i feel like my boyfriend is too good for me

My Boyfriend Is Too Good For Me: 9 Odd Reasons

My boyfriend is too good for me, if you’re thinking that way this article is for you.

Some years ago, I attended an event and saw a beautiful girl singing.

Her voice was electrifying, and I got attracted to her.

After the event, I chatted with her and got her number.

She told me her name was Felicia.

I called her immediately after I got home, and her voice was amazing.

We became friends afterwards and often called each other until I finally asked her out, and she said yes.

But there was a problem. Felicia always felt she wasn’t good enough for me, and no matter how I tried convincing her, it didn’t change her mindset.

She was always timid around me, and it got me worried.

The more I tried to bring her closer, the further she fled from me until we broke up.

Her mindset that I was too good for her ruined everything

If you are in a relationship with a guy and feel he’s too good for you, this article is for you.

I would share the possible reasons you feel that way and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

Why Do I Feel Like My Boyfriend Is Too Good For Me

1. You Have Issues With Self-Esteem

is he too good to be true

Most women who feel their boyfriend is too good for them often have issues with self-esteem and insecurity.

Maybe you do not feel beautiful or intelligent enough for him.

You could be in the midst of people praising your boyfriend for his intelligence, and you feel you don’t measure up.

You might have self-esteem issues because you grew up in an abusive environment devoid of love.

Your insecurity might propel you to sabotage the relationship because you feel you don’t deserve him and are better off without him.

2. You Had A Rough Past

If you’ve lived a rough life, you might feel your nice boyfriend is too good for you.

Maybe you’ve slept with many men and wish you kept yourself for him.

Or you’ve done so many wrong things in the past that you regret, and your boyfriend’s past is clean.

If you did bad things that you are ashamed of in the past, you might think you don’t deserve him.

3. External Pressure

Your friends who know your previous lifestyle might make you feel you don’t deserve your boyfriend.

When you have friends who know so much about you, they can keep reminding you he’s too good for you.

Having people who constantly remind you of your past can affect your self-esteem.

Your friends can tell you your boyfriend deserves a good girl, not a “bad” girl like you.

4. Comparing Yourself With Him

Maybe your boyfriend seems perfect and has his life together,

You might think he’s not on your level, making it difficult for you to communicate with him.

Comparing yourself with him can make you see how inadequate you are.

When he keeps getting promoted at his job while you are struggling at yours, it could make you feel he deserves someone better.

You would keep trying to meet up, and when you fail, you would think you are a failure and don’t deserve him.

5. Past Relationship Experience

my boyfriend is too cool for me

It’s often one of the major reasons why most women feel their boyfriend is too good for them.

If you’ve been in toxic relationships with guys that didn’t treat you right, you might feel your nice boyfriend is too good for you.

Being in an abusive relationship for a long time can affect your self-worth and make you feel you don’t deserve to be treated with respect.

I have a friend who has been in bad relationships with different guys.

When she finally met a good man, it was difficult for her to believe the relationship was real.

My Boyfriend Is Too Good For Me: How To Handle The Situation

6. Identify The Root Cause Of It

My Boyfriend Is Too Good For Me

Why do you feel he’s too good for you?

Finding out the source of your insecurities would help you to deal with it.

Whatever you think is the issue, write it down.

Ask yourself how to solve what’s making you think that way; you might want to consider therapy to help you deal with the negative self-talk before it ruins your relationship.

7. Communicate With Him

Sometimes what you need to stop feeling that way is for him to say you are worth it.

Hearing your man say you are the best thing that has ever happened to him can put your mind at ease and boost your self-esteem.

You have to tell him how you feel and hear his response.

Don’t be shy. Just let him know the kind of thoughts you’ve been having and how you’ve been struggling with self-doubt.

8. Avoid Comparing Yourself

One of the fastest ways to feel bad about yourself is to compare yourself to someone else.

You have to realize you are unique and have special skills that make you valuable.

Never compare yourself with someone and believe because you don’t have their ability, it means you are not good enough.

You might not have their ability, but you have your special ability, and if you develop it, you will be as successful as anyone you admire.

9. Focus On Self-Improvement

You will always feel your boyfriend is too good for you if you don’t work on yourself.

Self-improvement is not about you competing with him because a relationship is not competition.

Self-improvement is about improving your capacity and becoming the best version of yourself.

Work on improving your self-esteem and addressing your insecurities.

It could involve reading books, practicing self-care, or setting goals to achieve personal growth.

You have to be on a continuous journey of self-development because it would help the relationship and you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Is Too Good?

If you feel your boyfriend is too good and you’re getting scared, you can apply the following tips:

Reciprocate his kindness

Try not to take him for granted

Appreciate him often

Fully commit to the relationship

Celebrate him publicly

How Do I Know If My Boyfriend Is Good For Me?

The following are signs your boyfriend is too good for you:

He treats you with love and respect

You’re excited to be around him

He makes plans with you

He gives you his full attention

You have peace of mind in the relationship

I Feel Like My Boyfriend Is Too Good For Me, And I Don’t Know How To Stop Feeling Like That.

Work on your self-esteem: you’re likely having self-esteem issues if you feel he’s too good for you.

Read books and take courses on how to build healthy self-esteem.

You might sabotage the relationship if you don’t deal with the negative emotions.

You can also work on your self-esteem by engaging in positive self-talk, looking in the mirror and telling yourself, “I deserve the best.”

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