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My Boyfriend Works But Never Has Money: 12 Hidden Facts

It’s frustrating dating a guy who goes to work every day, yet he doesn’t have money.

He might not even be able to support you financially.

But yet he claims he has a job but comes home with no pay.

I know you are getting tired of the relationship because it makes no sense that someone has a job yet no money.

He could even ask you for money sometimes despite the fact he has a job.

If your boyfriend works and has no money, this article is for you.

I would share the possible reasons why he’s always broke and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

My Boyfriend Works But Never Has Money: Why?

1. Low Income

My Boyfriend Works But Never Has Money

Your boyfriend will likely be broke if his job doesn’t pay well.

A lot of people have a job that only enables them to survive.

His salary might be very low, and if you take out expenses such as rent, food and transportation, nothing will be left.

Most men are already struggling with their finances due to the low income they earn from their jobs.

2. Overspending

Your boyfriend might be among those who live beyond their means.

That’s a recipe for getting into debt.

He might spend his salary buying expensive shoes, clothes and paying a car loan he can’t afford.

Many people live beyond their means, which puts them in debt and makes them not have any money.

Your boyfriend could be repaying the debt he incurred due to living an extravagant lifestyle.

He could be on loans being deducted from his salary until he comes home with nothing.

3. Poor Financial Management

Your boyfriend might need to improve at managing his finances.

Things like budgeting and financial planning might sound alien to him

He may be the kind of guy who only waits to receive his paycheck, spends everything, and then starts waiting for the next one.

He doesn’t have any financial plan, nor does he think of saving because he believes tomorrow will take care of itself.

Such a guy is always asking you for financial assistance and borrowing from you without paying back.

4. Job Insecurity

His job might be unstable, which makes it difficult for him to have money.

He might be a contract staff or working part-time, and his daily expenses might be more than his earnings.

If your boyfriend’s job is unstable, he would be scared to spend money.

5. Family Responsibility

Your boyfriend’s parents might be dependent on him financially.

He might be taking care of them and sending them money regularly, which can also affect his earnings.

He might also have younger siblings that he needs to support their education.

6. Addiction

my boyfriend doesn't make enough money

Your boyfriend could be spending his money on something that’s an addiction.

It could be alcohol or gambling, or anything that gets people addicted.

A guy addicted to gambling would spend all his money on it and still be looking for more money.

He can even borrow from you to fuel his addiction.

Try to know what he’s using his money for.

7. He’s Using You

Your boyfriend might be pretending to be broke to collect money from you.

Maybe he’s aware you earn more than him, and he wants to collect from you while he saves his salary for something else.

He could be using you for money and sees you as an ATM while he saves his money.

My Boyfriend Works But Never Has Money: How To Handle The Situation

8. Encourage Him To Create A Budget

my boyfriend is tight with money

The first thing is to encourage him to start budgeting so he would know where he’s spending most of his money.

Without a budget, your earnings can easily disappear, and you won’t have any trace.

It’s not only to create a budget. Your boyfriend needs to adhere to the budget strictly.

Many nice people fall into this trap. They become too generous until they go broke and beg others for assistance.

If he’s reluctant to create a budget, then you can create a budget with him and ensure he doesn’t spend necessarily.

9. Encourage Him To Save

One of the fastest ways to be poor and be in debt is to spend everything you earn.

You have to encourage him to save part of his income, no matter how small.

Some people refuse to save because they believe their salary is too small.

The truth is saving is a habit, and if you don’t save when it’s small, you won’t be able to save when your salary is big.

Convince him to open a dedicated account for saving. That way, he wouldn’t need to withdraw from it.

A guy that doesn’t save will not have any money if an emergency arises.

10. He Should Find Ways To Ways To Increase His Income

He can look for a new job that pays higher or work on creating multiple income streams.

With more sources of income, he can avoid the temptation to focus solely on the salary from his job.

Most people are starting side hustles online, helping them make extra income.

One of the most popular ones is affiliate marketing.

11. Be Supportive

It won’t be easy for your boyfriend to improve his finances. That’s why you need to support him.

A supportive girlfriend would motivate him to change his current financial situation.

But if you start to resent him because he doesn’t always have money, it would be a matter of time before the relationship hits the rocks.

Sit down with him and discover why he doesn’t always have money.

Understand his financial situation and then support him as he works on changing it.

If you have the connection, you can help him get a better job or buy an online business course to help change his finances.

Try and be patient as he works hard to better his finances.

12. Convince Him To Meet A Financial Advisor

Convince him to meet with a financial advisor and discuss his financial situation.

A financial advisor can give a unique insight into why he doesn’t have money despite a job.

Meeting with an advisor lets him know if he has a bad spending habit or needs more financial management.

Meeting a financial advisor can be expensive, but it’s worth it if you want him to be financially free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Date A Man Who Is Not Financially Stable?

Of course, you can date a man that is not financially stable because a relationship shouldn’t be primarily about money.

But it’s also important not to date a guy that would drain financially.

Even if the guy doesn’t have much, he should be able to manage his finances and not burden you.

He shouldn’t use his financial situation to extort money from you.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially?

If your boyfriend is struggling financially, you can do the following:

Support him in the best way possible

Encourage him to learn new things that would improve his income

Inspire him to start an online side hustle

Convince him to create a savings plan

Help him search for a job if he doesn’t have any.

Should I Help My Boyfriend Financially

Yes. But don’t make it a habit.

He might start using you financially if you’re always helping him with money.

He might refuse to work since you keep giving him money.

It’s not your responsibility to provide for him financially.

You can help your boyfriend when he needs it but don’t make it a habit.

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