signs he doesn't want to marry you

11 Heartbreaking Signs He Will Never Marry You

While you can trust some guys to marry their girlfriends, some will not honor this commitment.

Although most guys can pretend and hide their true intentions, their actions would often reveal the true state of their hearts.

Most girls are fond of ignoring warning signs when they are in love. That’s why they fall victim to heartbreak at the end.

Here are thirteen signs he will never marry you and instead use you like a side girl or plain leave you in the end.

If you’re currently dating someone who exhibits at least three of these signs, it might be best to break up with him before your heart gets broken further down the road.

13 Top Signs He Will Never Marry You

1. He Puts You Second

signs he will never marry you

He may say he values you, but actions speak louder than words.

If he doesn’t put you first, especially when spending time with you, he might not marry you.

It’s a huge red flag for many women and should never be ignored.

Always consider your partner’s priorities when it comes to the relationship, and if you ever feel like there isn’t a balance between your lives, then you can walk away.

He might tell you how much he loves you, but if his actions don’t show it.

There are other signs to look out for as well. For example, if your guy frequently asks you to do things for him but rarely reciprocates, that’s a red flag.

Also, beware of any guy who makes excuses or gives up on a promise because it was just too hard or he was busy.

That kind of attitude is only going to get worse after marriage!

A guy who puts you second often wants independence and avoids giving the relationship a definite direction.

Today he can act like you are in a relationship, and tomorrow acts like friends with benefits that uncertainty in the relationship is one of the signs he will never marry you.

2. He Doesn’t Put Much Effort Into Your Dates

If he can’t take you out somewhere nice, he probably doesn’t think of you as a serious girlfriend.

Maybe dinner at his apartment and a quickie are as good as it gets with him.

It might be fun now, but eventually, that date will get old. If your guy doesn’t want to pull out all the stops for you now, he won’t be willing to in years to come either.

A guy who doesn’t want to marry you would not put much effort into the date. The moment he finally gets you into a relationship, all of his drive for the relationship would disappear.

Making you wonder if this was not the guy chasing you around town with a promise to love you forever.

A relationship requires work and continuous maintenance, and it takes only a guy that sees a future with you to put in the effort.

3. He’s Secretive About His Past Relationships

Why does he want to be so secretive about his past relationships?

He wouldn’t hesitate to tell you about his exes if there was nothing to hide. It’s a red flag if he won’t give you any concrete information about them.

He should be able to tell you at least some details, even if they aren’t positive ones.

Until recently, guys didn’t have much choice but to be secretive; many didn’t want to be victims of nagging from their new girlfriend.

Nowadays, that isn’t an excuse; if a guy has nothing good to say about his exes or anything else in his romantic past, there might be a reason.

Just make sure you don’t find out when it is too late.

4. He Acts More Like Your Friend Than A Boyfriend

A good boyfriend will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

If a guy has a lot of other commitments and obligations, he may not be able to see you as often as you’d like.

It’s important that your boyfriend is open and honest about his schedule and does what he can to make time for you.

A guy who keeps things close to his chest or routinely blows off date night may not have marriage on his mind now or ever!

When you have to constantly remind your boyfriend about the relationship and your future together, then that’s a sign he will never marry you.

He treats you like a friend with no deep level of commitment even when you want more.

He takes the relationship casually, and when he’s with you his mind seems to be somewhere else.

5. He Says He’s Waiting For the Right One

Please don’t fool yourself into thinking he’s looking for you or that you are indeed the one.

Do some digging. Asking pointed questions about marriage and children may seem forward, but it will quickly reveal whether or not he has similar goals.

If his response is evasive, it may be time to reassess your relationship.

If you feel like there’s a disconnection between your long-term goals and his short-term feelings, end things with him before they get too serious.

When people have different priorities, their actions will eventually reflect those differences.

Being with someone who doesn’t share your life vision can lead to resentment and unhappiness. Why would you want to be with someone who you might resent one day?

The conversation never gets around marriage or kids. You can bet that if it never comes up in casual conversation, it won’t come up at all when it counts.

6. His Friends Say He’s Commitment Phobic

If a guy’s buddies say he’s not ready to settle down, don’t expect him to change his tune for you.

When his friends burst into laughter anytime you say, “We are getting married soon”, that’s a red flag because his friends often know what you don’t.

Most guys express their sincere desires before their friends without fear of judgment or criticism.

If all his friends are afraid of marriage and are all single, that’s also a sign your boyfriend might be single for a long time.

7. His Friends and Family Make Negative Comments about You

If your boyfriend has told his friends and family how wonderful you are and if you’ve never had any issues with them, it means they like you.

But if his friends and family always seem down on you, they may not think so highly of him dating you.

And when these people who know him best don’t approve of his girlfriend, it could indicate that something isn’t right.

The opinion of his friends and family about you can seriously affect the relationship’s future.

If his family doesn’t connect with you, then be careful. It’s even worse if his mom doesn’t like you.

Moms have a strong bond with their children, and if she feels you are not right for her son, that’s a sign he will never marry you.

8. The Things He Tells You about His Love Life Are Unpleasant

If he describes his ex as crazy or calls her a bitch, you know he probably has no desire to get back in that situation.

If he tells you that he wants to be sure it’s right with you before committing,

It could mean his head isn’t in it, or he needs a commitment-free relationship he can use for “friends with benefits.”

Either way, he’s likely looking for an escape route and is still trying to figure out where it is.

If he says something along the lines of I don’t believe in marriage, but I do believe in commitment, run away fast.

The fact that he can reconcile these two opposing statements means that he believes nothing about love or commitment.

9. You Haven’t Met His Family

It’s important to be accepted by your partner’s family, and it should be a red flag if he doesn’t introduce you to his relatives.

It can sometimes take a while for families to warm up to you.

However, in some instances, your boyfriend will wait for years before introducing you as their significant other.

It should tell you how serious they are about making the relationship work.

If he hasn’t introduced you to his family within six months to one year of dating him, that’s a sign he will never marry you

But before you take any action, talk with him about it; he might have reasons for not introducing you to his family just yet.

10. He Won’t Give You a Definite Answer

If you ask him whether he’s thinking about proposing, he can’t give you a definitive answer.

If your guy isn’t looking for a lifelong commitment, it may be better to find out sooner.

If you think he might not be on board with marriage right now, take time to talk through your future together.

Tell him what you expect from him and that when marriage becomes a serious topic of discussion again, you want to know where things stand.

It will help you avoid being blindsided by his decision not to commit to a long term relationship like marriage.

Be aware He may need some time before he’s ready to make a big decision like marriage. That doesn’t mean he won’t ever propose; you need to be patient and wait until he’s ready.

11. He Hasn’t Met Your Family

If a guy is always running away from meeting with your family, that’s a sign he will never marry you.

When he doesn’t have you in his plans, he will avoid meeting your family and can give you any excuse to avoid the visit.

Even when he finally agreed to meet with them, he can suddenly start postponing the visit until you got frustrated.

Your parents might accuse you of trying to hide your relationship from them without knowing it’s your guy that is avoiding them.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know He Will Never Commit?

Your Instincts: it’s the first thing that tells you a guy will never commit.

You might not be able to explain, but something tells you he won’t commit. Although you would need more proof to be certain he won’t commit.

Your instinct is not enough to decide a guy’s commitment to building a future with you. Pay attention to other signs listed in this article.

He Doesn’t Talk About It: if a guy plans a future that you are part of, he would be excited to talk about it with you.

He talks about it often, and both of you even make plans for it. But if he doesn’t talk about it or gets angry when you try to bring up the issue, that’s a sign he will never marry you.

It’s also possible he’s scared of the future and doesn’t want to talk about it. In that case, talk to him about it and give him time to get over his fear.

He Doesn’t Carry You Along: when a guy doesn’t have you in his future, he makes plans without you and doesn’t see the need to inform you of anything he wants to do.

He could travel without telling you or move to a new apartment without you knowing; when it comes to important things about his life, you know nothing about it.

If he’s secretive about his plans and makes decisions like he doesn’t have you, then it’s a sign he won’t commit to you.

How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You?

Within six months to one year of dating, Guys make their decisions about a lady quite fast, but the challenge is they might not say it openly to you at that point.

Can A Man Love You But Not Want To Marry You?

Yes. A guy can love you but get carried away by infatuation and marry someone else. Many ladies have experienced this in their relationships.

A man can love you and not want to get married because he considers marriage stressful with too many responsibilities.

What Makes A Man Decide To Marry You?

The following qualities are what men desire in a woman to make up their mind to marry her: respect, love, mutual attraction, sacrifice, calmness, faithfulness, and honesty.

How Do You Tell If He Sees A Future With You?

If a man sees a future with you, he will introduce you to his family and friends, be faithful and committed to the relationship,

Be interested in your life and career goals, and be excited to talk about the future with you.

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