my boyfriend keeps getting emails from dating sites

My Boyfriend Keeps Getting Emails From Dating Sites: 11 Odd Facts

You might have met a nice guy, and you’ve been dating for a while, only to notice he keeps getting emails from dating sites.

You’re hurt and wondering why he’s on a dating site.

Is he looking for a girl to replace you? Or is he a cheat who dates women for fun?

My boyfriend keeps getting emails from dating sites; if you’re in such a situation this article is for you.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in

Why Does My Boyfriend Get Emails From Dating Sites?

1. Inactive Account

why does my boyfriend get spam from dating sites

He may have previously had an account on a dating site before he met you.

He might not be actively using the account anymore, but he didn’t bother unsubscribing.

Most dating sites won’t leave you alone when you have an account with them; they keep sending you messages.

He might have created the account when he was single and looking for a relationship.

2. Third-Party Signups

Sometimes, the website you sign up for sells email addresses to third parties, like dating sites.

These dating sites automatically start sending you unsolicited emails to get you to create an account with them.

A hacker may have used your boyfriend’s email address to sign up on dating sites.

3. Spam Or Phishing

Your boyfriend might be the target of a phishing or spam attack.

Sometimes, hackers put malicious links into emails disguised as emails from a dating site.

The goal is to get you to click the link, and then they will get access to your password.

So many people have been hacked this way.

If the emails from the dating sites keep landing in the spam section, it’s likely a phishing attack.

4. He’s A Player

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is On Dating Sites

It’s what likely came to your mind when you discovered your boyfriend keeps getting emails from dating sites.

Your boyfriend might be a player who loves to date many girls at the same time, or he’s tired of dating you.

He might be on dating sites to hunt for women looking for love.

If your boyfriend has been exhibiting signs of cheating and keeps getting emails from dating sites,

It could mean he’s a player, especially if you have caught him looking at other girls online.

Most players have accounts on multiple dating sites looking for women to sleep with.

5. Curiosity

Your boyfriend might be getting emails from dating sites because he signed up out of curiosity.

I once signed up for Tinder (please don’t tell my girlfriend) to see how the platform works

Your boyfriend might sign up to see the kind of women on the platform.

It’s natural for men to be curious, especially if he has been hearing about the platform for a while.

My Boyfriend Keeps Getting Emails From Dating Sites: How To Handle The Situation.

6. Gather Evidence

You have to be certain before you bring up the issue.

Ensure you gather Evidence before confronting him.

Try not to panic or accuse him of cheating on you immediately; instead, investigate further to get the necessary info.

You have to check where the emails land.

If it’s primary inbox, it likely means he signed up and is an active user.

7. Talk To Him About It

When you’re ready, then talk to him about it.

Inform him you’ve noticed he keeps getting emails from dating sites, and you would want to know why.

Maybe he signed up a long time ago, or his email was compromised

Whatever the case, you will know when you ask him.

And if you’ve discovered he’s a player, you can decide what to do in your best interest.

Avoid being confrontational during the conversation; it will only make him angry or defensive.

He might accuse you of invading his privacy or being possessive.

You have to be calm while you share your feelings.

8. Check If He Has A Profile

You can check on the dating site to see if he has an active profile that would tell you if the emails are spam or legit.

If he has an active profile, it means he’s looking for another lady.

9. Communicate Your Feelings

why is my boyfriend getting dirty spam emails

Tell him how you feel that he keeps getting emails from dating sites.

You should let him know if the emails make you feel insecure and uncomfortable.

You don’t have to hide your feelings and pretend you’re fine.

10. Work On Communication

Your boyfriend might be on dating sites because he’s unhappy.

Maybe you don’t allow him to communicate with you.

Or he feels you don’t care about him.

I have discovered that most relationships fail because couples don’t know how to have difficult conversations.

It’s having difficult conversations that make your relationship grow.

You have to sit him down, bring up the issue, and trash it out.

When a man is unhappy, he starts to seek an alternative.

11. Accept His Explanation

Try to avoid nagging him and calling him a cheat.

It might be possible he knows nothing about it.

Listen to his explanation, but ensure you also do your investigation.

He could be telling the truth if he has never shown any signs of cheating.

I know it’s hard to believe, but if he has never done anything suspicious, then you should trust him.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Boyfriend Keep Going On Dating Sites?

There could be a few reasons your boyfriend keeps going on dating sites. I will list a few below:

He’s unhappy or bored: when a guy is unhappy or bored in a relationship, he seeks alternatives.

Men love adventure, and they explore alternatives when their relationship becomes boring.

Your boyfriend might be looking for a girl to hook up with or a replacement for you.

He’s using it as a distraction: Your boyfriend might keep going on dating sites because he’s excited to see the pictures and profiles of other girls.

He might go there to distract himself or when he has free time.

You’re not enough for him: your boyfriend might be going on dating sites because he believes he will find someone better than you.

He might be checking out different profiles and wishing he was dating them.

When you’re not enough for a guy, and he’s expecting someone better, he explores every opportunity to find his dream girl, including dating apps.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is On Dating Sites?

Ask him for an explanation

Let him know you’re not happy about it

Set boundaries

Give him time to do the right thing

Focus on self-care

Why Does My Boyfriend Get Spam From Dating Sites

There are many reasons why your boyfriend might be getting spam emails from dating sites. Some of them are given below:

His email account has been compromised

He has an account with them

His email address was sold to a dating site (third-party signup)

Someone is trying to hack his email account

Someone used his email address to sign up

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