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11 Painful Signs Of A Cheating Boyfriend

In 2015 I caught my girlfriend cheating; it was one of the most traumatic experiences to date.

I almost lost my mind because I least expected it from her due to my level of trust.

But that didn’t stop her from cheating on me with a guy that lived close to her.

Nobody deserves to be cheated on, and in this article, I will share the top eleven signs of a cheating boyfriend.

Discovering that your boyfriend is cheating on you can be a very traumatic experience.

If you don’t know, cheating is a subtle way for your guy to tell you that you are not good enough.

It’s one of the major causes of low self-esteem and self-doubt in women.

Fifty girls who have experienced cheating share their top signs of a cheating boyfriend.

If you are ready, let’s me share it with you.

11 Killer Signs of a Cheating Boyfriend

1. Your Natural Instincts

Weird signs he's cheating

Some of the ladies who responded said their instinct was the very first pointer that their boyfriend was cheating.

I understand that your instincts could be wrong, but most times, it’s right.

If you feel something is off in your relationship and you are suspicious about your boyfriend, you might be right.

Most ladies don’t pay attention to their instincts; they ignore them until the guy suddenly dumps them for another girl.

Pay attention to your instincts; if it’s telling you your boyfriend has another chick other than you, then listen.

Observe him more and use the remaining signs in this article to verify if he’s indeed cheating on you.

2. His Story Is Inconsistent

Ever had your boyfriend tell you he slept over at his friend’s place called Sam, only for you to discover that Sam was not even in town that a possible cheater busted.

If your boyfriend tells you something today and another thing tomorrow, there’s a high chance he might be cheating.

One of the things that characterize a cheating boyfriend is lying. They are very fond of lying to cover up their tracks, and the more they lie, the more they forget the previous lies they told.

When he says he was at the office two days ago, then he says something else during a conversation days later that is a sign of a cheating boyfriend.

3. His Attention Is Divided

Ever been with your boyfriend, and it’s as if his mind is elsewhere or he’s chatting and laughing with someone else on the phone while he pays little attention to you, that could be a red flag.

If you are with him, but he acts like you don’t exist, but he’s laughing and chatting, that could be a cheating sign.

It’s obvious when your boyfriend’s attention is divided, that could be a cheating sign but most ladies tend to attribute it to work and stress.

4. He Wouldn’t Let You Touch His Phone

Signs he's cheating on his phone

If you have a boyfriend who protects his phone with his life, that’s a possible cheat.

When he uses pin lock, pattern lock, fingerprint,

And even facial recognition to protect his phone from your reach that is a sign of cheating.

Guys who have something to hide often protect their phones with every technique possible.

Some guys unlock their phones and stand with you to see the apps you would open.

Such a level of insecurity and uneasiness when handling his phone is a solid confirmation of cheating.

If he’s faithful, he wouldn’t be afraid to leave his phone with you because you wouldn’t find anything.

But that’s not an excuse to monitor and track his phone every minute to confirm he’s cheating; that’s jealousy.

5. He Accuses You of Cheating

When someone begins to cheat, they become suspicious and feel their partner is also cheating.

If you have a boyfriend that’s constantly accusing you of cheating, lookout; he might be the one cheating.

Often a cheating boyfriend is looking for ways to pass off the guilt.

They would accuse you of cheating the moment they see you with any guy and call you all sorts of names to justify their feeling of guilt.

If your boyfriend is overly suspicious and accuses you of cheating at the slightest opportunity, he’s the one cheating.

6. He’s Overly Concerned About His Appearance

When your boyfriend suddenly becomes concerned about his appearance, it’s often a sign there’s someone new in the picture.

Most times, the excitement of the new relationship can make a guy pay attention to his appearance compared to before in order impress the new girl.

If your boyfriend suddenly stands in front of the mirror to be sure he’s well-dressed, something he didn’t use to do before, that’s a sign of trouble.

A new relationship comes with excitement that can make a guy do many things, including wanting to put up his best appearance, smiling to himself for no reason, and saying “nothing” when you ask him.

7. He Has Someone Who’s “Just A Friend.”

If you keep seeing the same girl, call, text, and he says she’s “just a friend,” beware.

Most times, he might already be cheating with her and trying to cover it up by calling her “just a friend.

If he has a lady who keeps calling, they constantly chat even when they don’t have any reason to, that’s a cheating sign.

8. He Spends Little Time with You

When a guy is cheating, he doesn’t spend so much time with you because he also has to give the other lady his attention.

Even when you are with him, there’s a lack of communication as you can notice he’s in a hurry for you to leave.

Many women justify such moves with the excuse that their boyfriend is having a bad day, whereas he might want you to leave so he can concentrate on the new girl.

He hardly chats with you and takes his time to respond to your messages.

You could notice it’s like he doesn’t care about you anymore.

9. He Doesn’t Take Some Calls When You Are Around.

Physical signs he's cheating

That’s a sure red flag when your boyfriend is afraid to take some calls where you are.

If he avoids the call or puts it on busy, something is going on.

Sometimes he might excuse himself and go and answer the call outside.

And when you ask, he says, “Oh its work.”

Or “it’s not important.” You have to be more observant if your boyfriend is behaving this way.

Although he might give different excuses that might look convincing, it’s crucial to pay attention to the possibility that he might be cheating.

10.He Picks Quarrel with You Suddenly

When your boyfriend starts to pick up a quarrel with you suddenly, it’s a sign he might be cheating and getting tired of you.

You can’t love two people equally; the more love he showers on the other girl, the less love you get at your end.

And the less love he has for you, the more anything you do or say gets him angry, and he picks up quarrels with you.

When you have constant fights with your boyfriend without even knowing why, he may be cheating on you.

Most of the women we interviewed agreed that the moment their boyfriend started dating someone else, everything about the relationship changed, and they started having constant fights.

11. He Becomes Emotionally Abusive

The moment your boyfriend begins to maltreat you without caring how you feel that could be a sign of cheating.

When he becomes emotionally abusive, such as talking down at you, he refuses to communicate with you; he doesn’t care about your feelings. All these are signs of a cheating boyfriend.

Most times, his actions are because there’s another lady in the picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The First Signs Of Cheating?

Lack of communication and emotional connection are often the first signs of cheating.

When you notice your boyfriend begins to avoid communication and there’s no emotional connection, that’s often a red flag.

If your boyfriend is cheating, you will notice a lack of communication, reduced attention, and your instincts telling you something is wrong.

What Do You Do If You Suspect Your Boyfriend Is Cheating?

Here are a few things you can do if you suspect your boyfriend is cheating

Ask Him: although many people think asking him is a waste of time because he wouldn’t admit it, that doesn’t mean it’s not essential.

Assumptions can ruin relationships. When you suspect he’s cheating, ask him.

Ensure you allay his fears regarding your reaction if he confesses to cheating.

Pay Him A Surprise Visit: this is an effective strategy where you pay him a surprise visit when he’s not expecting you.

So many people, including me, have caught their partner red-handed using this strategy.

A faithful guy should have no problems with you visiting him unexpectedly, but for a cheating guy, it could mean game over.

You must use this strategy once in a while because it can piss even a faithful guy off if you make it a routine.

Observe Him More: there’s a difference between observing and monitoring.

You should not monitor your partner but observe him closely if you suspect he’s cheating.

Most women ignore red flags when they are in love, but you shouldn’t be one.

If you take time to observe him, the signs that your boyfriend is cheating will be staring at you.

What Questions To Ask Your Boyfriend To See If He Is Cheating?

You can ask your boyfriend a few questions to see if he’s cheating on you.

1. Are you cheating on me?

2. Can you ever cheat on me?

3. What can make you cheat on me?

4. Have you ever cheated on me in the past?

5. Is there anything you are not happy in the relationship?

6. What do you think about guys who cheat on their girlfriends?

7. Do you know how I will feel if you cheat on me?


Most ladies are looking for signs of a cheating boyfriend to confirm if they are in such a toxic relationship.

I believe this article has given you all you need concerning the topic.

Nobody can specifically tell why guys cheat, but you shouldn’t be the victim.

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