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My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted: 12 Odd Facts

My boyfriend takes me for granted if you are in such a situation this article is for you

In a romantic relationship, taking your partner for granted is easy if you are not careful.

Your boyfriend taking you for granted might not be deliberate but occurs due to familiarity.

The most frustrating part is; you don’t know why he behaves that way or how to make him stop.

I once dated a lady who took my feelings for granted; honestly, it hurt.

In this article, you will find out why he’s taking you for granted and the possible ways you can handle the situation.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

Why Does He Take Me For Granted?

1. He Feels He’s Too Good For You

My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted

Your boyfriend may feel too good for you, which gives him the right to take you for granted.

If he’s more financially stable, intelligent or has a better job, all of these can make him feel too good for you.

If your boyfriend acts like you are a burden, that might be a sign he’s taking you for granted.

When a guy feels too good for you, he doesn’t take your opinion seriously.

Your voice isn’t heard in the relationship, and communication becomes a hassle.

Most guys who feel they are too good for their girlfriend often try to intimidate you and make you feel not good enough.

2. He Believes You Can’t Leave

Possibly because he knows you love him too much.

When some guys know you love them too much, they start acting weird.

There’s an intoxicating feeling in a guy to misbehave when he knows his girlfriend loves him too much and would do anything for him.

It’s not bad to love a guy so much, but the challenge is that some guys would take it for granted.

If he knows he’s your only source of happiness, that can make him take you for granted.

If he’s your only friend and playmate, and he knows you’ve built your life around him, that can make him misbehave.

Your happiness is too important to leave in the hands of someone else.

4. You Let Him Ride Over You

A guy will only take you for granted if you allow it.

Most women tolerate nasty behavior because they don’t want the men to leave.

Allowing your boyfriend to take you for granted proves you have self-esteem issues.

Haven’t you noticed that men would leave women that would do anything for them and go for tough women?

The above proves that you shouldn’t allow a guy to take you for granted because you don’t want him to leave.

5. He Has A Negative Past Experience

A guy who had a negative childhood experience might see love differently.

If he grew up with abusive parents, it can affect his personality.

A guy that has never experienced love the way you are showing him might take it for granted because he can’t handle it.

To him, the way you love him might be suffocating and clingy. That’s because he has never experienced it before.

If he grew up alone, handling life issues at a very young age, it might have hardened his heart.

It’s also possible he has been in a series of failed relationships that have affected his perspective on love.

He might have difficulty believing you love him genuinely or feel you want to break his heart like the others.

If your boyfriend had a rough childhood or had many failed relationships before meeting you, it might be why he’s taking you for granted.

6. He’s Now Complacent

It often happens in a long-term relationship.

If you’ve been dating your boyfriend for a long time, there’s a chance he would take you for granted.

The longer a relationship is, the higher the chances a guy would take you for granted.

Men tend to get bored as a relationship progresses with time.

When a man is bored in a relationship, he starts to take you for granted, such as he can travel and not inform you, or he can change his job, and you won’t know.

7. He’s No Longer Interested

Guys would hardly tell you the relationship is over.

They often want to keep you around just in case they need you.

But their attitude would tell you they are no longer interested.

He can still claim he loves you, but his actions say otherwise.

If your boyfriend takes you for granted, doesn’t respect you anymore, or hardly calls you, these are signs he’s no longer interested.

Most men would only tell you they are no longer interested in the relationship when you start demanding answers to some of his actions.

8. He Has Someone Else

When a guy starts dating someone else, there are visible changes in him that you would notice.

One of these changes is that he starts to take you for granted.

If he has been acting suspiciously and guarding his phone as if it contains the map to a secret treasure, that’s a sign he is dating someone else, hence why he’s taking you for granted.

What To Do When He Takes You For Granted

9. Talk To Him About It

Maybe he doesn’t know he’s taking you for granted.

Tell him what he does that makes you feel that way.

Try not to assume he’s deliberately doing it.

Talk to him first and hear what he has to say.

If he’s sorry and makes an effort to make changes, he’s not deliberately taking you for granted.

But if he gets defensive and tells you to deal with your insecurities, it’s time to quit and not look back.

10. Set Firm Boundaries

Your boyfriend might take you for granted because you don’t have firm boundaries.

He can easily take advantage of you in the name of love if you don’t have boundaries.

For instance, if he keeps asking you for money, you should learn to say NO.

Whatever he’s doing that makes you feel he’s taking you for granted, put an end to it by making clear boundaries.

Please don’t allow a guy to treat you like trash because you love him or can’t say NO.

11. Diversify Your Interest

He could be taking you for granted because he’s your only source of happiness.

That’s why you must make new friends and do fun things without him.

A healthy relationship is one that you can still be happy even when your boyfriend isn’t here.

Plan a girl’s night out with your female friends, learn a new skill, or learn to live without him. It would make him appreciate you more.

When you are not always with him, it will give him space to miss you and appreciate your efforts in the relationship.

12. Walk Away If He Doesn’t Change

If you’ve done the abovementioned things and your boyfriend keeps taking you for granted, he’s no longer interested in the relationship.

There’s no need to try to make things work when he’s no longer interested.

It’s time to walk away and never look back.

When you walk away, you are giving yourself a chance to find someone who loves you and never takes you for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When My Boyfriend Takes Me For Granted?

Tell him you feel taken for granted or not appreciated enough in the relationship.

Give him instances where he took you for granted.

Express your unhappiness over his behavior and let him know you expect him to do better because you deserve to be happy too.

His response will help you determine if the relationship is worth it or if you are wasting time with a guy who would never appreciate your efforts.

How To Teach My Boyfriend A Lesson For Taking Me For Granted?

Although many people would advise you to ignore his messages, play hard to get or don’t be available when he needs you.

I advise against such behavior; if you want to teach him a lesson, get busy with your life.

Pursue your dreams passionately and expand your network of friends

How To Get Your Boyfriend To Chase You And Appreciate You More?

You can make your boyfriend value and appreciate you more in a few ways. Some of them are listed below:

Respect him

Surprise him with gifts

Learn to value yourself

Talk to him about your needs

Send him romantic messages

How To Treat A Boyfriend Who Took You For Granted?

Communicate your expectations: communicate what you want and let him know how he’s taking you for granted.

Don’t be silent like most women, don’t give him the space to do as he pleases without voicing your feelings.

Keeping silent wouldn’t make him stay with him, be vocal because men love such women.

Refuse to do things you don’t want: if you are someone who does everything your boyfriend wants, whether you like it or not, it might be why he’s taking you for granted.

Please don’t do what you don’t want in the name of love.

It would only make him feel you can do anything he wants, which might make him misbehave.

Rekindle your social life: if your boyfriend is the only friend you have, then he might make him take you for granted.

He would feel he can control your mood and make you sad or happy.

Make new friends, go out and have fun without him. That way, he will appreciate you more.

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