my boyfriend dresses like a bum

I Don’t Like How My Boyfriend Dresses: 11 Odd Facts

Your boyfriend needs a better fashion sense because he’s fond of wearing clothes that make him look weird.

He doesn’t see anything wrong with his dressing, even when you confront him.

Sometimes he might even dress in a way that makes you feel embarrassed.

You might go out together, and his dressing style would make you shy around him.

I can understand your situation because I was once like your boyfriend.

It didn’t bother me whether what I wore was okay.

But with time, I gradually worked on my fashion sense.

If you don’t like how your boyfriend dresses but don’t know what to do about it, this article is for you.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

I Don’t Like How My Boyfriend Dresses: Why He Acts That Way

1. Lack Of Interest

my boyfriend has bad taste in clothes

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t care about his appearance.

Most men don’t bother about being current with fashion.

Your boyfriend might be among those who feel they can wear anything, and it’s no big deal.

I was once like that. I didn’t see the need to dress in a way that would command attention.

Honestly, I didn’t even care about getting attention; I just wanted to wear what covered my nakedness and be off to wherever I was going.

But now I am more conscious of my dress because my girlfriend kept bringing it up.

If your boyfriend ignores your complaints, it’s likely because he doesn’t care about it.

2. Financial Constraints

i hate the way my boyfriend dresses

Your boyfriend may want to dress nicely but needs the financial capacity to make it happen.

Getting designer clothes can be very expensive, and if his income is small, he might need more money to afford them.

Some guys who act like they don’t care about their appearance do, but they are broke and don’t have the finance to make changes.

If your boyfriend keeps complaining about money or his pay is small, it might be why he doesn’t dress well.

Sometimes he might have a good income and still doesn’t dress well because he’s stingy and doesn’t want to spend money on himself.

3. It’s Not His Priority

Your boyfriend may have other pressing issues and doesn’t care about his dressing.

It could be dealing with anxiety and depression, which makes him dress shabbily.

Your boyfriend might prioritize other things more than dressing, such as his career, financial stability etc.

If your boyfriend has ever told you dressing is not his priority whenever you bring up the issue, that’s proof he has other things in mind.

I kept using this excuse for my girlfriend, but she insisted that a good appearance should be a priority too.

4. He Wants Comfort

Your boyfriend might want to wear an outfit that makes him comfortable, even if it’s not fashionable.

Most men would put comfort ahead of fashion.

Comfort is why men would finish dressing ahead of women, who would use hours to prepare for an event.

If your boyfriend often tells you he wants to wear what’s comfortable, he’s among the men prioritizing comfort over fashion.

5. Lack Of Knowledge

Your boyfriend might need to learn what people are saying about his appearance.

Sometimes getting to know other people make fun of his dress is enough to cause changes.

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t know how handsome he is if he dresses well.

I didn’t know I was very handsome until I started dressing well, and it started with my girlfriend saying,

“Do you know how handsome you would look if you wore this outfit.”

It’s also possible your boyfriend needs to learn how to combine clothes to make them look nice.

He might wear any combination he can find. That’s why you sometimes have to help him select the right outfit.

6. Personal Style

Your boyfriend might have a personal style of simplicity and convenience and want to keep it the same.

His style might differ from yours; his definition of dressing well might be the opposite of what you think.

You might think he needs to dress better based on your standard, and he thinks otherwise.

The difference in mindset can easily cause tension in the relationship, and if he refuses to make changes, it can make you resent him.

I Don’t Like How My Boyfriend Dresses: How To Handle The Situation

7. Identify The Specific Issues

I Don't Like How My Boyfriend Dresses

Before talking to your boyfriend about his fashion sense, find out what you don’t like about his outfits.

Is it that his clothes don’t fit, or the combinations are weird? You have to know what exactly you don’t like to be able to fix it.

You can communicate better with him by understanding what you have against his dressing style.

8. Talk To Your Boyfriend

Once you’ve identified the issue with his dressing, it’s time to talk to him respectfully.

Such conversations are very sensitive and can make him angry and even cause a huge fight in the relationship.

Secondly, he can argue he dresses well, and you’re overreacting.

Just tell him how you feel without appearing like you are trying to change him.

If you’ve heard people mock his dress, tell him you are unhappy with people making fun of your man.

9. Offer Support

It will be challenging for him to change his dressing style, especially if he doesn’t care about it.

That’s why you should support and make him see the need to dress better.

If you have the money, you can buy and gift your desired outfit to him.

That’s what my girlfriend did, she bought me the kind of clothes she wanted me to wear, and I was grateful.

It made me realize she was serious about my dressing style.

You can also support him by helping him pick the right clothes from his wardrobe.

10. Encourage Compromise

If your boyfriend is uncomfortable changing his dress style, you have to try and reach a compromise.

You may have to give up some of the changes you want him to make regarding his dressing.

Give him some time to get comfortable with some of your fashion tips.

You can help him pair his favorite clothes with new ones to make him more stylish.

11. Respect His Decision

Your boyfriend might not want to change his dressing style, and that’s fine.

Ultimately he’s the one to decide what he would wear or not.

Give him time and bring up the issue occasionally with a friendly tone.

Make him understand you are serious about his dress style but don’t want to appear pushy.

Bring the issue to his attention but allow him to decide what he wants.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If You Don’t Like The Way Your Boyfriend Dresses?

Telling your boyfriend he doesn’t dress well is sensitive; he might feel you’re trying to control him.

Below are some subtle things you can do if you don’t like the way your boyfriend dresses:

Get him the type of clothes you want

If your boyfriend wears clothes that make him look weird, you can go shopping with him and get him the clothes or shoes you want.

If you already know his sizes, you can buy and gift them to him.

Help him select the right outfit.

Sometimes your boyfriend might already have good clothes but needs to learn how to pair them to look nice.

That’s where you come in; you can help him select the right clothes.

Gift him time to adjust.

Sometimes a guy would start dressing well when his status improves in life.

If he gets a promotion or his status in life improves, he will take his dressing seriously.

That’s why you should be patient with him; he might change when an upgrade occurs.

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend To Dress Better?

Telling your boyfriend to dress better is a sensitive topic that, if not done right, can hurt his ego and make him resent you.

Try and be subtle about it and communicate it with him in a friendly manner.

Make a funny joke about his outfit and get him some clothes as a gift.

He would likely get the message.

I Don’t Like The Way My Boyfriend Dresses. How Do I Get Him To Change His Style?

Below are some things you can do to help change his fashion style

Getting matching clothes for you and him and insist he wears them.

Go shopping on his behalf and gift it to him.

Give him time to make adjustments

Help him pick the right outfit

Make a joke about his poor fashion sense.

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