my boyfriend is not financially stable

My Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially: 15 Critical Facts

My boyfriend is struggling financially if you’re in such a situation this article is for you.

Dating a guy who is struggling with his finances can be frustrating.

Apart from the fact that he won’t be able to help you financially when you need it, he can also keep asking you for money since he’s struggling.

Many women find themselves in a relationship where the guy is broke, and they have to keep giving him money to stay afloat.

When you go out with him, you would be the one to pay for things, and if there’s something fun you want to do with him that involves money, you would need to do it alone.

It gets to a point where you start wondering if the relationship is worth it.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend is struggling financially and what you can do about it.

Why Is My Boyfriend Struggling Financially

1. He’s Unemployed

My Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially

If your boyfriend is unemployed or has lost his job, it could be why he’s struggling financially.

Job loss is not something most people expect or plan for; it happens suddenly.

Your boyfriend might have started struggling with his finances since he lost his job, or he’s been unemployed for a long time.

2. Low Paying Job

Your boyfriend might have a low-paying job that can’t handle his daily expenses; hence he’s having a hard time financially.

A low-paying job might get him busy, but the income won’t be enough to pay the bills.

Hence he can resort to borrowing from you to meet up.

3. Lack Of Financial Intelligence

Your boyfriend might lack financial intelligence and doesn’t know how to save and organize his finances.

He might be poor at budgeting and squanders most of his earnings on parties and nightclubs.

Lack of financial intelligence is one of the main reasons people end up in debt and struggle to get out.

He might have poor saving habits and believe he needs to spend all his income in one day.

4. Business Or Investment Losses

He might have invested in a business that didn’t work out.

Or he invested in stocks and Bitcoin, and he incurred losses.

Such investment losses can affect his finances and make him struggle.

Most people invest their life savings into what they believe would give them good returns, but if it doesn’t work out, they start struggling financially.

5. Educational Or Student Loans

should i help my boyfriend financially

Most young people are in debt due to student loans and credit card expenses.

According to statistics, about 43.5 million Americans had student loans to pay in 2022.

Your boyfriend might have been overwhelmed with paying student loans and taking care of his daily expenses, making him struggle with his finances.

6. Family Responsibilities

Your boyfriend might be financially responsible for his parents or siblings.

Such responsibility can significantly affect his income.

His parents might be old or sick, and he needs to support them financially.

Family responsibilities can’t be avoided, especially if he has younger siblings under 18.

7. Expensive Lifestyle

Your boyfriend might be living beyond his means.

Some guys live fake lives to impress their friends even when their income doesn’t support it.

They buy expensive things to impress those around them.

If your boyfriend lives beyond his means, he would likely get into debt and struggle financially.

My Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially: When To Quit

8. He’s Lazy

my boyfriend is not financially stable

If you have a boyfriend struggling financially but lazy, you’re in trouble.

It’s difficult for a lazy man to get out of debt.

If your boyfriend prefers to stay at home and watch Netflix instead of working, you will likely bear the financial burden of the relationship.

He would keep asking you for money and turn you to his ATM because he’s lazy and doesn’t want to work.

If he’s a lazy boyfriend, you should quit before he puts you in a financial mess.

9. He Has No Vision

A guy without vision would only waste your time and use you financially.

Such guys want to depend on your income for survival.

If he has no plan for his life or vision to pursue, he won’t be able to escape his financial struggles.

It takes vision and determination to improve your finances.

Does he have a plan to transform his current financial situation, or is he hoping on chance?

You have to observe and be convinced that your boyfriend has a solid plan for the future, and he’s working tirelessly to achieve it.

10. He Doesn’t Listen To You

If your boyfriend doesn’t listen to you on financial issues and behaves as if your opinion doesn’t matter, that’s a red flag.

If he keeps buying expensive things to the detriment of his finances even after your advice, it means he doesn’t value your opinion.

For instance, If he squanders most of his income and you try to talk to him about budgeting, but he ignores you,

You should consider exiting the relationship because his spending habits would affect you later.

11. He Keeps Asking You For Money

Your boyfriend struggling with his finances is not the problem, but if he keeps asking you for money, that’s a problem.

Your boyfriend might start depending on you financially because he’s having money problems.

After all, having financial issues is a perfect excuse to ask you for money.

You might end up lending him lots of money, which he won’t repay.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially?

12. Offer Emotional Support

Men want a woman that would have their backs, someone they can rely on for emotional support; be that woman.

Support your boyfriend emotionally as he’s trying to fix his finances.

Encourage him with words, tell him you believe in him, and you know he will overcome.

Be his source of hope and inspiration through his financial struggles.

13. Beware Of External Interference

Your friends might pressure you to quit the relationship because your boyfriend is broke.

You have to be patient and allow him to sort out his finances.

Don’t be in a hurry to quit the relationship because he’s struggling with money.

Once upon a time, I was broke and struggling with my finances. My ex-girlfriend’s close friends encouraged her to quit the relationship or start double dating.

She chose the latter and started dating Harry, a guy in her neighborhood.

Eventually, I found out, and we broke up; today, I am no longer struggling financially, and my ex keeps trying for us to get back together, but I’m no longer interested.

Stick with your man if you believe he has vision and a determination to fulfill it.

14. Encourage Financial Literacy

Try and encourage him to take courses on how to manage personal finance.

You can also help him with budgeting if he has no experience with saving money.

Gifting him a personal finance book can convince him you care about his finances.

You can also encourage him to learn a new skill or improve his current skill to earn more.

15. Avoid Giving Him Money Consistently

You can give him money occasionally if he needs help.

What’s the importance of love if we can’t help those we love?

But be careful not to make him dependent on your income.

If you keep giving him money consistently because he’s struggling, he will soon get used to it and start acting like it’s your responsibility to take care of his bills.

Rather than give him money, see if you can help him make more money for himself so the burden would be off you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Good To Give Your Boyfriend Money?

It’s okay to give your boyfriend money occasionally if he needs it.

But to keep giving him is a bad idea because it might make him lazy and dependent on you.

Secondly, he might keep dating you because you give him money, not because he loves you.

How Can I Help My Boyfriend With His Finances?

Encourage him to get personal finance education

Convince him to start an online side hustle like affiliate marketing

Encourage him to upgrade his skills

Help him search for a better job.

Support him emotionally.

Should I Date A Man Who Is Not Financially Stable

Of course, you can date a man that is not financially stable.

Although money is important, it shouldn’t be the foundation of romantic relationships.

If you love him and he makes you happy, you shouldn’t miss out on him because he’s struggling financially.

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