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10 Telltale Signs A Guy Is Nervous On A First Date

While it’s natural to be nervous about going on a first date, guys have sure signs that show their anxiety.

If you pay attention to these ten signs, you can read your date’s body language and figure out how he feels about the date and if he’s nervous around you.

The better prepared you are to read his signals; the smoother your first date will go. Here are ten telltale signs a guy is nervous on a first date.

10 Obvious Signs A Guy Is Nervous On A First Date

1. Staring At You

Signs A Guy Is Nervous On A First Date

If he can’t seem to stop staring at you, that’s a sign he’s nervous

Men are often taught that it’s rude to stare, but if he looks over repeatedly throughout your date or stares when you get up from your seat,

that could mean he’s nervous and eager to please you.

If his gaze makes you feel uncomfortable, say so; instead of being offended, he’ll probably be relieved by it.

Men are generally not very familiar with the rules of social interaction compared to women. And they might stare at you without knowing it looks weird.

Just remember that first dates have a way of making everyone anxious without even knowing.

2. Checking His Watch

It’s normal to get nervous on a first date.

However, it’s easy to let nerves prevent you from having an actual conversation with your date.

When you notice he’s keeping track of how much time has gone by, tell him that you understand he’s anxious and that there is no need to rush things

Instead, it would be best if you enjoyed getting to know each other.

If he keeps rechecking his watch, you should drop any other plans you might have for the date and focus on getting to know each other.

3. They Arrive Late

Arriving late could be one of the signs a guy is nervous on the first date.

When we are nervous about an event, we tend to arrive late because we have to fight the voice in our head telling us not to show up.

The same is true for a guy nervous about the first date; he would need to convince himself the date is worth it. All of this self-doubt can make him arrive late.

If that happens, try not to get mad; it might make him believe the date was a bad idea.

Calmly ask him why he’s late and tell him you would appreciate it if he arrived on time.

4. They Give Rehearsed Answers

Even if your guy hasn’t met you yet, he might have shared information about himself in advance (like his job or college major).

That means you know a little about him.

But when he keeps repeating what you already know or gives you a Yes or No answer to anything you ask him, that’s one of the signs a guy is nervous on a first date.

Watch out for phrases like “In general”, and “I generally”; if you hear them too many times, it’s likely that your date is uncomfortable and not enjoying himself.

Your best move? Playfully ask him about something else to keep things from getting awkward.

And remember, you don’t want to be so engaging that you monopolize every conversation. Give the guy a chance to talk!

5. Their Jokes Fall Flat

nervous about first date with girl

If you’ve been out with plenty of guys, you’ll know what to look for: When they’re nervous, it often shows in their humor attempts.

A relaxed and comfortable guy will probably come up with something witty and clever, whether it’s intended to be funny or not.

If his jokes fall flat, he probably hasn’t fully recovered from nerves. Be patient: He’ll get there eventually!

6. They Stutter When Speaking

Guys are always trying to impress, so it can be hard to formulate sentences when they’re nervous.

So, if your date stutters or gets lost while speaking, they could be shy and don’t know what to say.

Note: They may still try to hide it, but know that signs of nervousness don’t necessarily mean someone is intimidated by you.

Sometimes being intimidated will cause a guy to come off as overly confident and cocky (which isn’t attractive).

7. The Shift From Leg To Leg

When you’re sitting next to your date, and they begin shifting from leg to leg, that’s a sign of being nervous.

When you get nervous, your body releases adrenaline into your bloodstream.

That will make your legs shake and ache, making people shift from side to side and put their hands in their pockets.

Don’t be too freaked out if you notice a guy doing these things when you first meet them.

It could mean that they’re nervous.

8. They Sweat A Lot More Than Usual

A man’s body naturally reacts to stress by producing more sweat, which evaporates and keeps him calm.

According to research study, nervous men tend to respond differently.

They begin sweating more petite than usual and have trouble cooling off, which can cause them to overheat and become increasingly uncomfortable.

If you’re not close with your date or haven’t talked much before you meet up (typically when nerves tend to kick in), his body language may be a good indicator of his true feelings.

Look for excessive sweating or signs that he’s constantly attempting to adjust himself in his seat.

9. They Can’t Focus On The Conversation.

As you start chatting with him, please pay attention to whether or not he is listening.

If he isn’t responding to you and nodding at appropriate times, he may be too nervous to think of anything intelligent to say in response—after all, first dates are stressful for everyone.

Look for other signs that indicate his nerves are getting in his way. They will be there if you observe him.

When you observe he’s nervous, try to calm him down so that you can have a more fulfilling first date.

10. They Give Off Weird Body Language

what to say on a first date with a girl

When you first lay eyes on someone, it’s easy to sense their general vibe by looking at their body language and facial expressions.

A nervous guy will stand farther away from you, awkwardly look around instead of making eye contact with you, and he may exhibit other signs that he’s feeling uncomfortable.

If your date seems to be displaying weird body language overall, there’s a good chance something is up.

It might help to ask him point-blank: What are you thinking right now? Such a question would help to calm him and make him more open to speaking.

Frequently Asked Question

Why Would A Guy Be Nervous On A First Date

There are many reasons why a guy might feel nervous on the first date; they are listed below:

He’s trying to impress you: it’s tough trying to impress a girl you hardly know. You don’t know what she likes or doesn’t or if she gets easily offended or not.

The first date is more like walking on eggshells which can make a guy nervous.

He doesn’t know if you like him: The fear of rejection is one reason that makes a guy nervous. You are going on a first date with a girl, you don’t know if you might screw it up. It could get a guy nervous.

He is worried about his competition: a guy could be worried that another hot guy might steal your attention on a first date. There’s always that feeling that a more seductive guy around can steal your attention from him.

The uncertainty of not knowing if he’s your “type” can freak him out.

How Do You Know When A Guy Is Nervous On The First Date?

1. He starts sweating unnecessarily

2. He wants to use the bathroom often

3. He stares at you

4. He starts to stutter

5. His jokes don’t make sense

6. He arrives late on the date

7. He gives concise answers

How Do You Know If A Guy Likes You After The First Date

He Wants Another Date: this is one of the strongest proofs that a guy likes you after the first date.

He asks for a second date. No one goes on a second date with someone they don’t like.

Body language: his body language after the first date signifies he likes you. If he wants you after the first date, he would communicate more, send you sweet text messages, and show interest.

But if he doesn’t like you, he wouldn’t care, and his attitude would be evident for you to notice.

What To Do On A First Date With A Guy?

1. Make a dinner

2. Take a stroll together

3. Play some fun games

4. Watch a movie together

5. Play a sport together (like tennis)

6. Watch a live football match together

7. Prepare a meal together

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