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13 Painful Signs Your Boyfriend’s Mom Doesn’t Like You

In this article, I will share thirteen signs your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you and what you can do about it to change the situation.

Jane met Brian when she went to visit her friend and former classmate.

Brian was her friend’s brother. He was at home the day Jane visited, and he joined in the conversation between his sister and Jane.

They all had a great time because Jane was very friendly and sincere.

Brian took her number as she was about to leave, and that was how they became friends; then He asked her out, and she said yes.

Brian was amazing, sweet, and super understanding. He was the kind of guy that’s the dream of every woman.

But there was a problem Brian’s mom didn’t like Jane, and Jane didn’t know why.

She knew she didn’t do anything wrong but could not understand why his mom was hostile towards her.

Although Brian’s mom tried to hide it, it was obvious to see she didn’t like Jane.

If you’ve been wondering, “How do I know if my boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like me,” this article is for you.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

Top 13 Signs Your Boyfriend’s Mom Doesn’t Like You

1. She Claims Ignorance of the Relationship

signs your boyfriend's mom doesn't like you

If your boyfriend’s mom acts like she doesn’t know you and her son are in a relationship, that’s a sign she doesn’t like you.

If, after seeing you and her son together for a while and she still claims she doesn’t know you are in a relationship, there’s a problem.

You would hear words such as “I don’t know if you guys are dating” or “I don’t know if you have anything with my son.”

You can even call her on the phone to say “hello,” and she denies she doesn’t know you. The more you try to introduce yourself as her son’s girlfriend, the more she denies you.

2. She Compares You to His Exes

Even when she finally comes to terms with you dating her son, she would start comparing you with his exes at the slightest opportunity.

She could say you are not tall or too fat compared to his supermodel ex-girlfriend.

The moment his mom starts to compare you to his exes, she doesn’t like you.

She tries so hard to hurt your self-esteem when she doesn’t like you.

3. She Would Pretend To Like You Because Of Her Son

When you dislike someone, you can’t easily hide it. But when the son notices she doesn’t like you, she starts to pretend.

But the truth is her lack of love towards you would still be obvious.

The way she talks to you and responds to you when you make mistakes are all pointers that she’s just pretending.

No matter how someone tries to hide how they feel about you, their actions always reveal the true state of their heart.

4. She Belittles Your Achievement

If she belittles whatever you’ve tried to achieve, that’s a sign your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you.

She can say there’s nothing special about your job or you are trying to build a business. She tries to make fun of your hard work.

Brian’s mom was making fun of Jane’s job as a loan repayment officer.

5. She Gets Angry When She Sees You and Her Son Together

what to do when your boyfriend's mom doesn't like you

You know when you are with her son and his mom visits, and suddenly she turns from being happy seeing her son to anger because she saw you.

That’s a sign she doesn’t like you.

Although the anger is subtle, it’s obvious she’s angry about seeing you.

She can try to hide, but her actions would tell otherwise.

6. She Doesn’t Call or Rapport with You.

If your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t call you once in a while to say “hello,” then she doesn’t like you.

The moment she’s aware you are her son’s girlfriend, she can call you once in a while to gist and rapport with you.

But if she has never called you, she doesn’t like you.

Brian and Jane have been dating for five years, but Brian’s mom has never called her son’s girlfriend.

That tells a lot about how she feels about Jane.

7. She Complains About Everything You Do

When your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you, she complains about everything you do. From cooking to other domestic chores, the list is endless.

The truth is it’s very difficult to satisfy someone that doesn’t like you. She would complain about everything, including mistakes you didn’t make deliberately.

8. She’s Hostile towards You

Hostility is one of the signs your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you. When she is hostile to you compared to how she acts with others, her ill feelings towards you might be the reason.

Examples of hostility from boyfriend’s mom include emotional or verbal abuse, acting like you don’t exist, trying to avoid contact with you, body shaming you, etc.

9. She Leaves You Out Of Conversations

You know, when someone deliberately and constantly leaves you out of the conversation as a way to tell you they don’t want you in the discussion, that is a sign she doesn’t like you.

Most times, she would only be talking to her son, and she would keep quiet when you join or ignore your opinion altogether.

It is easy to notice you are not invited into the conversation because the conversation is between her and her son.

10. She Wouldn’t Remember Anything About You.

One of the signs your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you is she doesn’t remember anything about you.

She finds it difficult to remember your name or anything else about you.

She would call you “lady” or “hey you” because she has forgotten your name or doesn’t want to mention your name.

The moment your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t want to know anything about you or forget what you already told her, it’s a sign she doesn’t like you.

11. She Leaves the House without Telling You

For instance, if you visit your boyfriend, and she’s around, she wouldn’t tell you she’s leaving the house to anywhere, like the supermarket or grocery store.

Her ill feeling wouldn’t let her connect with you. She could be in the house one minute, and then disappear the next minute, and you wouldn’t know where she went.

12. She Competes With You

One of the signs your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you is that she competes with you for her son’s attention.

She can complain or even lie against you to make her son walk away from the relationship.

Or insist for her son to take her out and leave you behind.

13. She Wouldn’t Invite You for Family Events.

When your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you, she won’t invite you to family events such as reunions, holiday outings, or weddings.

She doesn’t want many people to know you as her son’s girlfriend. Even when your man takes you along, you can see the “you are not invited” look on her face.

She would act like you don’t exist throughout the event to register her displeasure at your coming.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Do When Your Boyfriend’s Mom Doesn’t like You?

There are a few things you can do when you discover your boyfriend’s mom doesn’t like you, and they are listed below:

Give It Time: most people’s view about you changes with Time; the same is true for your boyfriend’s mom.

Give it some time and be yourself in the process. You mustn’t lose your self-identity because you want to please the mom.

Be real and be patient. With Time, she will see you as amazing woman.

Get Her A Gift: gifts have a way of opening people’s hearts toward you. You can ask her son what kind of gift she loves and get it for her.

Ensure it’s what you can afford such acts of sending her a gift can change her perception about you.

Respect Her Despite Her Attitude: respecting someone who doesn’t like you is difficult, but you mustn’t let her negative attitude turn you into someone you are not.

Maintain your respect for her but stay a safe distance from her until she changes her attitude.

Your positive reaction towards her despite her negative attitude would make her realize you are different and amazing.

How To Know If Your Boyfriend’s Mom Likes You?

When your boyfriend’s mom likes you, it’s obvious. She invites you to family events; shows you to everyone around that you are her son’s girlfriend.

She easily forgives your mistakes, she wouldn’t talk ill about you even when others bring up your mistakes, and she would defend you before her son.

How to Impress Your Boyfriend’s Mom?

The best way to impress your boyfriend’s mom is to be yourself. You don’t impress her by faking it because it would hurt you in the end.

If you want to impress his mom, then be yourself and resist any attempt to act otherwise.

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