What does it mean when a guy has a lot of female friends

My Boyfriend Has A Lot Of Female Friends (5 Odd Reasons)

I remember when I asked my ex-girlfriend out in 2012; it didn’t take long for me to realize she had many male friends.

It didn’t bother me because I had high trust in her.

They regularly chatted with her and did call her sometimes, but I didn’t mind.

After some time, a particular guy from among her male friends started calling her consistently.

Again I thought they were just friends and nothing serious until I found out they were dating.

It was a big blow that affected me for a long time before I could get over it.

I am not saying your boyfriend having many female friends means he’s cheating, although that’s one of them.

There are many other reasons, and we will explore them and the strategies you can use to handle the situation in this article.

My Boyfriend Has A Lot Of Female Friends: Why He Has Many Ladies As Friends

1. He’s Friendly Around Ladies.

My Boyfriend Has A Lot Of Female Friends

Many guys don’t know how to be friendly around ladies.

It requires skill to know how to make women laugh and happy; if your boyfriend has that skill, he’s likely to have many female friends.

Ladies generally gravitate towards men that are fun to be with and make every moment exciting,

And if your boyfriend is like that, then so many ladies would like to be around him.

If your boyfriend is quick to start and sustain conversations with women, then he would be a guy in demand among them.

A guy who excites women and gives them the fun they desire would always have ladies around.

2. He’s A Player

One of the advantages of a player is that he often has many ladies as friends, making it difficult for you to know the exact girl he’s dating.

Having so many ladies makes it very easy to cheat. And the temptation is also high.

There is always something you are not doing that one of his female friends is willing to do that would make him cheat.

If he has a history of cheating and many female friends, then the possibility he’s cheating and playing you for a fool is high.

If he displays signs of a cheating boyfriend and has many female friends, he’s a player.

3. He Goes The Extra Mile To Support Others.

If your boyfriend goes the extra mile to support others, he would have many female friends who want to take advantage of his big heart.

Some ladies often want to take advantage of friendly people for emotional or financial support,

And if your boyfriend is someone who loves to help, then he would have lots of females around him.

They wouldn’t leave him alone even if it makes you uncomfortable because of what they stand to gain having him as a friend.

Some would even try to seduce him to make sure they have an emotional attachment that they can use to manipulate him.

4. He Grew Up Among Women.

If your boyfriend grew up among ladies, he would likely have many female friends because he’s familiar with them.

It would be easy for him to connect with women and easily make friends.

I grew up with five sisters, and it has always been effortless for me to connect with women.

5. He Likes To Dominate

A guy with many female friends can easily be the conversation star among the ladies.

Imagine he has seven girls as friends; he can easily dominate them because he’s a guy.

Most women generally respect men’s opinions, and if a man is in their gathering, he would decide the direction of the conversation.

A guy who might not be able to lead the conversation among his fellow guys can easily dominate the conversation among his female friends.

6. He Wants To Make You Jealous.

my boyfriend has female friends

He may have self-esteem issues, and he’s trying to make you jealous,

And feel he has many options to replace you if you decide to leave.

Some guys brag about their masculine prowess to make any female they want to become their friend.

I have come across men who giggle about how charming it makes them feel when their girlfriends become envious because they have many female friends.

Such behavior is toxic, and he’s proof your boyfriend has low self-esteem.

Sometimes your boyfriend could use the fact he has many female friends to measure how “hot or “in demand” he is when in reality, he’s controlling.

A guy who secretly believes you are above his league would try to make you jealous by having lots of female friends to hurt your self-worth.

My Boyfriend Has A Lot Of Female Friends: How To Handle The Situation

7. Work On Your Self-Image

My boyfriend has too many female friends

You may be uncomfortable with your boyfriend having lots of female friends because you are feeling insecure.

You think you are not good enough for him, and one of those his female friends would probably take him away soon.

Analyze why you are scared that he has lots of female friends. Maybe you think someone among his female friends is the perfect one for him.

How do you work your self-image?

First, find out that unique thing about you that made your boyfriend commit to you despite the many ladies he has as friends.

Celebrate yourself for having that unique quality that made him choose you over the others.

The truth is there’s only one you, and you should be proud of who you are because you are unique.

Of course, you are not in competition with his female friends; you are a special girl unique in her race.

8. Communicate And Make Him Establish Boundaries

Please communicate with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel.

Tell him you are uncomfortable that he has so many ladies that share the same level of closeness you share with him.

If he has female friends who call him constantly and keep sending him selfies, you need to talk to him to create boundaries since he’s in a committed relationship.

You don’t have to force him; talk to him and let him know what you want and then listen to what he has to say.

You can resolve this issue with communication; both parties would have to compromise for the relationship to continue.

9. Ask Him How He Would Feel If You Did The Same.

Most guys with lots of female friends would get mad and accuse you of cheating if you do the same.

Sit with your boyfriend and have an honest and blunt conversation where you ask him how he would feel if you had so many guys as friends.

Ask him if he’s okay with you having many guys as friends; who would keep calling you and asking for your selfies?

Of course, he wouldn’t be okay; many guys feel threatened when another guy is in the picture; talk less of guys.

10. Trust Him Until He Acts Otherwise.

It’s easy for people to accuse you of being insecure even though you have every right to be uncomfortable.

If your boyfriend has never cheated or acted suspiciously around you,

And if it doesn’t affect your self-confidence, then you can ignore it

Maybe your boyfriend isn’t doing anything crazy with them; they are his friends.

That’s why you need to be more observant and patient because if he’s doing something you don’t know, you will find out someday.

If your boyfriend has a clean record and has consistently demonstrated transparency and honesty in dealing with his female friends, probably there’s nothing he’s hiding.

11. Quit The Relationship

You can leave the relationship if you feel uncomfortable or taken for granted.

Building a healthy self-image is essential; it helps you know you deserve better.

It also gives you the courage to walk away from a relationship that is frustrating you emotionally.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It A Red Flag If A Guy Has A Lot Of Female Friends?

Most times, it is. Guys with many female friends find it difficult to commit to long-term relationships.

There’s always an option among his female friends to replace you.

You would always have to compete for his attention with them.

If your boyfriend has 2-3 female friends, that’s okay, but if he has lots of them, that would likely end in trouble.

Is It OK For A Man In A Relationship To Have Female Friends?

Absolutely okay. A relationship is not a prison.

It would only become an issue if he has many female friends and spends most of his time with them.

He’s chatting or talking with the ladies on the phone for a long time; that’s a red flag.

How Do I Stop Being Jealous Of My Boyfriend’s Female Friends?

Trust him: if he hasn’t cheated on you before and has an impeccable record of honesty and integrity, then you should trust him.

He may have met the ladies even before he starts dating you.

But if he acts suspicious when talking with his female friends or guards his phone with his life, it means something is wrong, and you should be more observant.

Become friends with them: if you become friends with his female friends, it would help you deal with your insecurity when he’s around them.

That’s because you could trust his female friends since they are now your friends, and they would be more accountable to you.

Get busy with your friends: of course, you have female friends who are part of your social circle.

If so, organize regular girls’ night out where you have a great time with your girls.

The more you get busy with your life and focus on your happiness, the less you worry about your boyfriend and his female friends.

How Do I Get Over My Boyfriend Having Female Friends?

Become friends with his female friends and find out why your boyfriend loves to hang out with them

Give it some time; you might get used to it and not be worried anymore

Break up with him if you can’t cope with it.

My Boyfriend Has A Lot Of Female Friends. They Text Him As Often As I Do, And It Makes Me Jealous. How Do I Let Go Of This Frustration?

I understand your frustration and how his action is making you feel insecure.

But it would help if you talked to him about it.

Maybe he doesn’t know he’s hurting you and feels you are okay with it.

Schedule a discussion with him and pour out your heart to him. If he loves you, he will establish boundaries with his female friends.

But if he doesn’t, you shouldn’t waste your time in a relationship where a guy who ignores your feelings.

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