What do you do when your boyfriend won't propose

My Boyfriend Won’t Propose Because Of Money (4 Weird Things To Know)

My boyfriend won’t propose because of money if you are currently frustrated because of his fear to propose this article is for you.

Let me start by telling you a story.

It was a cloudy day. Florence went to visit her friend Jane who was her classmate in college.

They were having a great time until Robert walked in.

Robert was Jane’s long-term family friend. He joined in their conversation, and they all had a nice time.

When Florence was about to leave, she and Robert exchanged contact, which was how they started talking on the phone.

After some time, they started having feelings for each other until Robert finally asked her out, and they started a relationship.

It’s been five years, and they have an amazing relationship that makes people jealous.

But there’s just one thing missing.

Robert is yet to propose, and it seems he’s afraid to propose because he’s scared of something.

Florence finally decided to ask him; true to her suspicion, he was afraid.

He felt he didn’t have enough money to take the relationship to the next level.

Although Robert is everything Florence wants in a man, she doesn’t know how to handle the situation.

In this article, I share strategies on what to do if you are dating a guy that loves you but he’s afraid to propose because of financial issues.

If you are ready, hop on and let go.

My Boyfriend Won’t Propose Because Of Money: Why He’s Scared

1. He’s Afraid Of Being Broke

My Boyfriend Won't Propose Because Of Money

It’s natural for men to be terrified of being broke; the world expects a man to take care and provide for his woman.

The truth is weddings can be expensive and wipe out his savings, leaving him with nothing.

No man wants to be broke, especially when he’s newly married.

But Joseph, it’s just a proposal. I am not asking for a wedding yet?

I know, but everyone, including you, would expect a wedding to happen soon after a man proposes.

And when your boyfriend knows he’s not financially ready for a wedding, he won’t want to propose.

Men often want a certain level of financial stability before they go the marriage route.

Financial disagreements are the second most common reason why people divorce in the US (infidelity, of course, is number one)

2. He’s Afraid of Not Being Able to Provide for You

One of the worst things that can happen to a man is not being able to provide for his woman. Many men are terrified of it.

The mere thinking of being broke when he’s married to you can erase the thoughts of proposing from his mind.

It would hurt any responsible man to see his woman struggle financially, working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

When a guy thinks about this, it makes him ignore the voice telling him to propose.

3. He’s Afraid You Might Resent Him In Marriage

You might not have thought about ever resenting your boyfriend in the future because when people are in love, they get emotional and forget reality.

But the reality is that marriage is not a bed of roses, and you could be so stressed financially that you would begin to resent the man you once claimed to love.

As a relationship coach, I have seen it happen many times, couples who were so excited and married without thinking about their finances.

Only to realize they made a mistake when they faced reality.

Men are generally more aware of the financial commitment of marriage and think logically before making such a decision.

You could easily start to regret getting married and silently resent your partner when financial obligations overwhelm you.

He might be scared you would emotionally abuse him in marriage when the bills weigh too much on both of you.

4. He’s Afraid Of Asking Others For Help.

boyfriend doesn't want to get married because of money

Men have trouble asking others for financial help because it affects their ego.

Men generally have an ego, your boyfriend inclusive, and they want to build a life with you based on their financial capacity without needing external help from friends or colleagues.

Men often ask, “Will I be able to care of her without asking anyone for help?”

Your boyfriend might be afraid that he doesn’t have enough funds for marriage without going to others for financial help.

My Boyfriend Won’t Propose Because Of Money: How To Handle The Situation

Although his fear and concern are genuine,

It’s still not enough to stop him from proposing to you because there would never be a perfect time to get married, and you can never have as much money as you desire.

The following strategy below would help you handle the situation.

4. Help Develop A Financial Plan.

Since your boyfriend’s fear is money-based, you can help him develop a solid financial plan with achievable goals that would help put his fears to rest.

You should sit down with him and map out a strategy to bring about financial independence.

He will propose if his fear is addressed, and he’s confident of a sustainable path to financial stability.

If necessary, engage a financial advisor that would help plan and map out his financial roadmap after the wedding.

6. Talk To Him About Your Expectations.

Most ladies wouldn’t tell their boyfriends about their expectations concerning the relationship.

They would start resenting their boyfriend rather than communicating their desires with him.

Hiding your feelings and snapping at him at the slightest provocation is not the best way to handle it.

Let him know you expect him to propose, and he’s scared, but you understand because proposing is a big decision.

Tell him you know his constraint is the money, but you believe he would overcome his challenges and be financially independent.

7. Assure Him Of Your Unwavering Support

He won't propose should I leave

Let your boyfriend know you are there to support him, and your commitment to the relationship wouldn’t change.

Let him know you are ready to support him in any way possible to achieve his dream of financial freedom.

Show him by your actions that you are ready to go the extra mile to help him fulfill his financial goal.

He shouldn’t be afraid to propose because together you can achieve financial freedom within a short time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won’t Propose?

Find Out Why He Hasn’t Proposed: you don’t need to ask him directly; listen to his response whenever marriage issue arises.

It could be he’s not ready financially or doesn’t want to rush things.

You should observe how committed he is to the relationship; if he’s not serious, then he might never propose no matter how much you wait for him.

There are always signs he’s wasting your time. You have to observe his body language too.

Be Patient: sometimes, to handle the issue of your boyfriend not proposing,

You need patience but make sure you are patient with a guy that is committed to the relationship and hardworking.

Not a lazy guy who doesn’t want to do anything with his life

How Do I Stop Being Disappointed When He Doesn’t Propose?

1. Be patient and don’t get pressured

2. Communicate your expectations with him

3. Don’t let it affect the relationship in a way that scares him away

4. Get him to reassure you concerning the future of the relationship.

Should I Leave Him If He Doesn’t Propose?

Not without talking it over with him first.

You need to know what his plans are and if you fit into his plans.

Most guys will not tell you they won’t marry you. They would rather keep pretending because they don’t want to lose you.

You should discuss it with him and watch out for signs he will never marry you.

When you notice such signs, you should leave ASAP to avoid wasting time with him.

How Long Should You Wait For A Man To Propose?

Ensure you give yourself time to know your man and understand his kind of personality.

There is no fixed time when he should propose to you

One to three years of dating is enough time to get engaged

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