How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Miss Him Through Text

40 Exciting Ways On How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Miss Him Through Text

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Miss Him Through Text

Don’t know how to tell your boyfriend you miss him through text?

I’d be the first to admit, long-distance is difficult.

When you’re far from your boyfriend, all the lyrics about ‘missing you’ suddenly make a lot of sense.

Ever felt emptiness in your soul because of physical distance?

You’re not alone.

There are moments when you just want to curl up beside your boyfriend and inhale his smell.

In such moments, try to send your man super-adorable emotional missing you messages for him. In a charming way, tell your boyfriend you’re missing him through text.

But, how to tell someone you miss them is hard for many women because they don’t know what to say.

That’s why I want to share some “I miss you texts” you can send him.

So, this article is just for you if this is what you’re looking for.


15 Cute On How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Miss Him Through Text

1. “Missing You Right Now”

How to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way

This is one sweet missing you message you can send.

For me, it’s all about simplicity. Instead of sending a lengthy message, simply tell your boyfriend you miss him.

You could even send an emoji if you’re feeling extra playful.

2. “I Know It’s Goofy, But I’m Already Missing You.”

It’s all too easy to become preoccupied with how others will react.

However, texting “I miss you” to your boyfriend shouldn’t be dependent on him. Whenever you’re feeling emotional, express yourself – let it out.

3. “I’m Craving Your Neck Massages Because I’m Experiencing A Severe Headache. I Wish You Were Here With Me!”

Expressing that you miss something your boyfriend is good at shows you’re thinking of them and remember his positive attributes.

4. “I Was Laughing Like A Fool As I Read Through Our Old Chat. Some Friends Thought I Was Stupid.”

There’s something about old chat. It brings back a lot of memories –the good, bad and ugly.

Reminiscing about the good old days is an excellent way to express the extent you miss your boyfriend and the time you spend thinking about him. You can make him smile by showing him some of your old chats.

This is also a fun approach to recalling and joking about your first date or funny moments.

5. “I Wish I Could Cuddle Next To You And Catch Up On What We’ve Been Up To.”

This is an ideal “missing my boyfriend” text message to send when you’re craving him after such a long day, and all you want is spooning.

Most couples eagerly anticipate engaging in activities like this at the end of each day.

However, the greatest approach on how to let someone know you miss them when you’re apart is to express your longing for them as honestly as you can.

6.“ Without You Here, The Celebration Seems Incomplete.”

Wondering how to tell your boyfriend you miss him through text…

One of my dating texting tips is to use this method of communicating frequently to spice things up and keep your messages from sounding monotonous and dull.

Rather than say, “I miss you,” over and over, tell him that crucial life moments and celebrations seem dull and incomplete without him.

7. “All I Need Is A Hug From You To Get Me Through The Day.”

How to show a man you love him through text

When you’re having a bad day – particular at the office, nothing except his loving arms can be comforting. And, just a hug from the man you love can work wonders.

All you have to do is message him that you need a warm hug, and he will definitely send you some. He doesn’t have to be there with you.


8. “Though You’re Not Here, Your Morning Message Makes My Days Brighter.”

How do you tell your boyfriend you love and miss him?

When your love for each other is deep, distance doesn’t count.

Besides, what better approach to build your connection than to tell your man that he occupies your mind first thing every morning?

This is a lovely way to let him know that you miss him much and that being apart from someone doesn’t matter when they are important to you.

So, that’s a beautiful way you tell your boyfriend you miss him over text.

9. “I Wish I Could Give You A Goodnight Kiss Right Now.”

What is the best way to tell someone you miss them? By sending him cute, I miss you messages like this one.

I’m guessing that your boyfriend might reply, “very soon, my love, very soon.”

There is no sweeter way to let him know you miss him. He must feel so special to know that you think of him right before you lay your head down for the night.

10. “I Would Like For You To Be The First To Know About Something That Happened Today.”

Regardless of the barrier, you want to discuss all significant life events first with your boyfriend. Everything else can wait.

Knowing that he is the first person you talk to about problems in life gives him a sense of safety, importance, and security in the relationship.

11. “On A Chilly Winter Morning, I Miss The Warmth Of Your Hands Against Mine.

I miss him so much.

Should I tell him I miss him?

What can I say instead of I miss you?

Well, there are many things you can say besides, ‘I miss you.” Like “I wish you were here” or “Can’t want to see you.” Etc.

But, “I miss him” can refer to something as simple as missing his soothing touch at the end of a tough day or his comforting hug when you’re feeling overwhelmed.

It’s good you specify what exactly you’re missing.

12. ”Can’t Wait To Feel The Sensation Of Your Breath On My Neck.”

This is how to tell a guy you miss him in a cute way.

Tell your boyfriend how much you can wait to see him. Text him expressing your fantasies about the next time you’ll see each other.

Be sure to express your delight and show him how much you want to spend time with him.

13. “I’d Give Anything For You To Make A Mess On Your Part Of The Bed Before Attempting To Conquer Mine.”

Babe, it’s simple.

When you miss your boyfriend, text him you can’t sleep without his hugs and kisses.

Any given day I would choose a messy, occupied bed over a tidy, empty one. After all, when you wake up in the morning, it’s only natural to miss him in bed.

So, tell him through a romantic text that you desire his untidy bed, and he’ll feel loved and wanted!

14. “I’m Thinking Of You, And I Hope Everything Is Fine With You.”

Granted, some women are more likely to express their emotions than others. But simply texting your boyfriend that you’re thinking of him is such a cute way to let him know that you miss him.

15. “That Hot Sauce You Gave Me Is Still In The Fridge. Every Time I See It, It Reminds Me Of You.”

If your boyfriend isn’t really a verbal affirmation person, try thanking him for a gift he got you or when he helps you solve a pressing problem.

How To Tell A Guy You Miss Him In A Cute Way

16. “Each time you wrap your arms around me, it feels like home. Right now, I’m missing home.”

17. “You have no idea how much I miss you.”

18. “A hug from you would be really nice right now.”

19. “To the moon and back, I miss you.”

20. “Until I can embrace you in my arms, I’m keeping you in my heart.”

21. “The moment you said goodbye, I started to miss you.”

22. “People that get to see you every day make me jealous.”

23. “I didn’t realize you could miss someone so much.”

24. “Try missing you if you think me missing you is hard.”

25. “I’ve never missed anyone more than you.”

How To Tell Your Boyfriend You Miss Him Without Sounding Needy

I miss you message to make him smile

26. “I miss you like an idiot who can’t see the forest for the trees.”

27. “When I’m with you, I’ll stop missing you.”

28.“It’s an understatement to say I miss you.”

29. “Despite the pain of not having you around, you came to mind today, and I smiled as always.”

30. “Every part of me yearns for you.”

31. “I can’t wait to see you again.”

32. “Dear, I’m really missing you.”

33. “I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

34. “Since you always keep me warm, I miss having my special heating pad.”

35. “Would you like to eat out tonight? I miss being able to share my favourite dishes with you.”

36. “Mr. attractive, I’d want to ask you a serious question: Do you miss me as much as I miss you?”

37. “Like a plant without water, I miss you.”

38. “Are you aware that I’ve picked up a new hobby? It’s missing you.”

39. “Living without your love for a day; it’s as though I’m ceased breathing.”

40. “Without you, my day is so bleak; the sun doesn’t even shine when you’re not here. I’m missing you!”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Normal To Miss Him So Much?

Being separated from your boyfriend is bound to make you miss him.

Yearning can range from slight melancholy to outright pain depending on the connection and how long you’ve been separated.

Why Can’t I Stop Thinking About Him?

When you can’t stop thinking about a guy, it usually signifies you’re head over heels in love with him.

Perhaps you get along pretty smoothly. You’re quite aware that you enjoy his company.

You feel he likes you and can’t stop thinking about him and how a connection with him might unfold.

What Happens Psychologically When You Miss Someone?

Adjustments in brain chemicals:

Research shows that when you miss someone you care about, your brain reacts significantly

The oxytocin and dopamine released when you’re together abruptly stop flowing.

Their presence in your life causes you to become chemically addicted to them.

Does Missing Someone Mean You Love Them?

Not always.

You can be infatuated without being “in love” with a guy.

Or you probably can’t get him out of your head because, for example, you’ve only recently started seeing him,

And it’s exciting and new, so you crave this person when he’s not around.

That doesn’t mean you love him!

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