when a guy thinks you're out of his league

Signs He Thinks You’re Out Of His League: 13 Weird Facts

You have a guy getting close to you, but you don’t know his intention.

One minute it seems he’s interested in you, and the next, he acts like he’s scared to voice his feelings.

You might be confused about what he wants.

Now you suspect he thinks you’re out of his league and he’s unworthy of you.

There are many reasons a guy might think you’re out of his league, and I will share some of them later.

For now, let’s find out the signs he thinks you’re out of his league and what you can do to handle the situation.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

11 Signs He Thinks You’re Out Of His League

1. He’s Nervous Around You

How can you tell if a guy thinks you are out of his league

If a guy feels you’re out of his league, he will be nervous around you and have difficulty expressing himself.

When he tries to crack a joke, it’s dry and boring. It might even seem as if what he’s saying doesn’t make sense.

2. Self-Doubt

A guy who thinks you’re out of his league would find it hard to believe he can be in a relationship with you.

He might say, “I know I am not your type or can’t afford to date a girl like you.”

His self-doubt will heighten if he’s broke or not handsome. He might believe he’s not in your class, making him shy around you.

Another sign of self-doubt is that he makes demeaning jokes about himself “who would date a broke guy like me.”

3. Excessive Compliments

One of the signs he thinks you’re out of his league is when he compliments you excessively.

Whenever he’s around you, he would often say you’re beautiful.

He would compliment your dress and shoes and say, “I like your dress it must be quite expensive.”

Or he could say, “You’re so beautiful, and many successful men would want you.”

Complimenting you and, at the same time, making it seem he’s unworthy of you is a sign he thinks you’re out of his league.

4. Going Above And Beyond For You

If he thinks you’re out of his league, he would do anything for you to notice him.

He will go the extra mile to make you happy if he’s already your friend.

When a guy thinks you’re out of his league, he would be willing to grant you special favors.

He would try to impress you at any given opportunity, even buy you things he can’t afford to get your attention.

When I was trying to get the attention of a girl I thought was out of my league, I was willing to do anything for her to notice me.

5. He’s Hesitant To Make A Move

He has been acting in a way that makes you believe he likes you, but he’s hesitating to make a move.

Most guys are afraid of rejection because it affects their self-esteem.

A guy who feels you’re out of his league would want to be close to you but lacks the confidence to ask you out.

Most times, you would notice he likes you because of how he behaves around you but lacks the boldness to say what he wants.

6. He Seeks Validation From Others

A guy who thinks you’re out of his league would try to get validation from others,

Such as his close friends, or he would date other girls to prove he’s hot and in demand, but in reality, he’s just scared of approaching you.

7. He’s Jealous And Insecure

signs he thinks you're out of his league

A guy who feels you’re out of his league would often get jealous and insecure if another guy comes around you.

If he’s already your friend, you might notice he’s unhappy anytime you talk about another guy.

8. He Puts You On A Pedestal

If a guy thinks you’re out of his league, he will put you on a high pedestal and make you feel you’re perfect and ahead of him.

He may idolize you and act like he can never measure up to your standard.

He would say “yes” to everything you tell him. It looks like he doesn’t have a mind of his own.

When he thinks you’re out of his league, he would be scared to offend you.

Signs He Thinks You’re Out Of His League: How To Handle The Situation

If you like the guy but feel he’s scared of asking out because he thinks you’re out of his league, you can do the following:

9. Be Approachable And Friendly

signs he thinks you're too good for him

The guy may be scared of rejection; hence he’s trying to love you from afar.

Be friendly around him and allow him to build a connection with you.

Make him comfortable to express his feelings to you without getting scared he would be embarrassed or you would tell your friends that would make fun of him.

10. Show Interest In Him

Ask him questions about himself and listen attentively to what he has to say.

Make him feel better about himself. It gives him the confidence to ask you out because you’ve shown interest in him.

11. Be Patient

Give the guy time to know you and be comfortable around you.

Most times, the impression we have about people change when we get closer to them.

He might not know you very well; hence he believes you’re out of his league.

But if he learns how amazing you are, he might discover he has been wrong about you.

Give him time to be comfortable enough to express his feelings for you.

Let him know if he likes you; he’s free to express his feelings without judgment.

12. Be Honest And Understanding

Let him know if you like him. It would help boost his confidence and make asking you out not so difficult.

If he thinks you’re too expensive, let him know he might be wrong.

Empathize with him if he’s broke or has no job, and encourage him to keep pushing for success because you believe in him.

13. Don’t Pressure Him

Try not to pressure him into a relationship to avoid being taken for granted or scare him that you want to play with his heart.

Allow the relationship to progress naturally and at a pace where he would be comfortable asking for a relationship.

Try not to play hard to get it would only confirm you’re truly out of his league.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Tell If A Guy Thinks You Are Out Of His League? What Do You Do To Prove Him Wrong?

If a guy thinks you’re out of his league, he would do the following:

He would be scared to tell you his intention

He gets jealous if guys are around you

He would be shy and unable to communicate his feelings

He would admit he can’t afford you

How To Prove Him Wrong:

Encourage him to say what’s on his mind.

Take an interest in knowing more about him

Send him the green light for him to know you’re interested

What Does It Mean When A Guy Says You’re Out Of His League?

It means the following:

You’re expensive, and he can’t afford you

He’s not good enough for you

You deserve better than him

You deserve to be with successful men

You’re too popular for him

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