my boyfriend doesn't talk to me like he used to

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Call Me Anymore: 5 Absurd Facts

You have a boyfriend, and you recently observed he doesn’t call you anymore.

Most of the time, you are the one that calls him,

If you don’t call, he doesn’t bother.

I understand his attitude is giving you cause for concern because he was calling you at the beginning of the relationship.

He didn’t give you breathing space with constant calls,

But now he doesn’t call you for weeks if you don’t call him.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t call you anymore,

And what you can do to change the situation.

If you are set, let’s dive in.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Call Me Anymore: Reasons Why He Acts That Way

1. He’s Tired Of The Relationship

My Boyfriend Doesn't Call Me Anymore

Some guys would not tell you directly that they don’t want the relationship anymore.

They would start acting weird for you to get the message and leave.

If a man is excited about you,

He won’t spend a day without calling you on the phone.

But if he’s tired of the relationship, he won’t see the need to call you.

If you notice he doesn’t call you and is hostile toward you,

He might be sending you a subtle message that he wants to quit.

Maybe he has gotten what he wants from the relationship and doesn’t see the need to put in the effort anymore.

Some guys won’t expressly tell you it’s over because they want to keep using you to satisfy their desires.

If he yells at you and doesn’t treat you respectfully,

You should read the handwriting on the wall.

2. He’s Angry About Something

Men are generally silent about their anger; you see it manifest in their actions.

Maybe your boyfriend is angry about something you said or did to him,

And you are yet to apologize.

If you had a fight with him and he doesn’t call anymore,

Chances are he’s still angry about the issue.

It’s also possible he discovered something about you that makes him resent you.

If your boyfriend resents you,

Then he wouldn’t have the desire to call you because of his state of mind.

3. He Has Someone Else

when he doesn't call for days

If he has another lady in his life, that might be why he doesn’t bother to call you.

If you’ve been dating him for a long time and he suddenly doesn’t call you anymore,

That’s a sign another woman is in the picture, and he’s cheating on you.

Observe if he has a valid reason for not calling you or if he gives the same excuses,

Such as, he’s busy, or he has to work (a job he used to do before now and was calling you consistently)

If he behaves this way, there’s a chance he has found someone else.

On the other hand, if your relationship is new and he suddenly doesn’t call you anymore,

That’s a sign he’s a player and has gotten what he wanted.

Most players would do anything possible to sleep with you and ghost you.

4. He’s Bored

Men want excitement and adventure,

When something becomes repetitive without fun, it becomes tedious for most men.

Your boyfriend might stop calling you regularly because the conversation lacks excitement.

Men often do not like when things are predictable.

If the conversation is dry and dull whenever he calls you, he might not call anymore.

If you notice that there’s nothing to talk about when you are on the phone with him,

That might explain why he doesn’t call you.

If your conversation is characterized by regular silence,

It’s time to work on communication before the relationship falls apart.

5. He’s Under Pressure

Life issues can sometimes upset romantic relationships.

Maybe he’s under financial or job pressure and doesn’t know how to handle it.

Worry can often make someone forget their romantic commitments.

I understand it’s not a valid reason,

But many things don’t make sense when someone is under pressure.

Why won’t he tell me, you may ask?

Men and women process pressure differently

Men either try to fight and handle their issues alone or run away from them.

They bottle it up within or fight it head-on.

When dealing with the pressure, he might forget to call you.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Call Me Anymore: How To Handle It

6. Have A Discussion About It

Tell him you’ve observed that he doesn’t call you anymore and you don’t know why.

He should have a genuine reason for his actions,

If he doesn’t, it could mean something is wrong.

Communicate your expectations as regards calling each other.

Observe if he would improve after you’ve brought the issue to his attention.

If he’s still interested in the relationship, he will make changes; if not, he won’t bother.

7. Think Of Ways To Spice up The Relationship

what to do when he doesn't call

Sometimes your boyfriend not calling you could be because there’s nothing to talk about on the phone.

He might feel it’s the same conversation all over again.

That’s why you should look for activities to spice up the relationship.

Go to the movies, schedule a date or go on a mini vacation.

In a nutshell, do something that would create room for exciting discussions.

Most men love adventure; if they know they can get it by calling you, they won’t stop calling you.

8. Bear With Him Or Quit

If you believe you can tolerate your boyfriend not calling you, then it’s okay.

If he’s nice to you and isn’t acting suspicious,

You can overlook that he doesn’t call you anymore.

But if you feel you deserve a guy who would call you regularly and your boyfriend doesn’t,

Even after you’ve discussed your concerns with him.

Then you can quit.

Ultimately you should be the one to decide if your boyfriend calling you is a big deal or if it’s something you can ignore.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does It Mean If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Call You?

It could mean the following, and are listed below:

He doesn’t care anymore: although it sounds harsh, if your boyfriend used to call you consistently before and stops suddenly,

That could mean he doesn’t care about you anymore.

If he’s always giving you excuses why he doesn’t call you,

Then it could mean he’s no longer interested.

The truth is his body language would tell you what’s really in his heart.

He’s met someone new: if he’s not calling you, there’s someone else he’s calling.

If you notice he’s always on another call,

That’s a sign he has someone else he prefers to talk with, and it’s not you.

When you meet someone new,

There’s always that excitement that could easily make you forget the person you are dating.

Maybe that’s the case with your boyfriend; he’s talking to someone new that’s making him excited.

How Do You React When He Stops Calling?

Call him to find out why: he may have been the one doing all the calling,

And he got angry and decided to stop calling.

You should call him and discuss what you’ve observed.

Maybe there’s something you did that made him angry, and he’s yet to tell you.

It’s also possible he is looking for a way to quit the relationship without officially breaking up.

How Do You Know If Your BF Is Not Interested In You Anymore?

1. He hardly calls or texts you

2. Anything you do makes him angry

3. He’s flirting or cheating on you with other women

4. He threatens you with breakup often

5. He keeps secrets from you and often does things without telling you.

6. He avoids talking about the future and only wants to sleep with you.

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