My boyfriend denies our relationship

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship (6 Strange Reasons)

“My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship” if you are in such a situation, this article is for you.

I remember when my friend clement started dating a beautiful girl about two years ago.

She told him she was a person who preferred to keep her relationship private and away from the public.

She claimed she didn’t want too many people to ask her questions about her relationship.

Clement believed her and agreed to keep the relationship a secret.

A few months down the line, he realized the girl made a fool out of him

The girl in question had multiple relationships and didn’t want the other guys to discover she was double dating.

Anything you keep a secret will remain that way for a long time.

I am not saying your boyfriend hides the relationship because he’s cheating; that could be one of them.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend hides the relationship and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship: Why He Acts That Way

1. He’s Embarrassed Dating You

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship

Possibly you are not the type of girl he wants, but there’s something about you that he wants

It could be your money, or he wants to sleep with you and use you as his side-chick.

Maybe you are not his type, and he’s embarrassed to be around you, but he doesn’t know how to tell you.

He is afraid his friends will laugh at him for dating a girl who is not sexy enough by their standards.

If you notice he’s always trying to introduce you as just a friend or trying to avoid you in a social gathering, then it’s possible he’s embarrassed to be dating you.

2. He’s Married Or In A Committed Relationship.

Guys who are married often want to hide other romantic relationships from the public.

There’s no way he would have a wife and publicly acknowledge your relationship.

He would always want everything about the relationship done in secret.

It’s also possible he’s in a serious relationship and wants to use you as his side-chick. If you are aware, you wouldn’t agree to date him.

Guys are generally known to double date or have extra-marital affairs that they keep secret.

If you notice he isn’t always comfortable picking up specific calls around you,

Or he disappears for days and you can’t reach him, he may be married or in a committed relationship.

A guy with no plans can easily hide the relationship without feeling bad about it.

3. He Doesn’t Like You

Some guys would date you until they find someone better, and since they know their intentions are not genuine, they try to hide the relationship.

If he doesn’t like you, he won’t be excited to show you to anyone or make the relationship public.

You would always notice his hesitation when hanging out with his friends or meeting his family.

He would try and give you excuses to ensure nobody is aware of the relationship.

Everything around his life would indicate he’s single; even when people see you and him together, he’s quick to introduce you as “just a friend.”

4. He’s Thinking Of Going Back To His Ex

Why does my boyfriend hides our relationship

Many guys dream of returning to their ex, even if they don’t say it

A recent study revealed that a whopping 44% of Americans returned to their ex after breaking up.

Will his ex-girlfriend return if she knows he’s dating someone else? I doubt she will.

He may hide your relationship because he plans to return to his ex.

If you notice he’s always acting single around his ex or chatting with her like he’s not in any relationship, that’s a sign he wants her back.

If he’s on a call with his ex and tries to hide your presence when you are around, that’s enough proof.

He could be using you to pass the time, so he’s hiding the relationship.

5. He’s Afraid Of His Family.

He may come from a weird family, and he’s afraid they may emotionally abuse you because of your race or religion.

Or he’s afraid his family will intimidate you.

He knows his family and how they behave, so he’s afraid of what they will say and how it could affect the relationship.

If you notice, he’s not afraid of showing you to friends and colleagues at work, but he’s terrified anytime you talk about meeting his family; it could be because he’s scared of them.

The opinion of a family member can significantly influence the direction of a relationship. If he knows his family will try to sabotage the relationship, he will hide it from them.

6. He Likes Things Private

Although he may hide the relationship because he wants his love life private, it’s also essential that some people know he’s dating you.

If he wants the relationship exclusively a secret, that’s a red flag that something is going on.

I am a private person with my love life, but some people still know about my relationship.

Some guys use the word “I want privacy” as an excuse to hide their relationship from the public when they have another motive.

My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship: How To Handle The Situation

7. Investigate Properly

If you notice that your boyfriend hides your relationship, the first thing to do is to investigate appropriately to find out if he’s hiding something.

Be more observant of his attitude towards the relationship; if you observe his actions more, you will know why he’s hiding the relationship.

Observe if he runs away when he wants to pick up specific calls or if he guides his phone with his life.

Check if he disappears for days without explanation.

Some ladies ignore all warning signs when they are in love, but you shouldn’t be one of them.

Love with your head and your heart too.

8. Ask Him Why He’s Hiding The Relationship.

my boyfriend hides our relationship on facebook

Although many people would tell you to ask him, you might never get the truth from him.

How can he tell you he’s just using you or hiding the relationship because he plans to return to his ex?

You should ask him only if your boyfriend has been a man of integrity from the beginning.

If your boyfriend has always been honest and truthful, but he’s hiding the relationship, it’s worth asking him because he will most likely tell you the truth.

But if he has not been honest, you might never get the truth from him even if you ask him.

9. Request That He Makes The Relationship Public

Irrespective of the reasons your boyfriend gives you for hiding the relationship, you should request he makes the relationship public to people close to him.

Even if he’s a guy who likes to keep his love life private, he would have friends and family he can introduce to you.

But if he’s giving excuses and refusing to make the relationship public at least to a few persons, then you should walk away.

You deserve a guy that is proud of you and willing to make everyone know you are his woman.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Boyfriend Hides Our Relationship?

There are many reasons why he’s acting that way, but the major ones are:

He wants to appear single to ladies

He’s a cheat who has many women around him.

He feels you are not hot enough for him to show to his friends.

He is trying to get back together with his ex.

My Boyfriend Still Hides Me From His Family. Should This Be A Deal Breaker After 5 Years?

Of course, it is. Five years is a long time to hide your girlfriend from your family.

There are a few possible reasons why he’s yet to introduce you to his family. I will share a few of them below:

He’s using you: a guy with no plans for the relationship would hide the relationship for as long as possible.

He would keep giving you excuses why he’s yet to take you to visit them.

It’s also possible he’s pretending to love you and has someone else for the future.

His family is weird: maybe he comes from a family that is critical of other people, and he’s afraid they would ruin his relationship.

He knows if he takes you to visit them and they don’t like you, it could affect the relationship and possibly end it.

If you notice he doesn’t talk to his family much and is always trying to avoid them, this could be the reason.

He is married: I know this would scare you; maybe he’s already married and had abandoned his family and started a new relationship with you.

If that is the case, he might not want to introduce you to his family because of how they would react.

They may reveal the secret he’s been hiding and ruin his relationship with you.

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Hiding Me From His Friends On Social Media?

There are a few reasons, and they are listed below:

He feels you are not good enough to be his girlfriend

He is not sure of the relationship yet

He wants to appear single to other women online

He has no plans for the relationship

He considers you a side-chick

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