my boyfriend has a female best friend

My Boyfriend Has A Girl Best Friend: 4 Things To Know

My boyfriend has a girl best friend Should you be worried?

Of course, you have every right to be concerned.

But sincerely, it depends. Some factors determine if you should be worried or not.

A friendship between a girl and a guy doesn’t always work, although there are a few exceptions.

There are always hidden expectations in the heart of either of them.

A best friend of the opposite makes it easy to cheat on your partner.

In 2015 I got heartbroken by a girl I trusted.

She was a nice girl, and it was easy for our relationship to grow.

When she got into college, she became friends with a guy who later became her best friend.

As their friendship grew stronger, our relationship grew weaker until I found out she was dating him.

And all she could say was I am sorry I didn’t plan for it to happen.

Being best friends with the opposite sex usually brings trouble,

But some have no strings attached.

This article will discuss the situations when you should be worried or shouldn’t.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

My Boyfriend Has A Girl Best Friend: When You Shouldn’t Worry

1. If He Met Her Before You

My Boyfriend Has A Girl Best Friend

If your boyfriend and his female best friend have known each other for a long time,

Such as being childhood friends, then there is no need to worry.

If he wanted to be with her, they would have started a relationship long before you came into the picture.

Try to find out how long they’ve been together and if they’ve dated before,

If they have no romantic history, then there is no need to worry.

Also, check if the families are friends with each other if they are,

That’s a sign their friendship is purely platonic.

2. You Are Friends With Her

If you are friends with your boyfriend’s best friend and get along nicely,

You shouldn’t worry.

If she invites you to hang out with her and you do the same,

It means she’s comfortable with your relationship with her best friend.

If she invites you for a girls’ night out and often encourages you regarding your relationship,

It means s she doesn’t have any romantic intentions toward your boyfriend.

3. He Knows How To Balance The Attention

Your guy having a female best friend could mean a severe battle for his attention.

You want him to be there for you as your man; she wants his support as her best friend.

Often the need for attention from both of you can cause severe tension in your relationship.

If he spends more time with you, she can complain he no longer cares about her,

And if he spends more time with her, it can make you insecure.

If your boyfriend has no romantic attraction for her,

He should be able to balance his time with her.

His best friend should understand that he has a girlfriend and create some boundaries.

According to a survey by Gleeden,

60% of relationships fail because the guy cannot balance the attention between his partner and best friend.

4. They Invite You To Hang Out With Them

boyfriend female friend too close

If your boyfriend and best friend often invite you to hang out with them,

Such as for dinner or sports activities, that’s a sign they are just friends.

When she doesn’t see you as a “crowd” when the three of you go out for adventure,

That’s a sign she’s not in competition with you,

And she likely doesn’t have romantic desires for your man.

My Boyfriend Has A Girl Best Friend: When You Should Worry

5. She’s Jealous Of Your Relationship

my boyfriend has a female bestie

If you notice she’s jealous of your relationship, that’s a red flag

When she’s always giving you negative energy, such as trying to avoid or humiliate you,

That could mean she wants more than friendship from your guy.

If she consistently says negative things about you or tries to make you look bad in front of your boyfriend, then beware.

If she behaves in a way that suggests she’s not happy that her best friend is dating you,

That could be a sign of jealousy.

6. She Flirts With Him

If you notice she sends him flirtatious messages or talks with him in a way that seems suspicious,

It could mean they are not what they claim

If she introduces him to people as her “boyfriend”

Or sends him romantic messages late at night, that’s more than friendship.

You should worry if they send nude pictures to each other,

Or if she’s always trying to look better than you.

7. He Treats You Differently When She’s Around

If you notice your boyfriend is not always comfortable when his best friend is around, that’s a red flag.

If He refuses to give you attention or acts distant towards you when she’s around, that should send you a message.

If you notice your boyfriend is anxious or not composed when she’s around,

Or he ignores you entirely and acts like a stranger because she’s around,

Then beware.

Observing your boyfriend’s behavior when his female best friend is around might give you the desired answers.

8. He Doesn’t Want To Listen To Your Concerns

Your boyfriend’s reaction when you bring up his connection with his female best friend would tell you a lot.

If you bring up the issue and he calls you names such as “jealous or insecure,”

That’s a sign something is wrong.

Your boyfriend being defensive of his best friend,

Even if it hurts you, means there’s more about them.

He should calmly explain to you that nothing is happening between them.

Please present the issue about his best friend without accusing him of cheating.

9. She Calls Late At Night

If she often calls him late at night, that’s proof she doesn’t respect boundaries.

It also means she has no regard for you, which signifies they are more than best friends.

They may have been sexually involved with each other,

Which makes her violate boundaries.

Sexual intimacy often brings familiarity, which makes it easy for her to disrespect you,

And do anything she likes without regard for your relationship.

10. They Recently Became Best Friends

If your boyfriend recently became best friends with her,

It could mean he’s not satisfied with your relationship.

Otherwise, you are supposed to be his best friend, not another lady.

Some guys use having best friends as an excuse to be in a relationship with another woman.

Before you say anything, he reminds you that they are best friends.

That was what happened to me.

My ex kept saying the guy was her best friend until I discovered they were dating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop Being Jealous Of My Boyfriend’s Girl’s Best Friend?

Trust him until proven otherwise: you should trust him because no relationship can survive without trust.

But observe how he relates with his female best friend.

If they relate romantically or sexually, that’s a sign something is going on.

Some guys hide under the guise of having a girl best friend to cheat on you.

Be friends with her: if you are not friends with her,

You would always see her as a competition, and there would always be a battle for your boyfriend’s attention.

When you become friends with her,

You wouldn’t see her as a threat anymore and could even hang out with her sometimes.

Hang out with your friends: having a timeout with your friends would help remove the constant thoughts of jealousy from your heart.

Friends act as a support system during times of emotional trouble.

You can organize a girls’ night out with your ladies and have fun.

It’s not healthy to make your boyfriend the only one that makes you happy.

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend’s Best friend Is Your Girlfriend?

That makes it easy because you know her, and she knows you are her best friend’s girlfriend.

You should strengthen your relationship with her and not see her as a competition.

What Are Signs That A Guy Is In Love With His Female Best Friend?

He talks about her a lot during conversations

He constantly compares you to her

He treats you differently when she’s around.

He wants to always hang out with her alone

He defends her even if she’s wrong.

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