my boyfriend is always busy and tired

My Boyfriend Is Too Busy For Me: 9 Weird Facts

You’re dating a guy who loves you, but he doesn’t have time.

He’s always busy, works from dawn to dusk, and makes you feel he doesn’t value you.

You might have complained severally, and he assured you he would make changes, but nothing has been done.

Now you need clarification if the relationship is worth it.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend is too busy for you and what you can do about it.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in.

My Boyfriend Is Too Busy For Me: Why He Acts That Way

1. He Has Someone Else

boyfriend is always busy

Oops, you shouldn’t have heard it from me.

If your boyfriend is too busy for you, there’s a high chance he’s cheating.

When a guy is in love with another woman, he starts to starve you of attention.

You will notice he doesn’t call or text you anymore.

Whenever you want to visit him, he gives you an excuse that he’s busy.

As his girlfriend, you already know his schedule; if he keeps claiming to be busy even after work hours, it’s a sign he’s trying to avoid you.

It’s also possible he’s acting busy because he’s tired of the relationship and doesn’t know how to tell you; hence, he keeps making excuses.

A cheating guy exhibits other traits, which you can find here.

2. His Work Or School Takes His Time

If you are certain your boyfriend isn’t cheating on you, then maybe his job or school takes most of his time.

If his job is demanding or he’s studying a difficult course in college, it might be why he doesn’t have time for you.

Sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed with school or work, but it shouldn’t stop him from creating time for you.

3. Family Or Personal Responsibility

Maybe your boyfriend is too busy for you because he has a lot of family responsibilities,

Such as caring for his mom or working two jobs to help his younger siblings.

It would be difficult for him to combine family responsibility with giving you attention simultaneously.

Your boyfriend trying to do his best for his family can make him unavailable when you need him.

4. He’s Focusing On Personal Growth

Having your partner around can sometimes be distracting and give you less time to pursue your personal goals.

Your boyfriend might be busy because he’s trying to achieve his personal goal in record time.

He may be trying to achieve a business goal or learning a new skill. All of these require time and concentration.

5. Lack Of Time Management Skills

My Boyfriend Is Too Busy For Me

Maybe your boyfriend has a demanding job or trying to learn a new skill, but if he manages his schedule well, he will have time for you.

Most people waste a lot of time on social media yet claim they are busy when you need them.

Your boyfriend might lack time management skills and waste time on things that don’t matter while ignoring you.

How To Deal With A Busy Boyfriend

6. Talk To Your Boyfriend

Let him know you’re not comfortable with his schedule.

Your boyfriend needs to know you’re unhappy that he’s always busy.

Communicate your feelings and tell him to create time for the relationship if he wants it to grow.

You have to speak your mind to avoid resenting or cheating on him due to frustration.

7. Be Patient And Understanding

how to deal with a busy boyfriend

He might not be able to create time for you immediately.

Maybe he can’t afford to quit his demanding job, or he is doing a lot at the moment.

In such a case, you have to be patient and understanding, especially if he’s nice and loving.

Give him time to adjust or be patient until things get better and he can spend more time with you.

8. Make The Most Of The Time Together

Try and maximize the time when you’re finally together.

Your boyfriend’s busy schedule might be something that’s beyond his control.

Whenever you’re together, you should take advantage of it.

Hopefully, his schedule will get better with time, but try and be patient for now.

When he’s available, plan a movie date night, or go to a romantic outdoor event.

It would help create memories in your heart for a long time.

9. Pursue Your Interests

If your boyfriend is your only source of happiness, he will always be busy in your eyes.

You would be unhappy whenever he wants to hang out with his friends.

Pursue your interest and learn to be happy without him.

Make new friends, hang out with your friends, or learn a new skill.

You would have less time to worry about his schedule if you get busy with yourself.

Focus on personal development; don’t wait for him to make you happy.

Women whose boyfriend is their only source of happiness get taken for granted.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Too Busy For You?

If your boyfriend is too busy for you, the following tips might make a difference:

Let him know how you feel about his schedule

Get busy pursuing your personal goals

Use social media to stay committed

Do something that would get his attention, like a change of hairstyle or wardrobe.

How Do You Know If Your Busy Boyfriend Loves You?

The following are signs your boyfriend loves you despite his schedule:

He creates time for you: if a guy truly loves you, he will create time for you.

He would always want to see you and take advantage of any opportunity to be with you.

There would be excitement to communicate with you, and he would want to stay communicated with you using social media.

A guy that doesn’t love you would use his schedule as an excuse to avoid you.

You have his attention when he’s around: whenever he’s around, you would notice you have his full attention.

He wouldn’t want any distractions and might put his phone on silent to focus on you, making you feel like the most valuable thing on his mind.

He tells you he misses you: Whenever your boyfriend calls you, he reminds you how much he misses you and can’t wait to be with you.

How Do You Maintain A Relationship When Both Are Busy?

You can try the following strategies to maintain a relationship when you are both busy:

Create time for communication

Make plans ahead and spend time with each other.

Create memories when the opportunity comes to be together

Send romantic gifts to each other at the office

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