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My Boyfriend Is Shorter Than Me: 9 Critical Facts

One of the popular questions most women ask on social forums is, “My boyfriend is shorter than me. What should I do?

Most ladies have been taught that a man has to be taller than his woman.

It’s one of those unwritten principles of society where everyone expects you to come home with a tall and well-built guy that would be the envy of other girls.

You might be wondering if you should continue dating him or end the relationship and find a taller guy.

In this article, I will share the critical things you should know if your boyfriend is shorter than you.

My Boyfriend Is Shorter Than Me: Critical Things You Must Know

1. You Can’t Change Him

My Boyfriend Is Shorter Than Me

The truth is there’s nothing you can do about his height.

You either have to accept and enjoy the relationship or move on if you can’t deal with it.

The first question you should ask is, “why does your boyfriend’s height bother you so much.”

Are you looking for a tall guy because you believe it’s a requirement for a successful relationship,

Or you’re just being pressured by friends who believe dating a short guy isn’t worth your time?

Society has conditioned many women to believe they shouldn’t date a short guy because a man ought to be taller than his woman.

Acceptance is one of the foundational principles of true love.

You have to accept that his height is part of his personality.

I don’t believe his height matters because when you love someone, you should love everything about them.

2. He Might Have Self-Esteem Issues

Most short guys have low self-esteem because of how society regards them.

Society looks at short guys with disdain which often leads to low self-esteem.

Short guys are often bullied in school, among friends and even in their neighbourhood.

Most girls would hardly accept the proposal of a guy that’s shorter than them.

That’s why you should be a source of inspiration to your boyfriend.

Your actions need to boost his self-esteem.

Many short guys have anger issues because they don’t want others to intimidate them.

They often act strong and confident to avoid appearing vulnerable.

Short guys have a high tendency to become jealous and possessive.

They are often paranoid and would get uncomfortable seeing another guy around you, especially if the guy is tall.

The solution is to be transparent with your boyfriend. Let him know he has nothing to fear, and you won’t cheat on him with another guy.

Do things that would relax his mind and make him know you’re not ashamed of him; instead, you adore him and are fully committed to the relationship.

3. Don’t Take Criticisms Personal

People would criticize you for dating a guy shorter than you.

Your friends, family and even colleagues would try to mock your guy.

Some of them would jokingly say you’re taller than your boyfriend.

When your friends want to ask about him, they would say, “How is that your short boyfriend.”

People in your neighbourhood might laugh or giggle whenever you pass by with him.

Try not to let their silly remarks bother you or destroy your relationship.

You must realize that no matter who you date, people always have something negative to say.

They can say he’s too tall or doesn’t dress well. Their criticism would never end; that’s why you should ignore them.

You’re the one in the relationship, and who you choose to date is your business.

4. Concentrate On His Positive Traits

Your boyfriend’s height is just one part of his personality.

Another part which is even more important than his height is his character.

How does he treat you in the relationship?

Like a queen or trash?

Of what use is a tall guy that doesn’t treat you right?

Focus on the positive traits of your boyfriend, such as kindness, integrity and generosity.

If he has all the attributes you desire in a guy, then you should focus on those and appreciate him for treating you like a queen.

Even if you leave your boyfriend right now and start dating a tall guy, you will get tired quickly if the tall guy doesn’t treat you well.

5. Prepare For Temptation

my boyfriend is smaller than me

For me, This is the most important part of the article.

Be aware that when dating a short guy, you will be severely tempted when a tall guy comes your way.

You will fall for the temptation if you don’t guide yourself.

The fact that it bothers you that your boyfriend is shorter than you mean a part of you wants a tall guy.

You might be dating your current boyfriend because everyone is saying he’s nice, or you’re with him because the kind of man you desire hasn’t approached you yet.

You must guide yourself when a tall guy approaches you to avoid letting your guard down and cheating on your boyfriend.

6. Respect Him

The fact that you’re taller than your boyfriend might be an excuse to disrespect him.

Men don’t tolerate disrespect, irrespective of height. They see respect as love.

No matter how much you claim to love a man, if you don’t respect him, he won’t value your love.

Try not to disrespect him because of his height.

Some women feel a short guy doesn’t deserve any respect.

You also need to avoid taking his love for granted.

Your boyfriend deserves to be loved by someone, and that person is you.

7. You Need To Answer One Critical Question

The question is, “does he make you happy.”

If the answer is “yes”, you should ignore what people are saying and focus on making your relationship work.

Happiness is the ultimate goal of every romantic relationship; if it’s present in yours, you should treasure it.

Ignore what people say, and tell yourself that his height doesn’t matter.

8. It Will Get Better With Time

People mocking you because your boyfriend is short would give up when they notice it doesn’t bother you.

Those close to you would learn to accept your relationship if you stick with your man irrespective of their opinion.

Be patient and endure people’s negative reactions. With time, they will learn to accept and live with it.

9. You Have To Fully Commit

having a short boyfriend

If you don’t fully commit to the relationship, you will always be looking for a taller guy to come your way.

If your boyfriend is nice and treats you like a queen, you should return his kindness by loving him and being fully committed to the relationship.

Frequently Asked Question

Is It Okay For Your Boyfriend To Be Shorter Than You?

Of course, it is okay to date a guy shorter than you, but you should be prepared for criticism by society, including your friends and family.

You also need to be sure you genuinely love your boyfriend to avoid falling into temptation when a taller guy comes your way.

How Do You Treat A Boyfriend When He Is Shorter Than You?

You have to treat him with respect.

Your boyfriend deserves to be treated with respect because you agreed to be in a committed relationship with him.

Resist the urge to disrespect him because of his height, and give him maximum love and attention.

How Do I Get Over My Boyfriend Being So Much Shorter Than Me?

You should ask yourself why his height bothers you so much.

If he was taller than you, what would it change?

You have to know why you’re worried about his height

If you want a taller guy to show off to your friends, ask yourself if it’s worth it.

Your happiness matters the most, and if he makes you happy, stick with him.

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