signs your boyfriend likes his female friend

8 Subtle Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend

You might be dating a guy who has a female friend, but he claims they’re just friends and there’s nothing between them.

But the way they act towards each other makes you believe there’s something more than friendship.

I had a similar experience some years ago.

My ex-girlfriend had a male friend called Harry; she kept insisting they were just friends, although it was visible they shared more than friendship.

I trusted her, so I didn’t argue. One year later, I was shocked when I learned they were dating.

You’re not insecure if you feel uncomfortable with their friendship.

In this article, I will share the signs your boyfriend likes his female friend and what you can do about it.

13 Signs Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend

1. He Prioritizes Her

boyfriend defends his female friend

If your boyfriend prioritizes his female friend over you, that’s a sign he likes her.

If he prefers to hang out or take her out often, that’s a sign.

Even when you go with them, they treat you like an intruder while smiling and laughing with each other.

2. Frequent Communication

If your boyfriend communicates with her often, even when he’s with you, that’s a sign

If they’re always communicating and spend long hours calling and texting, then they like each other.

Constant communication makes emotional feelings develop over time.

3. Comparing You To Her

If your boyfriend constantly compares you to his female friend, he likes her.

If he keeps trying to make you behave like her, beware.

My ex used to talk about Harry a lot when we were together

She kept comparing me with Harry and always said, “You and Harry behave the same way.”

4. He Shares His Secrets With Her

If your boyfriend shares secrets with her that he won’t share with you, that’s a sign he likes her.

If she’s the first to hear any major news about your boyfriend or he informs her before making decisions that means he likes her.

He might even brag that she knows him more than you, and he values her opinion ahead of yours.

3. Physical Contact

Frequent hugging, touching, or other physical gestures indicate a close connection.

He likes her if they always hold each other without caring about your presence.

Even when you’re around, she can sit on your boyfriend’s lap, and they would be having fun.

4. Protectiveness

If your boyfriend becomes defensive anytime someone talks negatively about her, that’s a sign.

No matter what she does, your boyfriend doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

If your boyfriend protects her even if he has to hurt your feelings, he likes her.

5. He’s Jealous If She Is With Another Guy

my boyfriend has a female friend

If your boyfriend gets jealous the moment his female friend is with another guy, that’s a sign.

His mood will change when she’s with another guy, and he will take it out on you.

A guy would hardly get jealous if he had no romantic feelings for a woman.

6. He Compliments Her Often

If your boyfriend compliments his female friend and calls her beautiful names such as “baby”, “my love”, “my heart”.

If he compliments her dress and is always excited about her fashion sense, that’s a sign he likes her.

The sad part is that you could be gorgeously dressed, and your boyfriend won’t compliment you but would complement his female friend.

7. They Are Always Together

If your boyfriend and his female friend are always together, that’s a sign he has feelings for her.

If he gives her all his attention and ignores you or makes you compete for his attention with his female friend.

8. He Buys Her Expensive Gifts

If your boyfriend buys expensive gifts for his female friend on her birthday or any other day but forgets your birthday, that’s a sign he likes her.

My Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend: How To Handle The Situation

9. Assess Your Feelings

Take some time to reflect on your feelings. How does this revelation affect you? Are you feeling hurt, insecure, or anxious?

Understanding your own emotions will help you communicate more effectively.

You want to be sure you’re not jealous of their friendship, especially if they were already friends before he met you.

Be certain there’s something more than friendship between them before bringing up the conversation.

Try not to ignore your instincts. If your gut feeling tells you there’s something weird about their friendship, take it seriously.

10. Open Communication | Ask Questions

his female friend is coming between us

Initiate an honest and calm conversation with your boyfriend. Find a comfortable and private space to talk.

Express your feelings and concerns openly, using “I” statements to avoid accusing him.

You have to be careful how you bring up the conversation so he doesn’t accuse you of jealousy or insecurity.

Most guys try to be defensive even when they know what you’re saying is true.

Express your feelings to him and give your boyfriend the chance to explain.

Listen without interrupting and try to understand his point of view. It will help you get a clearer picture of the situation.

11. Express Your Boundaries

Please share your thoughts on what you’re comfortable with in terms of his relationship with his female friend.

It’s important to communicate your boundaries but also be open to compromise.

You have to tell him where he needs to put limits on his friendship with her because he’s in a relationship with you.

Please don’t compromise your stance even if he says you’re insecure and jealous.

He might even tell his female friend what you said.

If you don’t want them holding each other like lovers, clearly let your boyfriend know.

Ask him how he would feel if you did the same things with a guy.

I believe your boyfriend won’t tolerate it if you have another guy you like.

What you can’t do to him; please don’t allow him to do it to you.

12. Consider Your Options

Consider what you’re comfortable with moving forward, depending on the nature of your relationship.

If your boyfriend acts like you’re the intruder between him and his female friend, it’s best to leave the relationship.

You can’t compete when both of them are against you.

They would keep playing with your feelings and mock you, especially if they’re friends with benefits.

You don’t want to waste your precious time in a relationship where you must compete for your boyfriend’s attention with his female friend.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Trust My Boyfriend With A Female Friend?

Evaluate his integrity: if your boyfriend has never lied or cheated on you in the past, then you have to trust him not to betray you with his female friend.

If your boyfriend has a high level of integrity and you have a solid relationship, then you should let the issue go and trust him.

Observe the female friend: you have to check how his female friend behaves when you’re around. Does she get angry, or does she ignore you?

If you notice any funny or weird behavior from her, that’s a sign she has feelings for your boyfriend, and he might feel the same way.

But their friendship might be platonic if she’s friendly and isn’t bothered about your relationship.

Length of their friendship: you need to know how long they’ve been friends before you can take further action.

If they’ve been best friends before he met you, you have nothing to worry about.

But if they recently became friends and have grown very close, it could mean they have romantic feelings for each other, and you should be more observant.

Why Does My Boyfriend Hide His Female Friend?

If your boyfriend is hiding his female friends, it could mean the following:

He feels you will freak out

He has feelings for her

He didn’t tell his female friend about you

He’s trying to avoid drama

He doesn’t want you to be friends with her

When Should I Be Concerned About My Boyfriend’s Female Friend?

You should be concerned when your boyfriend prioritizes her over you or always defends you even when she’s wrong.

If you notice he gets uncomfortable when she’s around, or his female friend gets jealous when you’re with your boyfriend, something is going on.

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