My Boyfriend Doesn't Text Me Much Anymore

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Me Much Anymore: 5 Crazy Reasons

Did he stop texting?

Perhaps, you’re saying:

“My boyfriend doesn’t text me much anymore.”

This article is specifically for you if you’ve experienced (or experiencing) these moments where…

You’re waiting for a text message from your boyfriend that would excite you or that he’s thinking of you.

But right now, your phone is blank.

There’s no message.

Your boyfriend isn’t giving you that validation that you’re looking for.

And the result is that you’re anxiously waiting.

Why isn’t he texting me?

Is it okay that my boyfriend doesn’t text me as much as he used to?

If these sound like conversations in your head, you’re not alone.

In this article, I’ll show you what to do when a guy stops texting you.

And more importantly, the type of texts to send that would move your relationship forward.

But first, let’s look at the reasons why he stops texting you.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Me Much Anymore: 5 Possible Reasons Why

1. He’s Become Comfortable

if a guy doesn't text you for a week

Maybe you’re thinking: “he hasn’t texted me all day.”

Well, he may be feeling settled in the relationship.

Let me explain…

When women say that their boyfriends do not text them as much anymore, this is one of the most common reasons.

It’s important to recognize that the early phases of dating are filled with intense excitement.

The excitement you feel when you’re just getting to know someone drives both partners, males, in particular, to continue pursuing their women.

However, when the connection develops, and both partners settle in, things change.

Now that he’s settled in the relationship, your man feels completely secure.

He feels confident in the relationship, and believes a chase isn’t necessary anymore.

And his daily activities should be given priority.

Now, you must realize that this attitude isn’t a sign that something is wrong with your relationship.

Additionally, it doesn’t imply that he dislikes messaging you or being around you.

It simply indicates that you two have developed a certain level of understanding of one another,

And that he no longer feels the need to try to get your attention constantly.

But don’t worry, in a moment, I’m going to show you what to send to get him to fall in love with texting you again.

However, you must understand that this phase is typical in virtually all relationship.

When the initial phase of infatuation fizzles out, your boyfriend feels at ease and settles into a routine as opposed to the initial phase of a crazy chase.

2. Your Boyfriend Needs Space

When a guy stops texting you every day, this could be the reason.

We frequently feel as though we need some breathing space when stressed by how quickly things are occurring in our relationship or our lives.

Men tend to miss the manly independence and freedom they once had, even though they are devoted to someone.

Yes, every man desires some independence or space as appropriate.

Because of this, if your partner wants some alone time, he can stop communicating with you and try to focus on something else outside you.

Your man wants to make sense of his ideas, feelings, and current events.

You must constantly give your boyfriend the space he needs for this reason.

He will feel less constrained if you give him some room to breathe and space to miss you.

As a result, once he has the privacy he desires, he returns to normal, misses you once more, and resumes texting, calling, and messaging you regularly.

3. He’s Losing Interest

Perhaps, you’re saying, “He likes me but takes forever to text back.”

It may be because he’s started to lose interest.

This is the worst thing a woman could ever imagine.

If your boyfriend stops texting you as frequently as he used to, it can be an indication that he is losing interest in you.

Yes, many guys stop texting their partners when they lose interest in them.

They become frustrated, bored, and eager to get the conversations over with as soon as possible.

You should be aware, though; that a decrease in texting doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is becoming less interested in you.

Even so, it should serve as a reminder to monitor your relationship and begin looking for additional potential red flags.

But if a guy doesn’t text you for a week or more, chances are he’s lost interest.

4. He May Be Busy With Work

Why isn’t he texting me?

Whatever our opinions may be, love only makes up a portion of our everyday life.

We consequently discover that we frequently have far less time for our love lives as life-related responsibilities start to take precedence.

Do you know if your boyfriend is putting his attention on a new area of his life?

Is he about to sign up for a new course? Does he have new responsibility at the office?

Did he recently assume some familial obligations? Has he got any family or money problems?

You can see that a bunch of other issues occasionally may take priority and keep us preoccupied.

Consequently, there is a reasonable likelihood that the shift in your man’s texting habits is the result of his recent schedule.

Due to his increased commitment in other areas of his everyday life,

He no longer spends a lot of time texting you because he has fewer time to concentrate on his romance life.

5. He’s A Player

He doesn't talk to me much anymore

Even though this is a rare occurrence, it may also be a factor to consider.

Only a small number of men are genuinely interested in a relationship while they are chasing you.

Once you two commit to one another and the chase is over, these men start hunting for other women and start looking for someone new.

Guys that are players will usually bombard you with constant attention each day,

And if you start to fall for them, they will start to play games.

This is also a frequent scenario in unhealthy relationships,

Where toxic guys love-bomb you at first before starting to withdraw himself as the relationship progresses.

Whatever the reason, if your boyfriend is a player, he can start pulling away and text less often.

Now that we know some common reasons why your boyfriend doesn’t text you as much anymore, let’s address the next question.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Me Much Anymore: What Should I Do?

6. Give Him Some Space

How long should I wait to text him back after he ignored me?

Give him some breathing room.

In other words, press the pause button if your mind is starting to freak out.

If it’s been two days you haven’t heard from him,

Give it at least four to five days before you text back –especially if you’re the last person who texted him.

So, beware of double texting.

Give him some breathing room to decide what he really wants.

Put differently; breathing room helps to ignite his desire for you.

It helps him miss you. It helps him wonder about you.

And all of that stuff is great for his masculine energy and helps drive his attraction for you.

Please understand that there’s no hard and fast rule to this to giving him space.

But three or four days is a good guideline.

However, if it goes longer than ten days, that isn’t him missing you; that’s him forgetting about you.

7. Come From A Place Of Love Abundance.

Remember this:

Every communication you have with him carries your energy.

So, your energy will either come from a place of desperation or a place of choice.

Now, a high-value woman is a selective woman.

Is a woman who lets a man try to earn her choosing him… because she is in a powerful place – choosing who she wants to be with.

So, remind yourself that you’re that woman.

You’ve got a lot of opportunities.

A lot of guys to choose from, even if there aren’t in your immediate vicinity right now…

Because I know sometimes, dating can be challenging. Finding someone can be tricky.

Any text you send coming from this mindset will carry different energy and would feel different to him when he reads it.

And this brings me to step 3.

Send Him The Resuscitation Text

when a guy stops texting you everyday

I love this concept because it’s the kind of text to find out if there’s any life left in the connection.

If there’s anything left to explore…

You’re sending this from a place of confidence. Here’s what you send him…

“Hey, I’d love your opinion on something…”

And this is brilliant because men love to be respected.

In fact, one of our greatest needs is to have our thoughts respected, and there’s no greater way to do this than to ask for his opinion.

Send him the text and leave it at that.

He’d probably text back and say, “What’s up?”

Then, you write this, “My girlfriends and I were debating what the most attractive aspects of a woman in your opinion”

Here’s why this is brilliant…

You get to access the quality of his answers –whether or not he is the quality of the guy you want to be with.

If he starts talking about butts and boobs, then tell him thanks for his input and move on.

But if he starts talking about a woman’s quality, something a bit deeper, higher nature,

Then you can explore more with him and ask for clarification and continue the conversation.

Chances are, he might even ask you to tell him what you find most attractive in a guy.

So, this text naturally builds attraction because anytime we talk about what we’re attracted to, we begin to invoke those natural feelings.

It puts you in a place of being empowered.

Frequently Asked Question

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Text You?

Here are a few things to do:

1. Don’t freak out

2. Give him space (two to three days preferably)

3. Initiate a text or call from a place of love abundance

Should I Be Concerned That My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text Me Much Anymore?

I know freaking out comes naturally for many of us -especially when we like the guy.

It’s easy to play scenarios in our heads. Like, why isn’t he texting back?

Is he still interested in me? Why is he ignoring me? Is he dating someone else?

You may even start to check your phone with the hope of getting a text reply or even a call.

But the more you wait, the more anxious you become.

I want you to understand that there might be multiple reasons he isn’t texting you back. And a lot of times, it has nothing to do with you.

You mustn’t beat yourself up and keep worrying about what he might be doing and with whom.

If My Boyfriend Doesn’t Text And Talk Much, Does It Mean He Is Not Interested?

Not really.

There could be a lot of reasons why he isn’t texting as much as he used to.

If you’ve read this article, you’ve already gotten the needed answer. If not, read through.

My Boyfriend Goes Several Days Without Talking To Me. He Won’t Text Me That He’s Busy Until I Text First. I Ask Him If He Wants To Break Up, And He Gets Mad At Me For Asking That. What Should I Do?

First, asking a guy if he wants to break up with you after a few days of not texting you back puts him on the defensive.

That isn’t the best solution…Even though the guy seems to be an emotionally immature person.

However, nobody is too busy to text; he’s not giving you his attention right now.

Again, you have to stop asking if he wants to breakup with you. Stop projecting your fears and insecurities on him.

Is My Relationship Over If He Doesn’t Text Me As Much Anymore?

Absolutely not!

There are several reasons why a guy might stop texting as much as he used to.

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