How to make your boyfriend laugh at funny jokes

9 Exciting Ways On How To Make Your Boyfriend Laugh

Looking for how to make your boyfriend laugh?

This article is for you.

Sense of humor:

Some people have one; some people don’t. Others think they do, but really don’t.

But every one of us loves to be around someone funny.

Having a great sense of humor is like a superpower. It’s magnetic. And people want to be around you.

That’s why you need to learn how to make him laugh

Have you ever experienced the satisfaction of being why your boyfriend is laughing his heart out?

If you have, you know how fulfilling it can be.

Research says that laughing with your boyfriend increases the likelihood of social bonds, which is a strong indicator of a healthy and secure relationship.

But what if you don’t have a great sense of humor?

What if you don’t even know how to make a guy laugh?

It can be frustrating, right?

I mean, you see your boyfriend laugh at jokes made by other girls but not yours, and you’re sad. You know how embarrassing it is when someone doesn’t laugh at your jokes.

And now, you’re thinking to yourself;

My boyfriend doesn’t find me funny.

Like Sandra…

Sandra is dating Mark. And she thinks he’s wonderful.

He makes her laugh a lot. But she wishes she could do the same for him.

Though they laugh at the same jokes, she feels she can’t make him laugh very often. And that really makes her feel sad.

Sometimes, he laughs at other girls’ jokes but not hers.

It breaks her heart that she can’t. She hates it. And it makes her worry, too.

How to make your boyfriend laugh

Forget about the adage that says the way to win a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Knowing how to make your boyfriend laugh is definitely the best way to winning his heart.

Don’t just believe what I say.

Studies have shown that there’s a huge connection between attraction and humor.

And people who make their partners laugh are perceived as more attractive than those who don’t.

Tell me the best way to make him laugh?

There are many ways and things to say to make your boyfriend laugh.

There are jokes to tell your boyfriend (Knock knock jokes to make him laugh)

And funny text to make him laugh and also…cute texts for him

But in this article, I’ll give you foolproof ways how to make your boyfriend laugh heartily:

Remember, having a sense of humor and making your boyfriend laugh begins with confidence.

Worry less about the outcome of the joke. But for any joke to work, you have first to own it.

9 Ways To Make Your Boyfriend Laugh.

1. Ask ridiculous questions

How to make your boyfriend laugh over text

Contrary to popular belief, being funny isn’t all about having a punch line to deliver or telling a joke.

You can make your boyfriend laugh by simply asking funny questions that send his drink shooting out of his nose.

For example, there are questions to make your boyfriend laugh.

This approach can be great, especially when the conversation isn’t flowing. or when you both having nothing to say.

Asking icebreaker questions can be a great way to begin the laugh.

Here are a couple of examples of funny jokes to make your boyfriend laugh to get started:

1. “Who would play you if you were to act an action movie out of your life? I’m thinking Robert Englund. He plays the role of villains really well!”

2. “If you were to add an uncelebrated sport to the Olympics, what would it be? For me, it would be couch surfing.”

3. “If you had to survive on only one kind of food, stinky U Pecorino cheese or never drink beer again, what would you prefer?”

These are just a few funny questions to ask your boyfriend to make him laugh. Of course, you can come up with your own.

Warning: It’s important you first feel out the mood before you start asking this kind of funny question and making jokes.

However, it will be much easier if you have been dating for quite some time and understand your boyfriend.

Again, know that he isn’t going to warm up if he feels baffled as to why you’re asking quirky questions.

2. Deliver A Joke With A Deadpan Face

To make your boyfriend laugh his heart out, you don’t need to be a comedienne.

And even if the joke isn’t funny to him, he’d probably laugh because of the expression on your face.

And corny jokes to make your boyfriend laugh are a great way to start.

Here’s what I mean:

You’re aware of deadpan humor, right? It’s also called dry humor. And it’s very effective.

You’ll catch your boyfriend off guard when you seem not to be in a mood to tell jokes. That way, you can deliver a hilarious punch line.

The key, though, is to be serious when you’re delivering the punch line. Don’t smile. It can be hard, but it pays.

To get started, you can get inspiration by watching deadpan comics. Then try to practice your poker face.

This is very important if you don’t want to give yourself away. Then you also have to practice your timing.

Examples include Bill Murray and Nick Offerman from Parks and Recreation.

3. Remind Him Of The Funny Memory You Both Had

A relationship is about creating memories.

One of the ways to make your boyfriend laugh is to take him down memory lane of a funny incident you both experienced.

Sharing funny experiences is a great way to make his lips part in a smile.

4. Send Him Funny Texts

If you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend laugh over text, this is perfect.

There’re a lot of funny flirty texts to make him laugh.

Understand that being funny isn’t limited to seeing your partner or when you’re on dates.

You can begin by sprinkling humor into your messages or chats –especially if you’ve been dating for a while.

To succeed in sending funny texts, you’ve to avoid being overly serious.

You can even send a sexy text, too, depending on how long you’ve been together and if you’ve been intimate.

Here are a few examples of funny things to text your boyfriend to make him laugh:

“What was it the butcher said to his girlfriend on their first date? “Nice to meat you.”

“I just read an article saying that making out burns a lot of calories. Wanna be my fitness coach? :)”

“I’m currently looking for a personal chef and massage therapist. Know any sexy and able-bodied man that might be interested?”

This is how to make your boyfriend laugh at funny jokes.

5. Send Him Funny Texts

funny things to text your boyfriend to make him laugh

Every one of us loves memes that crack us up.

Your phone gallery is probably filled with a hundred of them.

Your boyfriend isn’t any different.

There are boyfriend memes you can send

So, if you come across funny memes that you think your boyfriend would love or resonate with, be sure to send him – to make him laugh.

Browse through the internet; there are a lot of funny memes for boyfriends you can use.

There are memes about relationships. There are also funny memes about relationships or any area of your interest.

6. Let It Come Naturally

Honestly, you don’t have to force it. No nonspontaneous jokes!

And if you don’t feel witty, it’s okay.

I’ve seen many people try to force it. More often than not, their efforts always fall flat because the jokes didn’t come naturally.

To improve your sense of humor, you’ve to keep practicing – especially with your friends. And when you become better at it, you’ll know.

As I mentioned, it’s also great to observe other funny people around you. And that doesn’t mean you should copy them.

7. Make Fun Of Yourself.

Self-deprecating humor can be very effective. And it shows you’re a self-confident and happy person who isn’t insecure about herself.

According to an article published in personality and individual differences, they found out that people who make fun of themselves have positive psychological well-being.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you should start making insensitive jokes about yourself.

But making light jokes at your own expense is a great way to make your man laugh.

You could also share some crazy things you did in the past…maybe when you were in love or college.

It’s a funny way to get your boyfriend to laugh.

8. Poke Fun At Him (Just A Little)

things to say to your boyfriend to make him laugh

Poking fun at yourself is a great way to make your boyfriend laugh. Likewise, making fun of your boyfriend is also effective, provided you do it within reason.

But first off, you have to understand that every guy doesn’t handle being poked at the same way.

There are men that can laugh at jokes at their own expense, while some may see at you being insensitive.

Apply this strategy when you truly understand your boyfriend and know what good humor is for him.

The key, though, is not to be cruel or mock him but to be funny.

You don’t want to bruise his ego.

When you poke at your boyfriend, be sure to smile so he knows it’s all joke. Wink your face at him or something.

One way to do this is to take advantage of body language. Lean forward, touch him and laugh with him, not at him, so he knows you’re into him.

9. Send Him Naughty Texts

One way to make your boyfriend laugh is to make your text more fun by adding a pinch of humor.

You can never go wrong with this technique.

All you have to do is send a naughty text that could make your boyfriend giggle.

Below are some funny things to text a guy to make him laugh.

“When was the last time you made a fool of yourself?”

“Each time I think of you, I remember my favorite coffee: HOT n’ SWEET.”

“Are you a bartender? Because I am asking you for another shot”

Final Thoughts

Every guy out there isn’t the same.

What works for your friends with their boyfriend won’t probably work for you. That’s why you have to find your concept of funny.

Work with what your boyfriend will love and feels comfortable with you.

And if you start to apply the techniques I listed above, I bet you’ll start to learn how to make your boyfriend laugh.

Got other ways to make a guy laugh?

Share your funny tips in the comment session below.

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