8 Exciting Texts To Send Your Ex To Get Him Back

You and your ex recently broke up, and you’re starting to regret it already.

You miss him all the time, but you’re scared he has moved on and won’t want to get back together with you.

Still, you can’t help feeling that there’s still hope to get back together with him if only you had the right thing to say or text to send!

These seven texts to send your ex should do the trick!

If you are ready to find out what they are, let’s dive in

7 Texts To Send Your Ex To Get Him Back

1. The Apology Text (If You Hurt Him)

Texts To Send Your Ex To Get Him Back

The first thing you need to do is apologize, not in person, but in a text message.

Don’t say I’m sorry, and don’t get into an explanation of why you did what you did: there will be plenty of time for that later if he wants it.

Keep it simple, something like “Can we talk? I need to apologize.”

Not only will a text like that cut through any awkwardness between you two (at least right now), but it’ll give him something else to focus on.

You can save your explanations until you see each other again.

2. The I Miss You Text (After No Contact)

You’re not going to tell him how much you miss him or ask him where things went wrong or anything like that,

You’re just going to tell him how much you miss his company.

Something short and sweet, like “Hey, I know we broke up, but I thought about our last date at XYZ restaurant. It was so much fun!”

Then leave it at that. No pressure, no expectations.

Just let it sit out there until your ex responds. Maybe he won’t respond at all, or maybe he will!

3. The Shock Text (If He Hurt You)

Assuming that he had been cheating on you (if you did find out) and you’re over your initial heartbreak,

You can send him a text about how hurtful his behavior was.

How could he do that to someone who loved him so much?

If he still cares about you, he will want to make things right.

Don’t text something like I can’t believe I trusted you! I thought we were in love!

That’s not going to change anything; it might encourage him not to respond.

Instead, could you keep it simple? Like “how could you do that? You promised me everything! but yet hurt me.”

Then sit back and wait for him to reply.

He may say he didn’t mean it or apologize, but even if he doesn’t, at least you said what needed to be said.

Your ex reaction should make you ask yourself whether you want him back or if it would be better to move on with your life.

4. The Funny Text

“Hey, I was thinking about you. No, really! What? It’s true! I was wondering what you were up to tonight. Want to hang out?”

Or, if you’re feeling less saucy: “Hey there. How have you been? Miss seeing your face around.”

Many people like a good joke in their text messages,

And it works especially well with someone who knows and likes your sense of humor.

Just make sure it’s funny; if not, it can come off as silly or rude.

If you do go for a joke, keep it lighthearted and positive.

Nothing is worse than trying to get back together with someone only to realize your ex still carries an old grudge against you.

5. The Emojis Text

What to say to him to make him come back

Emojis have evolved beyond simple smiley faces.

You can even use them in your romantic texts if you do it right.

Emojis that might be useful include: a broken heart, flowers, and a wine glass (so they know you mean business), amongst others.

The important thing is to use them appropriately and sparingly!

If you overuse emojis, it will come across as forced or insincere.

Make sure you only send an emoji when something truly warrants one.

Please don’t send any emojis of a sexual nature to your ex when you are trying to get him back.

In general, don’t overuse emojis because they will appear immature and desperate.

If used correctly, they can help convey what you want to say with just one click!

6. The Positive Text

One of my favorite texts to send your ex to get him back.

It takes courage, but you have to put your pride aside and focus on your goal, getting him back.

Sending him a positive text message shows that you’re moving forward and happy with your life.

It shows you’re on an upswing, but it also says that you’re not sitting around pining for him,

Or trying to get back together just because you miss his company.

Instead, you’re ready to move on without him and are excited about starting fresh without someone who broke your heart.

This text also conveys confidence and strength and hints at why he should want to be with you again.

For example, “I know we can work things out in time, but I need some space for now. I still care about you!”

7. The Nonchalant Text

A little bit of spontaneity goes a long way toward getting your ex-boyfriend back.

To make him see that you’re not trying too hard, send him a text that’s so off-the-cuff that it seems like you don’t even care.

But if you do it right, he’ll pick up on some underlying meaning and maybe even respond!

Let him know that you’ve been thinking about him by saying something like “I’m watching our favorite program on TV. Just thought I’d say hi”

The casual tone is important here.

You could also mention an upcoming event or something else in your life as a conversation starter (if he responds).

8. The No-Contact Text

what to text your ex after no contact

It would help if you weren’t afraid of silence; it’s an important part of a healthy relationship.

It can be downright romantic. There are still times when you should respond with a text, such as if your ex asks you a question or if he wants to talk.

When you feel like getting back together with your ex and trying again,

Send him one non-inflammatory text that encourages him to initiate contact so you can continue speaking and sort out any lingering issues together.

An example: “I miss being able to talk and spend time with you. If you ever want to catch up on things, I am always here for you. Hope you are doing great, [Your Name]”

The no-nonsense follow-up text: Sometimes, people need a little push to get started talking about their feelings.

So, after sending your first no-contact text, wait two days before sending another one that reiterates how much you care about them and would love to get back together.

An example: “You know how much I care about us reconnecting; let me know if you want to talk more.”

It’s important not to appear to your ex that you are desperate for a comeback or attention; leave him alone if he doesn’t respond after two texts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Him Want You Back

There are a few techniques you can apply to get him back; they are listed below:

1. Obey the no contact rule.

2. Find out if your ex-boyfriend is in a new relationship; if he is, then move on; if not, continue with the next point.

3. Apologize and take responsibility for your mistakes that led to the breakup.

4. Upgrade yourself and develop into the woman he can’t ignore.

5. Calmly bring the issues that led to the breakup and try to resolve them

6. You can send him a message to remind him of the good times together

7. Take things slowly, and don’t be in a rush to start over

What To Text Your Ex After No-Contact

Before you text your ex after no contact, you must obey the following rule.

Rule 1: Text Your Ex At A Reasonable Time

Your first text after no contact should not be sent late at night or during working hours for him not to see you as lonely or desperate.

It would be best if you texted right after dinner or before working hours to increase your chance of getting a response.

Rule 2: Make Sure The Text Is Short And Sweet

You mustn’t send a long and boring text detailing how sad you are that the relationship ended.

Have a valid reason for contacting your ex or you might get ignored or appear desperate.

Send a very short and sweet text with no strings attached to initiate a conversation.

Rule 3: Avoid Negative Topics

Like in rule 2, avoid texting your ex that you are miserable without him or that none of your past relationships have worked.

It might make you look desperate and would likely get you ignored.

Rule 4: Build A Friendly Rapport With Him

After the no contact, the goal of the text is not to start a relationship right away.

The goal is to build friendship, and everything else will fall in place with time.

You need to realize that the text’s goal is to build rapport and create an opportunity for friendship.

Examples Of Text To Send After No Contact

Remember Trigger Text

In this text, you trigger his memory about an event that both of you had experienced.

Examples Of Remembrance Trigger Text

“Hey, can you help me with the name of the movie we watched the last x-mas

You remember the one with an elf? I want to watch it again tonight? It was a hilarious movie”

Guru Text

The guru text is used to stroke his ego as an expert in a particular area.

Example Of A Guru Text

“Hey you, it’s been a while, this is totally random but you were always so amazing at interior design

Can you recommend the best table for dining area? I would send you two pieces I was thinking of?? Thanks for your help”


“I know you are the god of Facebook ads, and I am starting an ecommerce business with a friend.

Can you help us set things up?? I would appreciate it.”

Good Reminder Text

The good reminder text is used to remind him of something positive about him, like his perfume or dressing style.

Example Of A Good Reminder Text

Hey, I passed by a guy in the mall that wore your favorite perfume

I thought it was you turns out it wasn’t. Glad I didn’t embarrass myself, Ha-ha

Hope you are doing great?


So, what are you waiting for? Start sending him texts now! Chances are he still likes you.

He might reply and perhaps even realize he made a mistake by leaving in the first place.

Whatever happens, remember you are amazing and deserve the best. Follow these steps, go out there, and get that man back. Good luck.

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