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My Boyfriend Ignores Me For Days After An Argument: 10 Odd Facts

My boyfriend ignores me for days after an argument is often called the silent treatment,

And it’s regarded as a manipulative technique to make you do anything he wants.

I understand how it feels to fight with your boyfriend, who then ignores you for days. It could make you question your sanity and feel undeserving of him.

You might even beg him to forgive you even if you didn’t do anything to offend him.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend acts that way and how to handle the situation.

Why Does My Boyfriend Ignore Me For Days After An Argument?

1. He’s Waiting For You To Apologize

why is he ignoring me after a fight

Some guys believe they are never wrong and want their girlfriends to apologize anytime they argue.

Your boyfriend might be one of them.

Maybe you’re the one who’s always apologizing, and he’s used to it.

He believes you love him too much and would apologize even if he’s wrong.

Some guys can easily take your love for granted.

He might be one of the guys that believe a man is never wrong and shouldn’t apologize to a woman.

2. You Keep Repeating The Same Mistakes

Your boyfriend might be frustrated that you fight over the same thing every time.

Maybe you keep repeating the same mistakes, and he doesn’t know what to do.

The issue keeps reoccurring despite previous resolutions, and he’s tired of it.

I remember when I started dating my current girlfriend; she was fond of repeating her mistakes which often led to an argument.

At some point, I got tired, but eventually, we were able to work things out.

3. Cooling Off Period

Depending on the severity of the argument, your boyfriend might want to cool off alone for some time.

He might want to stay away from you for a while because he’s still angry and doesn’t want to say hurtful things he would regret later.

It’s also possible you nag after an argument, and he wants to avoid it.

4. Fear Of Confrontation

My Boyfriend Ignores Me For Days After An Argument

He might be trying to avoid confrontation or explanation.

For instance, if you find compromising text messages in his phone, which results in an argument, he might ignore you because he doesn’t want to explain himself.

Many guys ignore you when they know you need answers, especially when they are at fault.

It’s a manipulative technique that forces you to let go of the issue.

He might also ignore you if he doesn’t want the issue to degenerate further.

5. Lack Of Communication Skills

If your boyfriend ignores you after an argument, it proves the relationship has communication challenges.

It could mean your boyfriend lacks communication skills and resorts to silence as the best way to handle the issue.

In a healthy relationship, you communicate your expectations with each other no matter the difficulty.

6. Personal Insecurities And Experience

Maybe your boyfriend grew up in an environment where issues are resolved with silence.

Secondly, he might feel communicating his feelings would make him appear weak and vulnerable.

Many guys want to act like the boss of their relationship and would rather ignore you than communicate with you.

What To Do If My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me After A Fight?

7. Reflect On The Argument

What To Do If My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me After A Fight

Ask yourself what keeps bringing the argument and what can be done to stop it.

You have to reflect on the arguments you’ve had with your boyfriend in the past and determine the root cause.

You might be surprised that there are things you’re doing that make him ignore you after an argument.

8. Reach Out Calmly

After you’ve waited for some time, you can reach out to your boyfriend in a non-confrontational manner and request to talk with him.

When you meet, bring up the incident and tell him you want the issue resolved amicably.

Try not to accuse or blame him; instead, ask for ways to improve communication and avoid a repeat of the incident.

9. Communication Your Feelings

After you’ve resolved the issue, you should communicate your displeasure over his attitude whenever there’s an argument.

Let him know he ignores you for days, and you don’t like it.

Tell him to promise that whenever there’s an argument, you will resolve it without the silent treatment.

Many couples succumb to ignoring each other for days because they don’t have a plan for conflict resolution from the beginning.

My girlfriend and I made a rule that no matter our misunderstanding, we must resolve it that day.

We’ve never carried an issue over to the next day. We resolve it before going to bed, and it has worked for us for six years.

10. Evaluate The Relationship

If you’ve done everything outlined above, and yet your boyfriend keeps behaving the same way,

It’s a sign he’s immature and possibly tired of the relationship but doesn’t know how to tell you.

If he doesn’t change even after you’ve told him how his actions hurt you, you should quit because he doesn’t care about you.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Boyfriend Ignores Me For Days After An Argument Why?

The reasons why your boyfriend ignores you after a fight is listed below:

He’s still angry: maybe your boyfriend is still angry over the incident and wants to keep his distance.

Some guys behave that way.

If fights about a particular issue keep reoccurring, he might want to be alone and think properly.

He wants you to apologize: maybe he wants you to apologize because you hurt him.

Or you’re the one who always apologizes to him, and he’s waiting for you to do the same.

Some guys feel a man shouldn’t apologize to a woman; they would rather ignore you until you start a conversation.

He’s trying to intimidate you: your boyfriend might be trying to make you agree to what he wants by ignoring you after a fight.

Maybe he keeps asking you for money, and it leads to a fight

He might ignore you to make you feel bad for bringing up the issue.

Why Do Guys Give Silent Treatment After A Fight?

Below are some reasons why some guys give silent treatment after a fight.

The fight keeps reoccurring over the same thing.

He’s using it as a defense mechanism

He’s tired of the relationship

He wants to give you space

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