of love.

Please protect your self-esteem by speaking positively to yourself and believing you will find someone better.

Your boyfriend leaving you is his personal choice; that’s why you have to stop beating yourself because of it.

Upgrade yourself: ensure your boyfriend doesn’t meet you at the same level he left you.

Pursue personal development and become the best you can be.

He should see you and realize he made a big mistake by dumping you.

Don’t give up on love: many people have given up on love because they had a negative romantic experience.

Don’t be one of them. Love is beautiful; you just haven’t met the right person yet. Continue to be positive, and don’t allow your experience to define your reality.

Do Guys Come Back After Leaving You For Someone Else?

Some guys do come back, while others don’t. It’s a 50-50 chance he would be back.

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Leaves You For Another Girl?

Most of the time, I recommend you move on.

Give it some time to heal and then start a new relationship and give it a fresh start.

Even if you accept him back when he returns, you wouldn’t love him like you used to because you are afraid and trying to safeguard your heart from another breakup.

You shouldn’t be insecure just because you are in love.

How Long Does It Take To Get Over Someone Leaving You For Someone Else?

It depends. There is no fixed time to heal from the hurt and heartbreak.

Your commitment to healing would determine how long it would take to get over him.

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