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My Boyfriend Gets Mad At Me For Everything: 6 Weird Facts

You have a guy, and you love him very much, but he gets angry with you at the slightest opportunity.

And although you’ve done your best to make him happy,

It seems like your best is not helping; instead, it’s making the situation worse.

If you’ve been telling your friends, “my boyfriend gets mad at me for everything,”

And have not been able to get a practical way to handle the situation, this article is for you.

There are many reasons why your boyfriend acts that way; some are listed below.

My Boyfriend Gets Mad At Me For Everything: Why He Acts That Way

1. He Has Issues He’s Dealing With

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When people are dealing with issues in their finances or at their place of work, they tend to get mad at everyone.

It is very easy to take out your frustration on those around you.

Your boyfriend’s finance maybe unstable or he’s on the verge of losing his job.

These can make him get mad at you for no just cause.

It would be best if you got to find out what’s happening and why he’s taking out his anger on you.

2. He’s Tired Of You And Wants You Out Of His Life

When a guy doesn’t know how to end a relationship,

He starts getting mad at you for everything.

Especially if you’ve been with him for a long time,

Acting this way for some guys is the best way to send you the message that the relationship is over.

If you’ve complained several times about his attitude and how it hurts you,

But he keeps at it, that’s a sign he is tired of the relationship.

When a guy is tired of you in a relationship,

Everything you do or say gets him angry.

3. He Wants To Control You

Getting mad at you for everything is one of the signs of a controlling man.

When your boyfriend wants control, he gets mad at everything you do.

It makes you scared and careful over any actions you take because you don’t know if it would offend him.

He would get angry when you hang out with friends,

Visit your relatives, or buy anything without informing him.

A guy who wants to imprison you in the name of love uses anger to control you.

My Boyfriend Gets Mad At Me For Everything: The Effects Of His Actions

When your boyfriend gets mad at the slightest opportunity,

It affects you and the relationship.

Below are some of the effects of his attitude on you.

4. Destroys Your Self-Confidence

my boyfriend gets mad at me for everything

If your guy gets mad at you for everything,

You will soon discover that your self-confidence will slowly disappear.

The more he attacks anything you say or do, the less confidence you would have in yourself.

It gets to a point where you feel you can’t do anything right because of his nagging.

Losing your self-confidence can make it easy for him to control you and make you do whatever he wants.

Most ladies are battling an inferiority complex because of the toxic relationship they’ve been involved in.

Do not tolerate any attack on your self-confidence because you need self-confidence in many endeavors in life.

5. Keeps You On Your Toes

Have you ever been in a situation where you are afraid to talk with your boyfriend because you fear he would get angry?

When you have to relate with him like you are walking on eggshells, these are the effects of his attitude.

It’s like living in prison, but it’s an emotional one this time.

The fear that you don’t know how he will react often hinders communication and makes it difficult for the love to grow.

It also robs the relationship of its happiness because the more you have something to say but afraid to say it because of his reaction,

The further apart you would become.

You would begin to resent him for not allowing you to express yourself.

6. It Can Make You Develop Anxiety

It’s easy to develop anxiety when your boyfriend continues to yell at you for any little thing.

Anxiety, in this case, refers to feelings of worry, insecurity, and doubt about the relationship.

You are scared the moment you see him,

You become suspicious of his every move because you think he’s dating someone else; that’s why he gets mad at you.

His attitude can make you worry and become emotionally unstable.

Anxiety is not good for your mental health, and it can drive you to become cold and angry at your boyfriend.

Anxiety can make you unsure about your future together and the relationship a burden.

My Boyfriend Gets Mad At Me For Everything: How To Handle The Situation

7. Let Him Know About His Attitude

Sometimes your boyfriend might not be aware of his behavior or how it hurts you.

It’s possible he doesn’t know he’s displaying toxic behavior.

You have to first communicate your feelings with him and observe his response.

He can be so immersed in his challenges that he would not be aware of the emotional stress he’s putting you through.

Sit with your boyfriend and tell him you’ve noticed a lot of anger directed at you lately,

And you would want to know what’s going on.

Just make sure you ask him when he’s in a happy mood.

8. Recommend He Visits A Therapist

my boyfriend gets angry when i talk about my feelings

If talking with your boyfriend doesn’t bring changes,

It’s time you recommend he visits a therapist to get professional help.

You can’t continue to act like his attitude doesn’t affect you.

If he doesn’t agree to visit a therapist or gets mad at you for suggesting a therapist, then take the next action below.

9. Give Him Space

Giving him space to think clearly and decide what he wants would go a long way to make him realize how much he hurt you.

Take some time to be on your own, hang out with friends and have a great time,

Organize girls’ nights and do what makes you happy that doesn’t involve your boyfriend.

By giving him space and focusing on yourself,

You regain your self-confidence and free yourself from depending on only him to make you happy.

10. Break Up With Him

If all the strategies above have failed and he’s still the same, it’s time to walk away.

You can’t continue to tolerate such toxic behavior.

Otherwise, your self-esteem would be affected, which would allow your guy to control you.

If your guy keeps getting angry at you for everything,

He doesn’t want to change, probably because he wants you out of his life.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean When Your Boyfriend Gets Mad At You For Everything?

Below are some of the possible meanings if your boyfriend gets mad at you for everything

1. He has personal challenges he’s dealing with

2. He’s tired of the relationship and wants out

3. He’s looking for a way to control you and diminish your self-esteem

4. He’s under pressure financially

How Do You Calm Your Boyfriend Down When He’s Mad At You?

If you are looking for ways to calm your boyfriend when he’s angry, below are some tips you can apply.

1. Tell him you love him

2. Be calm and do not say anything

3. Give him some space

4. Try to pamper him and call him sweet names

5. Offer to take him out to have fun

How Do You Deal With an Angry Boyfriend Easily?

1. Communicate how his anger affects you

2. Recommend he visits a therapist for counseling

3. Give him your time to calm down

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