My boyfriend never does anything romantic

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Do Anything Special For Me (4 Weird Reasons)

My boyfriend doesn’t do anything special for me if you’ve been thinking of how to handle the situation this article got you covered.

It was a warm evening. Josh was at a Christian conference where he met Joan; although they’ve always known each other, they didn’t have any connection.

That evening Joan and Josh exchanged contact, and when the conference was over, they went their way since they didn’t live in the same city.

They started calling and chatting with each other consistently until it got to a point where they started having feelings for each other.

Josh wanted to ask Joan out, but he wanted to see her physically to take that step.

They both lived in different cities. Joan promised to visit, which she did.

Josh didn’t want to miss the opportunity, so he asked her out, and she said Yes.

That was the long-distance relationship started.

In the first two years of their relationship, they had an amazing time

But in the third year, the relationship started to fall apart until Josh finally caught Joan cheating; that was how the relationship ended.

But what went wrong?

Joan said Josh wasn’t doing anything special for her.

All he did was call and nothing else.

For the three years they dated, Josh only visited her once.

According to her, Josh avoided meeting with her family members, and they kept asking about him.

He hardly got her gifts which made her believe he didn’t value her.

Although Joan was right about everything she said about Josh, she never communicated her feelings to him.

Josh thought all was well, but in reality, Joan started to resent him, eventually leading her to cheat.

So many ladies are in a relationship where their boyfriend doesn’t do anything special for them.

There are many reasons why such can happen.

If you are ready, let’s find out.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Do Anything Special For Me: Why He Acts That Way

1. He Doesn’t Know Your Love Language

My Boyfriend Doesn't Do Anything Special For Me

Most women don’t know their love language, making it even harder for their boyfriends to know.

It might be why he doesn’t know what makes you feel special

He could be doing what he thinks makes you special, but he’s wrong.

According to Dr. Gary Chapman, there are five love languages which are: quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, and physical touch.

If your boyfriend cares in a way that’s not your love language, you might feel he’s not doing anything special for you.

For instance, if your love language is receiving gifts, and your boyfriend is giving you words of affirmation,

You might not feel special because that’s not your love language.

Your boyfriend might not be doing anything special for you because he doesn’t know what makes you happy.

I highly recommend you read the five love languages book if you haven’t read it.

The book would help you identify your love language, which would help your relationship immensely.

2. He Doesn’t Value You Anymore

Another reason why he doesn’t do anything special for you is because he doesn’t value you anymore.

Possibly he has gotten everything he wanted in the relationship, and he’s no longer interested.

When he doesn’t value you anymore, he won’t put in the effort to make you feel special.

If you notice he’s usually occupied with things like his phone or video games, that’s a sign he doesn’t value you anymore.

A guy who doesn’t value you won’t care about your feelings or be bothered about how to make you feel special.

You are no longer his priority that he would spend so much time and energy to please.

3. He’s Now Complacent

Complacency happens to most long-term relationships,

Where your boyfriend that you’ve been dating for years stops doing all the nice things that make you feel special.

The truth is the longer you’ve been together, the higher the possibility of taking each other for granted.

If your boyfriend used to do things that make you feel special and he doesn’t anymore,

Chances are he’s now complacent and comfortable in the relationship.

Complacency is a subtle killer of most romantic relationships because it can easily make you resent him if your emotional needs are unmet.

4. He Has Started Dating Someone else

my boyfriend never wants to do anything

If your boyfriend has start dating someone else, he would hardly give you his full attention or do anything special for you.

A guy with divided attention would hardly notice if you are unhappy with the relationship,

Nor would he try to do anything that would make you feel special.

If your boyfriend is cheating, you wouldn’t be the only girl he’s interested in doing something special for,

He has someone new, and you know anything new is always super exciting.

Your boyfriend not doing anything special for you isn’t the only reason to believe he’s cheating. You have to check other signs of a cheating boyfriend.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Do Anything Special For Me: How To Handle The Situation

5. Tell Him What You Want

It would be difficult for your boyfriend to do anything special for you if he doesn’t know what you want.

He’s not a magician or a wizard to automatically figure out what you want if you don’t tell him.

Have a heart-to-heart conversation and tell him he doesn’t do anything special for you and what you want him to start doing.

Before having such a conversation with your boyfriend, make sure you know your love language and what he needs to do to make you feel special.

6. Be Patient

Your boyfriend will likely not get it when you start teaching him how to make you feel special; that’s why you need to be patient.

He would need time to implement what you’ve told him

It’s also important that you remind him about what he needs to do,

But if you feel he’s not getting it, no matter how much you try, you can exit the relationship.

7. Check If He Has Other Qualities

Your guy might not be doing anything special for you, but does he have other qualities that you admire.

If so, there’s a chance he can work on his current attitude and start doing things that make you feel special.

If he respects and treats you well but doesn’t do anything special for you, that could mean he doesn’t know your love language.

You need to discuss it with him and listen to what he has to say.

8. Practice Self-Love

my boyfriend doesn't make me feel special

No matter how your boyfriend tries to make you feel special,

It wouldn’t make any difference if you don’t feel special about yourself.

If you are waiting exclusively on your boyfriend for things that would make you feel special, you will be disappointed.

You can’t afford to leave your happiness in someone hands.

Do things for yourself that make you feel special.

Your boyfriend would learn from how you treat yourself and do the same.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Make You A Priority?

Let him know how you feel. Maybe he’s not aware, or he hasn’t noticed.

Have a heartfelt discussion with him about the issue. Don’t hold anything back concerning how you feel.

Your boyfriend should be aware that you feel you are not a priority to him

And if he doesn’t change after repeatedly relating the issue with him, please leave; he doesn’t value you anyway.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Value You

You might be interpreting it wrong. Please discuss it with your boyfriend first and see how it turns out. Let him know you don’t feel valued in the relationship.

If he continues with such an attitude, please walk away ASAP.

How Do I Make My Boyfriend Make Me Feel Special?

There are a few actions you can take to make your boyfriend do things that make you feel special. They are listed below:

Tell him what you want.

Surprise him with a gift and tell him to reciprocate

Figure out your love language and tell him

Send him a customized love note telling him how you feel

I Do Everything For My Boyfriend He Does Nothing For Me. What should I do?

I understand how it feels to be in a relationship that looks one-sided.

But still, let him know you feel the relationship is one-sided and it hurts you.

If he doesn’t change even after you’ve told him, please leave, a one-sided relationship is frustrating; you deserve better.

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