Why Do I Feel Shy Around My Boyfriend

Why Am I Shy Around My Boyfriend: 10 Hidden Facts

Why am I shy around my boyfriend? Many women experience it; so you’re not alone.

When you are in a new relationship, you might discover you are shy around your boyfriend.

It happens to most people at the early stages of the relationship,

Although it can also happen in a long-term relationship if you are trying to hide a part of yourself from him.

You could also be shy if your boyfriend wants you to try things you’ve not done before.

Whether you’re just starting your relationship or you’ve been in it for a while but shy around your boyfriend, this article is for you.

In this article, you will find out the possible reasons why you are shy and what to do about it.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

Why Am I Shy Around My Boyfriend?

1. It’s Your First Relationship

why am i shy around my boyfriend

If this is your first-ever relationship, you are bound to be shy.

You won’t know how to act around him or if your behaviour is acceptable.

Your first time being in love comes with many emotions that can’t be described with words.

I remember the first few months of dating my girlfriend; she was always shy around me.

She could hardly look me in the eye, and whenever she wanted to ask me for something, it wasn’t easy, unlike now that she’s so bold, like a lioness.

2. You Have Low Self-Esteem

If you have low self-esteem, it could be why you are shy around him.

Thinking you are not good enough for him or he’s doing you a favour by dating you would make you shy around him.

You would feel you don’t measure to his standard and hence be shy when he comes close to you.

Low self-esteem makes you feel you are not worth it, especially when he’s very successful.

3. Cultural Or Religious Beliefs

If you grew up in a strict Christian home where having a boyfriend wasn’t allowed, you might have issues when you finally have one.

It could make you shy because you have no experience relating to a guy romantically.

There are some Christian homes where they tell you having a boyfriend is wrong. When you finally have one, you will be shy because you are a rookie.

5. Personality Differences

how not to be shy around your boyfriend

You could have a personality that makes you naturally shy, even if you’ve dated your boyfriend for years.

It’s okay if you are the shy type; you have to ensure it doesn’t affect how you relate with your boyfriend.

Most shy people are often silent in relationships. They only speak when things have gone wrong.

Your boyfriend could be this bold, outspoken type, while you are the quiet and shy type.

6. You Don’t Trust Him

If you don’t trust him, you will be shy to tell him some things because you don’t know if his reaction will embarrass you.

Most times, during the early stages of a relationship, you don’t know the guy very well,

And you might be afraid to ask him certain things or be open to him in certain ways.

If you don’t trust him, you might not bring out your true self because you don’t know what might happen next.

How Can I Stop Being Shy Around My Boyfriend?

7. Find Out The Underlying Cause

First, ask yourself why you are shy around your boyfriend.

Try to dig deep and find out the underlying cause of why you are shy around him.

Check if the relationship is new, it’s your first, or you have issues with your self-esteem.

The first step to overcoming being shy around him is to know the cause then you can begin to work on the solution.

8. Communicate With Him

Your boyfriend would have noticed that you are shy around him.

That’s why you have to communicate your feelings with him officially.

He could help you gain confidence by saying things that would boost your self-esteem.

I know because you are shy around him, it would be difficult for you to have this conversation with him but brace yourself up and talk to him before he gets frustrated.

9. Give It Time

Getting more familiar with your boyfriend over time helps you to overcome being shy around him.

If your relationship is still very young, being shy is perfectly normal. You don’t know your boyfriend well, so being shy is okay.

But with time, you won’t be shy anymore and will be free to say what’s on your mind to him.

The longer you are in a relationship, the more confident you will become around him.

10. Practice Self-Love

why am i so shy around my boyfriend

If you are having issues with low self-esteem and that’s why you are shy around him, then you should practice self-love.

Low self-esteem would easily make a guy take advantage of you and use you for whatever he desires.

You need to have a voice, which can only come if you practice self-love and realize you are valuable and good enough for any guy.

You practice self-love by reading books and having friends who believe you are valuable and good enough.

Practicing self-love would help you overcome the feeling of inadequacy and overcome shyness in your relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Feel Shy About My Boyfriend?

The following are possible reasons why you’re shy of your boyfriend

It’s your first relationship

You recently started dating him

You feel he’s too good for you

What To Do When You Are Shy To Talk To Your Boyfriend?

Try and know him better: you will likely feel more at ease the longer you’re in a relationship with him.

If the relationship is new, you might feel shy because you don’t know him well.

With time you would be more comfortable around him and free to talk to him about anything on your mind.

Tell him you feel shy: inform him that you feel shy around him and you don’t know why it happens.

Such information would make him do his best to make you comfortable around him.

Is It Normal To Be Shy Around Your Boyfriend?

Of course, it’s normal, especially when the relationship is new or it’s your first.

You could also feel shy if you think he’s too good for you.

Being shy around your boyfriend often fades away with time and as you learn about his personality.

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