Financially dependent on a man

7 Shocking Reasons Why You Should Never Depend On A Man For Money

In this article, I share seven reasons why you should never depend on a man for money
But first, let me share a true-life story

It was an early Monday morning when my friend’s girlfriend Evelyn came to my house crying.

At first, I was surprised to see her that early, and when she started crying, I was confused.

I asked her what happened, and she replied, “It’s your friend” he has been abusing me since last night.

I told her to tell me what happened, and she did. I then went with her to her house (she and her boyfriend were living together)

I asked my friend what happened and why he was abusing his girlfriend. He shared his side of the story.

But all of a sudden, they started arguing and were about to fight when I intervened.

I took him outside, and he started saying he would send her out, and then she wouldn’t have anywhere else to go.

He said, “Without me, you would suffer” and he was right.

That’s why you should never depend on a man for money

Evelyn was financially dependent on her man.

But first

What Makes Someone Financially Dependent

Financial dependence refers to relying exclusively on another for daily needs such as money, food and clothes.

Although many ladies have been financially dependent on a man in this article, I will share why you should never depend on a man on for money.

If you are ready, which I believe you should, let’s dive in

7 Tops Reasons Why You Should Never Depend On a Man for Money

1. Asking for Money Is Kind Of Demeaning

never depend on a man for money

Whether you believe it or not, your self-esteem is affected every time you ask for money, and you don’t feel as confident as you should be before your man.

Asking him for money makes you look like you can’t take care of yourself, and it keeps you at the mercy of your man.

The hurt to your self-esteem is even more when your man refuses to give you the money you asked for or insists you must do something before you get the money.

2. Having Your Money Gives You Freedom and Peace of Mind

Want to avoid the constant need for permission from your partner to buy anything? Then have your own money.

You can buy anything you want without requesting your guy’s permission when you have your own money.

You wouldn’t be afraid of what he would say when you buy anything because it’s your money.

Having your own money gives you freedom and the peace of mind to buy whatever you want whenever you want it.

When you see a dress you like at the boutique, you can bring your credit card and buy it.

When you are broke, it affects your self-confidence and self-worth.

3. It’s Awesome to Be Able to Buy Him Gifts

If your man is the only one that keeps buying you gifts and you can’t reciprocate because you are broke, then he would soon get tired and ask himself what he’s even getting from the relationship.

When he meets another woman who can reciprocate the gifts he buys for her, he might dump you or pay less attention to you.

If one person handles all the financial commitment in a relationship, it would soon look like a burden, and then the lady would like a liability.

4. He Would Feel You Can’t Do Without Him.

If you are financially dependent on a man, it gets to a point where he feels you can’t do without him.

He believes that your world revolves around him and that you can’t leave even if he treats you bad.

If you don’t want to be emotionally and verbally abused because you are financially dependent or called names like “liability or stress”. Then you should have your own money.

5. You Would Avoid Necessary Complains

Financially dependent relationship

When you are financially dependent on your man, it’s easy for his mood to change suddenly and his temper to flare up if he constantly handles all the expenses.

He often might complain that the monthly electricity or gas bills are back again. And since you can’t contribute anything, he can become frustrated due to stress.

Most relationships break due to financial reasons. The more your man complains, the more the distance between you widen.

To avoid unnecessary complaints and to be able to surprise your man when he didn’t expect, you need to have your own money.

6. You Won’t Feel Trapped.

Your man is treating you badly, abusing you emotionally and physically, but anytime you consider leaving the relationship you remember that you are broke.

It would make you feel trapped. If Evelyn were financially independent, she would have left that day she was abused, but unfortunately, she couldn’t.

The more you are financially dependent on your man, the less voice you would have in the relationship.

7. You Will Be Taken For Granted.

staying in a relationship for financial security

One of the fastest ways to be taken for granted and devalued is not to have any means of supporting your man.

We are all humans that unconsciously calculate the value that someone is bringing to the table, and when we find out they don’t bring any value, we are likely to take them for granted.

If you are dependent on your man and the relationship ends, he might not even miss you because there was nothing he was getting from you.

If you want to be valuable and respected, you should have your own money.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Not Be Financially Dependent On Your Partner?

The best way not to be financially dependent is to start an online business.

It’s the easiest to start and requires the least capital.

You can learn how to become a social media manager and get hired by big companies to manage their social media accounts.

It would help you to become financially independent of your man.

Is It Right For A Woman To Depend On A Man Financially?

It is not right to depend on anyone but yourself.

A man should provide when he has the financial capacity. But if he doesn’t, you should be able to provide for yourself.

Imagine you fully depend on him financially, and something happens to him.

What will you do?

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