should i leave my boyfriend because he's broke

Should I Leave My Boyfriend Because He’s Broke? 8 Things To Know

Should I leave my boyfriend because he’s broke? ladies often ask me this question a lot; that’s why I wrote this article

But first, let me share a true-life story.

In 2015 my girlfriend cheated on me. It was a very bitter and sad experience.

When I confronted her, she wasn’t remorseful about it. Instead, she said we should break up.

My ex left me for a guy she always said they were “just friends.”

She gave me a funny excuse why she felt we should end the relationship after I caught her cheating.

I later discovered from her friend that the major reason my ex left was that I was broke, and it didn’t seem as if things would change anytime soon.

I was heartbroken when I heard that, but she was right. I was broke and couldn’t afford the gifts the other guy was giving her.

I couldn’t take her out to the places she wanted, and there were not many fun activities to do that didn’t involve money.

The relationship was quite boring because when you are broke, you become boring.

I only knew that I loved her with all of my heart, although I was broke.

Eventually, she left to be with the other guy.

It didn’t take long after she left that I made my first dollar online, and the rest, they say, is history.

If you’ve been thinking about “should I leave my boyfriend because he’s broke,” this article is for you.

This article shares practical tips on when to leave a broke guy and when to stay with him.

If you are ready, hop on, and let’s take a ride.

Should I Leave My Boyfriend Because He’s Broke: When To Leave Him

1. He’s Broke And Doesn’t Want To Work

dating a man who is not financially stable

If your boyfriend is broke and doesn’t want to work but expects you to take care of him, then it’s okay to leave him (except he has a medical condition that prevents him from working)

When you are at work, and he’s at home watching movies on Netflix, such an attitude might not change soon.

A lazy guy would not easily change even when you get married.

If he likes to sit at home all day doing nothing and making no effort to do something that would change his financial status, it’s best to walk away.

There’s a limit you can take with a lazy guy before you get frustrated.

If he’s lazy and unwilling to work even after you’ve confronted him, leave him.

2. He Spends His Money Irresponsibly

When he spends most of his money on buzz and parties with friends and then comes to you broke, that’s not a good sign.

If he continues to be reckless with his finances and always wants you to bail him out despite your warnings, you should leave him.

If he spends all he has on others without saving and then becomes broke until the next paycheck, that’s enough reasons to leave him.

A responsible guy should be able to manage his finances so that he would have some to spend and some to save for the rainy days.

3. He’s Always Asking You For Money

If you have a guy that’s always asking you for money like you are his mom, that’s a red flag.

The truth is you are not responsible for his finances. Some guys would even get angry when you refuse to give them the money.

They might even start calling you names or refuse to talk to you. That’s narcissistic behavior. If you have such a guy, you should leave.

A serious guy would not push his financial responsibility on you and then relax and do nothing.

It would be best if you were not with a guy who has an entitlement mentality about your finances. He’s not worth it.

4. He’s Not Open About His Finances

If you have a guy that’s always complaining that he’s broke but not open about his finances, that’s a red flag.

He could be using being broke as an excuse to collect money from you.

If a man is broke but honest with his finances and how he spent the money, then he’s a guy that’s thinking of a future with you.

If he keeps saying he’s broke but secretive about his finances then beware.

Should I Leave My Boyfriend Because He’s Broke: When To Stay

5. Hard-working But Struggling

my boyfriend is struggling financially

If a guy is hard-working but struggling financially, that’s a man to be with.

If he works very hard and is determined to create a better future for himself, the best you can do is support him.

It’s not easy to find a man that is genuinely working hard to change his financial situation. Most are lazy, looking for a lady that would better their life.

If your man is hard-working, that’s a sign he won’t be broke for long.

6. He Has Vision, and He’s Determined to Achieve It

Not all hard-working men have a vision. Some are just hard-working without direction.

It’s great if your boyfriend is hard working it’s also very important if he has vision even if he’s broke.

Where does he see himself in the next five years?

What are his strategies for achieving financial stability?

How current is he in terms of the changes due to technology?

For your guy to be worth staying with, he needs to have a clear vision of where he’s going and how he will get there.

7. He Treats You Like A Queen

Of what use is a rich guy that treats you like trash.

Many ladies wouldn’t mind, but if you have healthy self-esteem, you won’t take such abuse.

Even if your boyfriend is broke and treats you like a queen, he’s worth staying with.

Does he respect and value your contributions to his life, or does he treat you like you are part of why he’s broke and gets mad at you for everything.

If you are not treated well and the guy is also broke, he’s not worth your time.

8. He Has Financial Intelligence

my boyfriend works but never has money

To be free from being broke, you need financial intelligence.

Understand budgeting, savings, investing, and income forecast to develop strategies for financial stability.

Does your boyfriend have financial intelligence? If he doesn’t have it, he might be broke for a long time.

If he has financial intelligence, he’s worth staying with.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Struggling Financially?

You can apply a few strategies if your boyfriend is struggling financially; they are listed below.

Support Him: this is when he needs your support the most in terms of physical and emotional support. Being broke can affect your well-being.

Be Patient: if your boyfriend has the qualities listed above, it’s only a matter of time before his finances turn around for the better, and he will be financially stable.

Encourage Him To Pursue His Dreams: it’s very easy to develop low self-esteem and give up on your dreams when you are broke.

The same might be your boyfriend’s situation right now. You have to encourage him to pursue his dream with courage, and soon he will no longer be broke.

Help Him Start A Side Hustle: In the internet age, it’s very easy to start an online side hustle that would help if you are struggling financially.

So many people have been able to start an online business on the side and use it to achieve financial freedom.

If you wonder how your boyfriend can start an online side hustle, becoming a live chat assistant is the easiest way.

It’s the fastest way to get started and earn extra income too.

Should I Continue To Be With My Boyfriend? He’s Everything I Ever Want, But He’s Broke?

It depends. It’s not a crime to be broke; very few people have rich parents; most of us have to grind consistently to get something out of life.

There are key questions that need to be answered

1. Is he lazy or hard-working?

2. Is he flexible in learning new things?

3. Does he spend his money irresponsibly and then become broke?

4. Does your guy drain you financially, and he’s always asking for money

5. Does he keep secrets about his finances and wants to know everything about yours

All these are questions you need to answer, and the decision to leave or stay becomes easier

Should I Dump My Boyfriend Because I Make More Money Than Him?

If the relationship is about money, then dump him because a relationship should be based on love, not who has more money.

As long as he makes you happy and can take care of his daily expenses, it’s not fair to dump him because you earn more.

Imagine if he was the one that wanted to dump you because he makes more money.

How would that make you feel?

Relationships should be based on love, although money is very important.

You can read about the experiences of other women that earn more than their boyfriends and how they managed the situation here.

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