my boyfriend is overweight and it turns me off

My Boyfriend Is Overweight And It Turns Me Off: 10 Odd Facts

Weight loss is one of the most sensitive issues to discuss in a relationship.

It can easily look like you’re attacking your boyfriend’s self-esteem.

Telling him about his weight can make him sad and resent you.

Most people start losing interest when their partner gains weight, so you’re not alone.

In this article, we will discuss possible reasons why he’s gaining weight and what you can do about it.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in

My Boyfriend Is Overweight And It Turns Me Off: Reasons For Weight Gain

1. Lack Of Exercise

i am not attracted to my overweight boyfriend

If your boyfriend doesn’t exercise anymore, it could be why he’s overweight.

Your boyfriend might be someone who doesn’t like to exercise, or he used to, but now he’s lazy.

Exercise helps you burn calories, which keeps you in shape.

Observe if your boyfriend is committed to regular exercise; if he’s not, that could be why he’s overweight.

2. Unhealthy Eating (Junk Food)

If your boyfriend is fond of eating Junk food, it could be why he’s overweight.

Some guys believe they can eat whatever they want without considering how it affects their health.

Junk food contains a high amount of calories, and if you don’t exercise regularly, it would be difficult to burn the calories, leading to weight gain.

If your boyfriend eats junk food regularly, it could be why he’s overweight.

3. Lack Of Activity

If your boyfriend sits in a particular place all day, it could be why he’s overweight.

Lack of physical activity reduces your expenditure of calories.

The unused calories can quickly build up, especially when he eats junk food.

Lack of activity can also lead to overeating because some people have an increased appetite when inactive.

If your boyfriend is always indoors and hardly comes out, it could be why he’s overweight.

4. Emotional Challenges

Your boyfriend might have gained weight because he’s going through stress.

Many people use food to cope with stress, anxiety, or sadness.

It’s called “emotional eating.”

Stress can trigger cravings for high-calorie foods, leading to overeating and weight gain.

Maybe he recently lost his job or is struggling financially.

He might also be battling depression, which makes him stay indoors and eat a lot of food.

How Do I Deal With A Fat Boyfriend?

5. Reflect On Your Feelings.

You have to first reflect on your feelings and ask yourself why his weight bothers you.

Are you genuinely concerned about his health or just worried he’s not looking attractive?

You must be sure of your intention before discussing the issue with him.

Avoid making him think you don’t love him for who he is, which would hurt his self-esteem.

6. Communicate But Be Diplomatic

How do I deal with a fat boyfriend

Imagine telling your boyfriend, “You’re fat, and it turns me off.”

That would hurt him.

You might be wondering why you should tell him about his weight if it would hurt him anyway?

You have to tell him to avoid cheating on him with a well-built guy.

Bring up the issue when he’s comfortable and in a happy mood.

Talk to him from a place of love and genuine care about his health.

I know it’s a difficult conversation to have with him, but it’s inevitable if you want the relationship to work.

If you decide to keep the issue to yourself and not tell him, you might resent him.

Beware, the conversation could change the dynamics of your relationship; hence, I recommend you approach the issue cautiously.

7. Set An Example

If your boyfriend needs to practice healthy living, such as regular exercise and avoiding junk food, you can set an example by how you live.

If he observes you don’t play with your exercise routine, and you eat healthy meals, he would want to do the same.

You can’t tell him to lose weight if you’re the same weight as him.

8. Be Patient

You have to realize that losing weight takes time and effort. That’s why you have to be patient.

Your boyfriend won’t lose weight overnight; you have to be patient, especially if he’s doing his best to lose weight.

9. Avoid Resentment

If your boyfriend is overweight, you’ll likely start resenting him with time, especially if he’s not doing anything about it.

If you’ve had a conversation about his weight before, you have to be careful so he doesn’t accuse you of trying to change him.

Your boyfriend might think you’re telling him about his weight because you met someone else, Which can make him start acting weird towards you.

You must do your best to avoid resentment because it can destroy your relationship and make you lose respect for him.

You might see him take off his shirt at the beach and be embarrassed due to his weight.

10. Love And Support Him

You have to focus on his other positive traits apart from his weight.

He needs to know you love and appreciate him despite his weight gain. That’s the best way to convince him to lose weight.

If he thinks you’re ashamed of him because of his weight, it can make him cold and distant, making him feel like you don’t love him.

Let him know you’re proud of him and happy to have a relationship with him.

Believing in your boyfriend would motivate him to go the extra mile for the relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad To Ask My Boyfriend To Lose Weight?

Weight loss conversations are very sensitive.

If you’re not careful, it can ruin the relationship and make your boyfriend feel insecure.

You have to be very cautious when you want to bring up a discussion about his weight.

Make him know it’s coming from a place of love and concern for his health.

Tell him you’re not trying to change him, but he needs to lose weight to stay fit.

If you talk to him with love and respect, he will listen to you and start working on his weight.

But if you say it in a way that demeans his self-esteem, he will resent you.

I’m Repulsed By My Boyfriend, He’s Obese And I Don’t Know What To Do, Is There Any Way I Can Get Myself To Be ‘Ok’ With It?

It’s fine if you’re not okay with it.

You have to let him know without hurting his self-esteem.

Share your concern with him and encourage him to practice a healthy lifestyle.

If your boyfriend eats junk food or doesn’t exercise, he needs to make changes.

I know it’s a difficult conversation, but you can’t run away from it.

If you don’t talk about it, you might cheat on him.

How To Get My Boyfriend To Lose Weight Without Hurting His Feelings?

If you want to get your boyfriend to lose weight without hurting his feelings, you can do any of the things below:

Sign up for a gym together

Encourage him to eat healthy meals

Discuss your concern with love

Support him through the weight loss journey

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