How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Need A Break

7 Subtle Ways On How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Need A Break

When you’re not feeling close to your boyfriend anymore, the last thing you want to do is tell him that.

You don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him feel guilty,

And you also don’t want him to start begging and pleading with you to keep things as they are.

You may need some time apart before things can get better again.

Sometimes you have to stay away from a guy to find out if you truly love him.

Here are some tips if you want to tell your boyfriend you need a break

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Need A Break

1. Know Why You’re Taking A Break

how to tell your boyfriend you want a break

Before you talk with your boyfriend, you need to know why you want to take a break.

Is it because of something he did? Is it because you’ve been fighting a lot lately?

Or is it because you need some time for yourself?

Once you know the reason, it’ll be easier to stick to your guns when he tries to convince you otherwise.

If you’re not sure what’s wrong but think you need a break from each other, then let him know,

You can tell him to give you some time to review the relationship.

Allow him to speak his mind during the conversation, so he doesn’t feel you consider his feelings.

2. Let Him Down Gently

The best way to tell your boyfriend you need a break is to let him down gently.

You don’t want to hurt his feelings, but you also don’t want to lead him on.

Be honest with him and explain that you need some time to yourself.

Tell him it’s nothing personal, and you still care about him.

Thank him for understanding, and give him a warm hug.

Only make promises about getting back together once you are sure.

When he asks if there’s someone else or if you’re bored with the relationship, reiterate that you just need space.

3. Don’t Hold Back

You’ve been together for a while, and things are starting to feel slightly off.

The passion is gone, and the relationship has become exhausting,

And you know you need a break, but you don’t know how to discuss it with your boyfriend.

Here’s how to tell him you need a break in the most effective way possible.

Choose a time when you’re both calm and not in an argument.

Let him know that neither of you did anything wrong; it’s just that the spark isn’t there anymore.

And for that reason, you would need a break to figure things out.

Understand that he may be shocked by your request and could get upset with you; this is normal, so try to remain calm.

4. Don’t Make Excuses

How to tell your boyfriend you need space without breaking up

You might be tempted to say, “I’m just really stressed out right now, and I need some time to figure things out.”

But making excuses will only make your boyfriend think you don’t want him anymore.

Tell him you need some time apart to figure out what you want.

Let him know it doesn’t mean you don’t love him anymore.

It just means that you both need space to grow as individuals.

If you start dating other people while you are on break with your boyfriend, let him know, so he doesn’t feel neglected or cheated.

Please don’t keep him hanging while you go out and start dating someone else.

When you feel you won’t get back together, let him know, so he doesn’t keep waiting for you or feel betrayed when he finds out.

5. Ask For What You Want

I need to break up with my boyfriend

It can be tough to tell your boyfriend that you need some time apart, but it’s important to be honest with him about your feelings.

Sit down with him and explain that you feel overwhelmed and need space.

Be clear about what you’re asking for – whether it’s a break from seeing each other or just taking a step back in the relationship.

Listen to his reaction and be willing to compromise if he’s not ready for a break; see if there’s another way to meet your needs.

Whatever you do, be assertive and honest with him about your feelings.

6. Define The Length Of The Break

Some people hide under the guise that they are on break with their boyfriend to pursue another relationship.

And when that relationship fails, they return to their boyfriend and pretend they’ve been using the break time to work on themselves.

My ex-girlfriend almost did the same thing to me.

She said we should go on break, but she was dating another guy and wanted to use the break period to explore the relationship.

I found out, and that was how the relationship ended.

Discuss with your boyfriend and define the length of time that you want for the break, and when the time elapses,

Inform your boyfriend if you are coming back or not.

Ensure your intentions for wanting a break is genuine and not for any selfish reasons.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It OK To Ask For A Break In A Relationship?

It depends on the situation.

You can take a break if you feel you are being suffocated or your needs are not met in the relationship.

If you’ve tried to make your boyfriend listen to you on crucial issues,

But he refused, then it’s okay to take a break and review the relationship.

But if you want to take a break to start a new relationship or explore other guys and not feel guilty, it means you are taking a break for selfish reasons.

How Long Should A Break In A Relationship Last?

Taking a break is a time to figure out what might be wrong in the relationship and how to fix it.

A break without ulterior motives should be between one to six weeks; anything more than that can be considered a breakup.

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Need Space Without Breaking Up?

Tell him why you need space: most guys would immediately get terrified when you ask for space.

Your boyfriend can easily interpret it wrongly and believe you are asking for a breakup.

Communicate what you mean to him,

Tell him why you need the space and how long it would last.

Let him know if there are additional terms like “no contact” for the period you need the space.

Explain the benefits: tell him how taking time apart would help the relationship.

He might think you are asking for space because you want to use it as an excuse to break up.

You should explain to him why taking a break would help the relationship.

Let him know you love him: asking your boyfriend for space can hurt his self-esteem and bring doubt to his heart.

You have to remind him of your love and loyalty to the relationship.

What To Tell Your Boyfriend When You Need A Break

I understand telling your boyfriend you need space can hurt him,

You can use the words below to tell him you need a break and that you are sorry if your actions hurt him.

“I’m sorry for how this might hurt you, but I think it’s time we took a break.

We’ve been together for a while now, and I need time to figure out who I am without you. I hope you can understand.

I still care about you and want to be friends, but I need some space right now. Please don’t try to contact me for a while, as it’ll only make this harder.

I’m sorry again for the pain this might cause, but it’ll be better for both of us in the long run. Good luck in everything, and I hope we can talk soon.”

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