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My Boyfriend Forgot My Birthday (4 Odd Reasons)

My boyfriend forgot my birthday; I understand you are hurt

It was your birthday recently, and you were very excited

Who wouldn’t? It comes once every year.

But someone special forgot about it, and it broke your heart that person is your boyfriend.

You waited for his happy birthday text but didn’t get any.

No cakes, no special dinner, no surprise package; he acted like nothing was happening.

Now you are angry and don’t know what to say to him.

Finally, you decided to put your anger aside and inform him that he had forgotten your birthday.

He screamed and instantly started apologizing; now you are at crossroads, not knowing how to react and heal from your hurt.

The anger of him forgetting your birthday is still in your heart.

If what I just described seems like you, this article is for you.

You would discover the action to take if your boyfriend forgot your birthday.

Before you take action, there are vital factors to consider.

My Boyfriend Forgot My Birthday: Key Factors To Consider

1. Is It His First Time?

My Boyfriend Forgot My Birthday

Life can sometimes play a trick on us that we forget the birthday of someone special to us.

I am not saying it’s right. Of course, it’s not.

But life can throw us off balance sometimes and make us forget important events.

Pressures at work, project deadlines, job hunting, and financial problems can make him forget.

If it’s his first time forgetting your birthday, he may be overwhelmed with life’s challenges.

You should try and find out what’s happening in his life.

2. Does He Care About You?

Your boyfriend forgetting your birthday could mean he doesn’t care about you anymore.

Birthdays are special and come once a year; a guy who genuinely cares about you would hardly forget it.

If your boyfriend doesn’t do anything special for you anymore, it would be easy for him to forget your birthday.

It’s possible he doesn’t have feelings for you anymore and is no longer emotionally invested in the relationship.

It’s easy to forget the birthday of someone you no longer care about because they are not in your scheme of things.

It’s also possible he’s tired and looking for an exit opportunity; maybe he has given you clues that he’s tired that you didn’t notice; forgetting your birthday would make it obvious.

3. Does He Take His Birthday Seriously?

he forgot my birthday

What has that got to do with me, you might ask?

Some guys grew up in an environment that doesn’t take birthdays seriously.

Nobody in their family celebrates it or takes it seriously.

It’s just like every other day.

A guy like that can easily forget his birthday because he grew up in an environment where nobody cares about it.

Even if you try to remind him and make that day unique for him, you will notice he doesn’t care about it.

If your boyfriend doesn’t take his birthday seriously, then he wouldn’t take yours seriously either.

If his parents often forgot his birthday and acted like there was nothing special about it, that’s the mindset he would take to adulthood.

He would often forget his birthday or act like there was nothing special about it.

4. How Does He Treat You Generally?

If he treats you like a queen but forgets your birthday, that might mean he didn’t grow up to value such events.

Or he’s caught up in life’s challenges.

But if your boyfriend doesn’t treat you well, ignores your calls, treats you like trash,

Or doesn’t respect you, then forgetting your birthday might be a subtle way of telling you he doesn’t care about you.

If he doesn’t care about you, he won’t apologize for forgetting your birthday; he would instead find an excuse or become defensive.

How he has been treating you before is very important to evaluate if it’s an honest mistake or if he did it deliberately to hurt you.

My Boyfriend Forgot My Birthday: How To Handle The Situation

5. Have An Honest Conversation With Him

Talk to him about it and make him realize your birthday is significant, and it hurt you that he forgot about it.

It would help if you talked to him about it than resent him silently.

Resentment is one of the killers of romantic relationships.

You should talk to him and hear him out.

He might have a valid excuse for forgetting; you would never know until you talk with him.

It would help if you made him understand that your birthday is very special to you, and you expect him to at least acknowledge it.

I know it’s tempting to give your boyfriend the silent treatment and not talk to him for days.

How dare he forget the birthday of his queen?

But please don’t use the silent treatment approach to handle the situation. It can destroy your relationship with time.

When you go silent on your boyfriend concerning sensitive issues, you unconsciously resent him.

Tell him you are angry that he forgot your birthday and that it will take you some time to heal.

6. Remind Him About Your Birthday In Advance

when he forgets your birthday

Whether this is the first time he has forgotten your birthday or has done it before,

You want to ensure he doesn’t have any excuse to forget your birthday next time by reminding him in advance.

If he still forgets, then it’s deliberate and proof he doesn’t love you anymore.

You can remind him a week or some days before D-day, so he has no reason to forget.

7. Make Him Apologize And Make It Up To You.

After telling your boyfriend he forgot your birthday, you should demand an apology and ask him to make it up to you.

If you only tell him he forgot your birthday, he can quickly apologize, which can end the issue.

It’s beyond him saying “I am sorry,” and he promises it wouldn’t happen again; that’s not enough to take away the hurt.

You have to demand he makes it up to you; he would then realize that your birthday is significant.

He can take you to the movies or get you a nice post-birthday gift.

8. Quit The Relationship If It Happens Again

The truth is you can’t teach someone how to care about you.

Yes, you can try to teach him, but ultimately it’s up to him to treat you with value.

If your boyfriend constantly forgets your birthday each year even after you’ve told him several times, then it’s time to leave.

You can’t teach a grown man how to care about you, especially in little things like remembering your birthday and sending you a romantic text.

If he forgets your birthday every year, he’s not worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal For Your Boyfriend To Forget Your Birthday?

It depends. Most guys are not good with dates. I understand how hurtful it is for your boyfriend to forget your birthday.

If he cares about you, treats you right, and celebrates your achievements but forgets your birthday, that’s proof he’s not used to birthdays.

If he doesn’t even remember his birthdays, that’s also another proof.

You can remind him of your birthday a few days to the D-day; if he still forgets, then it’s deliberate and a sign he pretends to love you.

What Should You Do If Your Boyfriend Forgets Your Birthday?

If your birthday forgets your birthday, here are a few things you can do, and they are listed below:

1. Forgive him if it’s his first time but insist he must make it up to you

2. Let him know how much he hurts you because he forgot your birthday

3. Remind him in advance the following year

4. Look at the positive side of his personality.

5. Evaluate the relationship and ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Why Would A Guy Ignore Your Birthday?

Some of the reasons for his action are listed below:

1. He’s harboring resentment against you

2. He doesn’t love you anymore, and he’s trying to quit the relationship

3. He’s from a family that doesn’t take birthdays seriously

4. He’s trying to avoid getting you a gift

5. He’s trying to get revenge for what you said or did to him.

Should I Be Mad That My Boyfriend Forgot About My Birthday?

Of course, you have every right to be mad at him. But if he’s genuinely sorry and apologizes for his mistake, you should forgive and try not to harbor resentment against him.

My Boyfriend Consistently Forgets My Birthday. We’ve Been Together For three years. What Should I Do?

I know how much that hurts. But you have to look at other things before you decide to quit.

If he’s nice and treats you with love and respect, maybe the issue is he’s not used to celebrating birthdays.

It’s something that most people learn from their families.

If his family doesn’t care about birthdays and treats them like every other day, that’s his current mindset as an adult.

Tell him about it and remind him in advance, so he doesn’t have an excuse to forget.

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  1. Time to break up. If you need attention like that, you’re going to be upset a lot, and in turn, you’re going to make him feel trapped. Best you understand that about yourself, and next time, find out early on if the guy is the kind who pays the level of attention to you that you need. ps. dont confuse things by falling for what people do during the infatuation phase. They’ll say anything, just like you will, to please. Look past that to see the real person underneath. Some people are born romantics. They cant breathe when you are away for a few minutes. If that’s what you want, you clearly dont have it now. Warning; when you break up, he’ll probably get kneejerk scared and swear blind he’ll do anything you want. But he’ll go back to not being a birthdays sort of person. So if this is a dealbreaker for you – dump him.
    Find someone more needy.

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