signs he wants you to lose weight

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants You To Lose Weight

Life happens, and you could gain at a time you least expected.

Gaining weight is not something that is entirely up to your control

You can gain weight even when you stick to your regular food timetable.

The first people to notice you are gaining weight that those close to you, and your boyfriend is one of them.

When it gets to a point where he’s no longer comfortable with your weight, he would want you to lose weight.

It’s important to note that I am not supporting your boyfriend in deciding for you if you need to lose weight.

You should lose weight if it affects your self-esteem or health.

But ensure you are doing it for yourself.

If you are ready to discover the signs your boyfriend wants you to lose weight,

Then let’s dive in.

11 Signs Your Boyfriend Wants You To Lose Weight

1. He Tells You Directly

Signs Your Boyfriend Wants You To Lose Weight

It’s the most brutal sign of them all.

Your boyfriend tells you that you are fat and need to lose weight.

The truth is no matter how he decides to tell you, it still hurts.

Hearing you are fat from your guy can significantly affect your self-esteem.

His words can be regarded as emotional abuse, even if it’s not his intention.

The word “you are fat; you need to lose weight” can hurt bad, especially when it comes from your boyfriend.

2. He Encourages You To Sign Up For The Gym

If your boyfriend is suddenly trying to encourage you to sign up for the gym,

That’s a sign he wants you to lose weight.

He could even offer to pay for the gym membership and make you commit to hitting the gym daily.

He might suggest you go to the gym together often and offer to be your gym partner.

All these are signs he wants you to lose weight, but he’s trying to be subtle about it.

The truth is directly confronting your partner that they are fat can hurt,

Some guys use a subtle approach that wouldn’t make you feel bad.

3. He Compliments Your Old Photos

Let’s say he stumbles at an old picture of yours; he could say something like,

“Damn, you had a banging body then,”

“you were so hot and in shape then,”

Or “look at your old pictures, you were so hot.”

These are signs that he’s no longer comfortable with your current shape and wants you to lose weight.

If he’s always talking about your shape when he first met you or keeps staring at your old picture,

That’s a sign he wants you to lose weight.

He might not say that he prefers the old you to your present look,

But if you find out your guy is always fascinated by your old photos,

He wishes you to lose weight.

4. He Gushes Over Slim Women

He should see slim women online and start gushing over them.

He might say something like

“Wow, what a shape.”

“She has a banging body” or

“Her stomach is so flat.”

If he keeps gushing over slim women that way,

That is a subtle sign he wants you to lose weight.

He might even call your attention and show you pictures of slim women with flat bellies and tell you they look fantastic.

He might be doing all these unconsciously because he likes slim women and wants you to be like them.

5. He Brings Up Weight Loss Topics Often

If your boyfriend suddenly starts bringing up weight loss-related topics often,

That’s a sign he wants you to lose weight.

If he’s constantly talking about eating healthy to avoid weight gain, that is also a sign.

When he regularly brings discussion, such as the importance of exercise for a healthy life,

Or he tells you to sometimes exercise at home, that’s a sign he thinks you need to lose weight.

He could also buy you weight loss books as a gift.

6. He Starts Eating Healthy And Wants You To Do The Same

Your boyfriend might want to lead by example and not make you feel bad if he tells you to start eating healthy.

He can start avoiding junk food, committing to a food diet,

And encouraging you to do the same.

He might stop taking you to places where he knows you can quickly get junk food,

And try to encourage you to commit to a healthy lifestyle.

7. He Complains About Your Eating Habit

when a man comments on your weight

If he suddenly starts complaining about your eating habit or says something like,

“You are overeating,”

“you love food, that’s why you are getting fat,”

Or “eat little and watch your weight,” Such words hurt.

If he’s always trying to make you uncomfortable when he sees you eating, that’s a sign.

His countenance can easily change when he sees you eating,

And he can alter words that could hurt your feelings.

You will observe he’s no longer comfortable with you eating junk,

He wants you to eat healthy foods.

8. He Jokes About Your Weight

He can make funny and silly jokes about your weight.

He can say something like,

“you are too heavy for me to carry because of your weight,”

Or “don’t sit on my lap; your weight would be too much for me.”

These are subtle words to let you know you need to lose weight.

If he’s always making jokes about your weight, that’s a sign he’s no longer comfortable with your size.

9. He Keeps Touching Your Belly And Arm

If you notice your boyfriend is always touching your belly or arm without saying anything,

That could be a sign that you need to lose weight.

Men often find it hard to communicate their feelings,

They could be touching your belly to observe your weight gain.

If you catch him staring at your belly or touching your arm often,

That’s a sign he might be getting worried about your weight.

10. He Wants You To Use The Scale Often

One of the signs your boyfriend wants you to lose weight is that he wants you to use the scale and measure your weight regularly.

He’s doing that to find out if you are gaining weight consistently.

If your boyfriend always asks you,

“How much did you weigh today”

It means he’s getting disturbed about your weight.

11. He’s Not Attracted To You Anymore

If your boyfriend suddenly starts to act cold and distant towards you and doesn’t care about you anymore,

Your weight could be the reason.

How do you find out for sure?

If he has been doing any of the listed signs above and suddenly starts acting cold towards you,

Your weight might be why he’s not attracted to you anymore.

Some guys love slim women, and they lose interest when she starts gaining weight.

Your boyfriend might be such a guy.

My Boyfriend Wants Me To Lose Weight: What You Should Do About It

1. Decide If You Want To Lose Weight

Do guys notice when you lose weight

Nobody should force you to lose weight if you don’t want to.

It’s up to you to decide if your current weight is beginning to cause trouble for your health or self-esteem.

You should be the one to decide you want to lose weight and not your boyfriend choosing for you.

If your boyfriend is insisting you should lose weight lose because he’s not okay with it, that’s a sign he’s controlling.

You shouldn’t allow your boyfriend to bully you into trying to lose weight if you feel you are okay with your size.

Some guys can threaten to leave you if you don’t lose weight.

He can walk away if he wants to,

That shouldn’t put you under pressure to lose weight because of him.

That’s because even if you lose weight to keep him,

He would still come up with something else he wants you to do, or he would leave.

It will never end; he will keep threatening you to change what he doesn’t like about you.

There are men out there who would love you for who you are and would not try to change anything about you.

Some guys like big and beautiful women, and I am one of them.

I am not attracted to slim women; I love them big and beautiful,

Some men would love you the way you are.

Don’t short-change yourself by staying with a guy who makes you feel worthless.

2. Sign Up For A Weight Loss Program

If you decide to lose weight on your own,

Not because you want to please your boyfriend,

You can sign up for a weight loss program.

If you haven’t been to the gym, this would be a time to get a gym membership,

It would help you in your weight loss journey.

3. Communicate With Him To Confirm

Sometimes it could be your mind playing tricks on you and making it seem like your boyfriend wants you to lose weight.

You may misunderstand his actions, so you must communicate with him.

Let him know you’ve observed he wants you to lose weight and want to be sure you are not picking up the wrong signals.

Listen to what he says and resolve the issue as a couple.

If he wants you to lose weight because he’s worried about your health,

That’s a valid reason; it’s up to you to decide if you genuinely want to lose weight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Losing Weight Help Your Relationship?

Losing weight can have physical and emotional benefits for you.

Studies show that people who lose weight feel physically comfortable with improved self-esteem.

So yes, it can help, but it still depends on the guy you are dating.

What Do You Do When Your Partner Tells You To Lose Weight?

Decide for yourself if you want to lose weight.

Know why he wants you to lose weight? Is it because he wants you to look hot or for health reasons?

Tell him how his words make you feel

Create a weight loss plan together

Quit if he’s trying to body shame you.

Will My Boyfriend Be More Attracted To Me If I Lose Weight?

It depends on the guy you are dating.

For some guys, losing weight would attract them and rekindle the sparks of your relationship.

For some other guys, it might make them less attracted to you.

Some guys like big and curvy women,

And when you lose weight, it might make you less attractive.

It’s essential to know the kind of guy you dating before you embark on a weight loss journey.

Losing weight should be your decision,

Not because of your relationship, because there will always be a guy who would love you just the way you are.

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