i have a bf but i like someone else

I Have A Boyfriend But I Like Someone Else: 5 Crazy Facts

On June 6, 2015, I caught my girlfriend cheating.

It was a shocking discovery because I trusted her.

But the truth was while she was in a romantic relationship with me, she had romantic feelings for another guy.

It didn’t take long for her to start dating him too.

I later found out about her other relationship, and we broke up.

If you have a boyfriend but you have romantic feelings for another guy, this article is for you.

But first, let’s discover what’s making you fall for the other guy.

I Have A Boyfriend But I Like Someone Else: Why Are You Feeling That Way

1. Lack Of Communication

I Have A Boyfriend But I Like Someone Else

When there’s a lack of communication in a relationship, it’s easy for you to start resenting him.

Some issues wouldn’t be resolved if you can’t effectively communicate with each other.

For instance, he keeps asking you for money, and you don’t like it, but you refuse to communicate it to him because you think he will stop soon, but he doesn’t.

If you can’t communicate your grievances to him, you will start to resent him.

When another guy comes along that seems to have his life together, you might have romantic feelings for him.

If your boyfriend is doing something you don’t like, inform him about it ASAP; otherwise, it will affect your feelings for him.

2. He Doesn’t Have Certain Qualities You Want

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t have your desired qualities, and the new guy has it.

Your boyfriend might be short in height or broke, and the new guy has all the qualities you need.

Maybe you accepted your boyfriend because he was nice, and your friends told you a guy couldn’t have it all.

But the new guy has everything you want, and you can’t help feeling something for him.

I have a friend that was dating a girl studying pharmacy in college. He did his best for the relationship to work, but it failed,

His girlfriend fell in love with her classmate, and when they graduated, they got married.

He later found out she wanted a more educated guy than her boyfriend (he only attended high school), and she found it in her classmate.

3. You Have Issues With Your Willpower.

i have a boyfriend but i like another guy

No matter how disciplined you are, you will soon start having feelings for a guy you hang out with constantly.

Many people who thought they were strong could not resist the temptation of falling for a guy they always hung out with.

You let your feelings for the other guy develop.

You might have thought it was harmless at first, but now you’ve realized the opposite.

The constant phone calls, chatting and visiting each other have made you have romantic feelings for the other guy that’s beginning to affect your relationship.

You are supposed to cut him off the moment you notice you are beginning to get close to each other,

But you probably didn’t have the willpower to cut things off before it reached this point.

I Have A Boyfriend But I Like Someone Else: What To Do About It.

4. Don’t Act On The Feeling Of The Other.

I have a boyfriend but I keep thinking about another guy

It’s a feeling. Please don’t act on it because you don’t know the new guy

There might be more about his personality that you are yet to learn.

If you are too quick to end your current relationship because of the new guy, you might regret it later.

The new guy might want something other than a relationship. He may want to sleep with you and dump you.

You don’t know him or his intentions towards you.

Give yourself time to be sure about your feelings, whether love or infatuation.

My ex-girlfriend left me and went for the other guy that promised her the sun and the moon, only to use her and dump her.

After wasting her time for about five years and cheating on her with several women, he finally left her and married someone else.

Who she thought he was that made her leave me was not who he truly was.

Be careful, and don’t be in haste to make a decision.

Get to know the other guy; you might not even be attracted to the new guy anymore after you find out some things about him.

5. Break Up With Your Boyfriend.

If you believe the new guy is right for you, then it’s only fair that you break up with your boyfriend.

But tell him why you are breaking up. Please don’t make him guess what he did wrong.

Tell him you like someone else and don’t want to cheat on him; it would make him respect you for your honesty.

But ensure you are confident that the new guy is the right choice to avoid regrets later.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do If I Like Someone Else When I Have A Boyfriend?

There are a few things you can do they are listed below:

Please Don’t Act On It

It’s just a feeling, and it could pass away with time.

Remember all the people you had feelings for, and nothing happened.

What you feel for the other guy might be infatuation which doesn’t last.

Take time to be sure of your feeling and do your best to cut off communication with the new guy, and use that time to figure out what you want.

Work On Your Commitment Level.

The truth is you would always meet guys better than your boyfriend.

That’s where discipline and commitment to stick to your relationship come in.

The ability to say NO and stay with your boyfriend would help you avoid many guys who want to use you.

Your discipline helps you put your emotion in check, work more on your willpower and have a strong resolve to be faithful to your relationship.

Can You Love Your Boyfriend And Like Someone Else?

Of course, you can love your boyfriend and be attracted to someone else.

But the most important thing is not acting on that attraction and being committed to your relationship despite what you feel for the other guy.

With time the feeling might fade away if you don’t feed it.

Why Am I Thinking Of Someone Else When I Have A Boyfriend?

You are bored and lonely

Your relationship lack communication

He doesn’t have some qualities you need

Your current relationship needs direction.

You are currently resenting your boyfriend.

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