Boyfriend acts single on Facebook

7 Shocking Reasons Why Your Boyfriend Acts Single On Social Networks

Your boyfriend acts single on social networks, and you don’t know why even though he’s in a committed relationship with you.

I was once in that same situation. Let me share a true-life story with you.

In 2015, when I was dating a beautiful girl, it got to a point I wanted her to acknowledge me on social media the same way I already did.

But nope, she didn’t; according to her, she didn’t want some of her strict relatives to find out about our relationship because they would ask her so many questions that she couldn’t answer.

Your humble friend (me, of course) believed her hook, line, and sinker, but I was being played for a fool in reality.

But because I trusted her, I didn’t suspect anything.

It was until I later found out she was cheating, and the reason she refused to acknowledge me on social media was that she didn’t want to offend the other guy.

When we broke up, I discovered the truth, and not up to one week after our breakup; she flooded her social media handles with pictures of the other guy she was dating.

It was a very painful experience. Looking back now, it’s really funny, but then it was not.

But wait a minute; I am not saying your boyfriend acts single on social networks means he’s cheating.

There are many reasons why your guy might act single on social networks; cheating is one of them.

But don’t take my word for it. Read the full article to know the rest.

If you are ready to find out why your boyfriend acts single on social networks, hop on, and let’s take a ride.

7 Reasons Your Boyfriend Acts Single On Social Networks

1. He Wants To Keep It Private

My boyfriend keeps me a secret on social media

Some guys don’t want their relationship on social media because of haters and people who may try to sabotage the relationship.

Your boyfriend might be a private person that doesn’t want people to know what’s happening in his love life.

If you feel uncomfortable with his desire for privacy, discuss it with him.

Let him know you would want him to acknowledge you on social media once in a while.

Guys who like privacy often want to unveil you to everyone when it’s time to get married.

2. He Has Many Girlfriends

If your boyfriend is cheating, he would want to appear single on social networks and not let his many girlfriends (including you) know he’s double dating.

Appearing single is the best way not to get caught by his many girlfriends.

He can give a flimsy excuse because he wants to stay single on social networks.

He can even tell you his relationship status doesn’t matter, and not acknowledging you on social media doesn’t change his love for you.

If he demonstrates other signs of a cheating boyfriend, he’s cheating.

3. He Doesn’t Come Online Often.

Most people who don’t come online often don’t care about their relationship status. Neither do they care about updating pictures on their timeline or social media newsfeed

They can go on their preferred social media, spend a few minutes, and then log out.

If you have such a guy, he might not see any need to acknowledge you on social media since he’s hardly online.

4. He’s Not Sure about the Relationship

boyfriend acts single on social networks

Nobody wants to announce that they are in a new relationship and then come back to announce a breakup a few months later.

The more breakups you’ve had, the more people negatively judge your character; some may even make a mockery of you.

Some guys may want to be sure the relationship is for the long term before they announce it on social media.

If the relationship doesn’t have a definite direction in his eyes, that’s a sign he will never marry you.

5. He Wants To Flirt With Other Women

Some guys deliberately act single on social networks to see the kind of women they would attract.

They act singly to see how far they can go with other women for fun.

It’s important to note that flirting is dangerous and can ruin a relationship without warning; nevertheless, guys engage in it for fun until it lands them in trouble.

6. He’s planning to Get Back with His Ex.

Some guys still hope they will one day get back together with their ex, and for that reason, they can appear single on social networks.

Whenever they have a conversation with their ex, the guy can claim he’s still single.

Since most guys know that their ex would be checking them out on social media if they have a new girlfriend.

Your boyfriend might not acknowledge you on social media to stay single in his ex’s eyes.

7. He Doesn’t Think You Are Good Enough.

my boyfriend never posts about me on social media

Yeah, that hurts, but it’s the truth. One of the possible reasons your boyfriend acts single on social networks is that he thinks you are not good enough to present to his social media friends.

If he thinks you are not good enough, he will find every opportunity to hide you from social media.

He doesn’t want his social media friends to criticize him for dating a girl that is not sexy or hot enough for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What to Do If Your Boyfriend Acts Single On Social Networks?

Confront him: there are many reasons why he could be acting single on social networks; you might not know the exact issues until you ask him.

Ask him why there’s no picture of you two together or why he didn’t acknowledge you on his social media channels.

It’s best to ask him before taking any action.

Why Do Guys Act Single On Social Networks?

There are many reasons why guys act single on social networks; some of them are listed below:

1. He doesn’t want to share his love life online

2. He may be cheating and has many girlfriends

3. He doesn’t come online often and hence doesn’t see the need to post his love life.

These are just a few reasons; if you want to know his reasons, then ask him.

What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Post You on Social Media?

If your boyfriend doesn’t post you on social media, it could mean the following:

1. You are not hot or sexy enough for him

2. He’s not sure that the relationship will work

3. He considers you a side chick he doesn’t want anyone to know about.

Why Does He Hide Our Relationship On Facebook?

Some of the reasons are listed below:

1. He doesn’t want people to ask him questions about his love life

2. He’s thinking of getting back together with his ex

3. He doesn’t think you are sexy enough for his friends to gush over.

Is It Important To Post Your Partner On Social Media?

Some people don’t care if their partner posts them on social media.

While for others, it’s very important and means a lot. You have to decide if it’s important to you or not.

Then have a conversation about it with him.

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