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My Boyfriend Wants Me To Post Him On Social Media: 8 Odd Facts

You are dating a guy who wants you to post him on social media. It could be on Facebook, Instagram or even on your Whatsapp status.

You might be uncomfortable with his request if you want privacy concerning your love life.

He might not understand, and your refusal might be causing tension in your relationship.

Your boyfriend might want you to post him for the right or wrong reasons.

This article will discuss what could be going on in your boyfriend’s mind and why he wants you to post him on social media.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Post Him On Social Media: Why He Acts That Way

1. He’s Insecure

posting pictures of your boyfriend on social media

Most insecure guys generally need reassurance about your loyalty in the relationship.

The truth is it’s not your fault he feels that way. Many reasons can make him insecure.

From his childhood experience to what other people have done to him in the past

An insecure boyfriend would want you to post him on social media to calm his anxiety.

If your boyfriend has trust issues, that could be why he wants you to post him on social media

2. He Has A Negative Relationship Experience

I had a similar experience some years ago. I was dating a girl I loved so much she had my undivided attention.

While I often posted her pictures on social media, I noticed she never posted any of mine, and anytime I asked her about it,

She always had an excuse to give until I caught her cheating.

I also found out she didn’t want to post me online because she didn’t want to offend the other guy.

A week after we broke up, she posted pictures of the other guy on her social media.

Honestly, it hurt me at that time.

Your boyfriend might have had a similar experience and is now scared you might act the same way as his ex.

People often want to avoid repeating the same mistakes twice; hence he’s requesting you post him on social media.

3. He’s Trying To Get Back At Someone

In this case, maybe your ex.

If your ex is your friend on social media and you still communicate with him, your boyfriend might want you to post him to get back at your ex.

It might not be your ex alone; your boyfriend might be trying to get back at guys that keep asking you out and don’t want to give up.

If your boyfriend says, “Post me on your Facebook for guys pestering you to stop.”

It means he might be doing it to get back at someone.

4. He Suspects You Are Cheating

should i post my boyfriend on social media

Your boyfriend might think you are cheating, especially when he can’t access your phone.

He may have trust issues, and some of your actions may have triggered him.

If you have a male friend you chat with often, he might think you are cheating.

Most ladies who cheat often do not want to be associated with any guy on social media.

They want to appear single to guys online.

They also want to flirt and enjoy the attention of other guys to the detriment of their relationship.

Issues like this might be why your boyfriend wants you to post him on social media.

5. He Wants Everyone To Know You Are Taken

Men generally love to protect their territory.

Your boyfriend wanting everyone to know you are in a relationship could be good or bad.

The good part is that some guys would stop nagging you for a relationship.

While the bad is you would answer many questions if the relationship doesn’t work.

It could also stop other guys from asking you out in the future because they might assume you are still in a relationship.

Ensure you are convinced the relationship has a future before you make such a move.

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Post Him On Social Media: How To Handle The Situation

6. Listen To His Concerns

Try and listen to his reasons for requesting you post him on social media.

Listening to him would make him feel his opinion means something to you.

Don’t be quick to call him insecure or allow his request to lead to a big fight that can destroy the relationship.

It’s quite easy to label him as possessive, but it’s good to listen to his concerns no matter how crazy they sound because they might be genuine.

7. Post Him On Social Media.

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Post Him On Social Media

Please do so if you are satisfied with his reasons and feel okay with posting him on social media.

Although posting him online shouldn’t be the defining factor of the relationship

You could be a private person who doesn’t want people on social media to know anything about your love life.

If you are not comfortable posting him, then please don’t.

Please don’t allow him to coerce you into something you don’t want to do.

But ensure your reasons are genuine and you are not cheating or dating someone else.

8. Insist He Posts You Too

Some narcissistic guys want you to post them on social media while they never post you.

They want everybody to know you are in a relationship while they appear single on social media.

That’s why you need to be sure about the relationship before posting it online.

Some guys would want to block you from ever finding someone else even though they have no plans for you.

Insist on him posting you on his social media handles to prove he’s not hiding the relationship while trying to make you do otherwise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good To Post Your Boyfriend On Social Media?

It’s okay to post someone you love on social media.

If you love and cherish your boyfriend, it’s perfectly fine to post him on social media to celebrate him.

Ensure you post him because you want to, not because he pressured you.

Boyfriend Wants Me To Post Him On My Instagram, But He Doesn’t Post Me. Is This Okay?

No. It’s not okay. That’s controlling behavior where your boyfriend feels he can do anything he wants since he’s the man.

Although a relationship is not a competition, he should post you, too; if he doesn’t want to post you but wants you to post him, he’s hiding something.

A relationship should not be one-sided.

He might want everyone to know you are in a relationship while he appears single.

How Long Should Wait To Post Your Boyfriend On Social Media

There’s no time frame.

It depends on when you feel comfortable and confident that the relationship is worth it.

If you feel it’s not time, then you should wait until it’s okay and don’t let him pressure you.

When your instincts tell you it’s the right time, that’s when you should post him.

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