when you have nothing to talk about with your boyfriend

My Boyfriend And I Have Nothing To Talk About: 10 Odd Facts

My boyfriend and I have nothing to talk about, if you are in such situation this article is for you.

It gets to a point in every relationship where there’s nothing to discuss.

It often happens in a long-term relationship where you and your boyfriend have been together for years.

I have also faced the same issue at a certain time in my relationship.

That’s why relationships require work; you have to put in effort to overcome the challenges you encounter.

I know it’s frustrating when you are with your boyfriend, and there’s nothing to discuss.

You are together, but the room is silent because you have nothing to say.

He could be scrolling through the news feed on social media while you do the same.

If you are in a relationship with nothing to discuss with your boyfriend, this article is for you.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

My Boyfriend And I Have Nothing To Talk About: Why It’s Happening

1. Complacency

My Boyfriend And I Have Nothing To Talk About

If you’ve been in the relationship for a few years,

There’s a high chance you and your boyfriend are now complacent and are no longer putting in the effort as it was in the beginning.

The temptation to be complacent happens to everyone in a long-term relationship.

It gets to a point where you and your boyfriend believe you know everything there is to know about each other and no longer put in the effort to make it work.

Complacency might be why you and your boyfriend don’t have anything to discuss.

When complacency sets in, you will notice you no longer go on dates or do exciting things that create room for communication.

2. Lack Of Common Interest

At the beginning of most relationships, a lack of common interest doesn’t affect it much, but with time it becomes obvious.

For instance, your boyfriend likes football, and you like fashion. It would not be easy to have something to talk about since you like different things.

It would be hard to relate when you have different interests because neither of you knows anything about each other’s interests.

If you know nothing about football, and he knows nothing about fashion, it would not be easy to communicate.

3. Busy Schedules

You and your boyfriend may have nothing to discuss because of your busy schedules.

If you both have demanding corporate jobs, it would be difficult to communicate with each other,

Even when the opportunity arises, it would be brief and short.

Lack of communication in a relationship creates a situation where there’s nothing to discuss.

If not handled properly, busy schedules would affect communication and might destroy the relationship.

4. Lack Of Emotional Connection

You might have nothing to discuss if you are not emotionally connected with your boyfriend.

Having something to discuss doesn’t have to be special. It can be a discussion about work, politics or daily living.

This kind of conversation can only happen when you are emotionally connected.

When you are emotionally connected, you would feel excited around him, making you engage him in random conversations.

If you’ve ever felt incompatible with your boyfriend, it might be why you have nothing to discuss.

5. Distraction

nothing to talk about with boyfriend

This is the 21st century, the age of distraction.

So many things would distract you and make it difficult to have a meaningful conversation with your boyfriend.

These days you can be with your boyfriend, and he would be on social media for the period you are around.

The more you communicate with your boyfriend, the more things to discuss.

We get so distracted that we hardly have time for our romantic partners.

6. Shyness And Discomfort

It’s possible you just started dating your boyfriend, and you are shy around him.

Most times, when your relationship is new, you are careful of your conversations because you don’t know what would turn him off.

7. Lack Of Romantic Activities

If you and your boyfriend stay at home all the time and don’t go out, it can quickly make the relationship boring.

Try and engage in romantic activities such as date nights, dinner dates, weekend getaways etc.

One of the main reasons most couples have nothing to discuss is that they don’t participate in romantic activities.

Having fun creates romantic memories that become the subject of discussion.

My Boyfriend And I Have Nothing To Talk About: How To Handle The Situation

8. Be Honest

You have to bring up the issue when you are with him.

Tell him there’s nothing to discuss when you are together.

Most people would want to shy away from having such a discussion. They believe the issue will fix itself with time.

But that is rarely the case.

Most guys would start dating another woman because they feel the relationship has lost its taste.

Discuss the issue with him and work on a solution together.

There’s a high chance he’s also unhappy with how things are going in the relationship.

9. Discover New Activities And Interests

me and my boyfriend have nothing to talk about

Participating in new activities together create things to discuss later.

Whether it’s organizing a date night or a movie date,

The more you get involved in activities, the more you will have things to discuss.

If your relationship becomes boring, falling for outside temptation is easy.

Think of something to do together and have fun while doing it.

The memories you create during these activities would tremendously aid your communication with him.

10. Set Aside Time For Communication

It’s important to set time for communication, or else the challenges of daily living will make you forget each other.

If you both have a job, you should set a certain time for communication and stick with it.

You might be wondering what if there’s nothing to say to each other,

You can start by giving him a highlight of your day and sharing your thoughts and feelings concerning anything that borders you.

You can talk about politics and the economy; it doesn’t always have to be romantic talks.

If your goal for communication is to learn from each other, you would have things to discuss.

Sometimes my girlfriend spends over an hour telling me about her job, and I sit there and listen to everything she says.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Say To Your Boyfriend When You Have Nothing To Talk About?

If you’re thinking of what to say to your boyfriend when there’s nothing to talk about, you can try the following:

Talk about your love story (how you met each other)

Start a conversation about your daily activities (like what happened at the office)

Talk about memories you’ve both created

Bring up the discussion about interesting movies

Is It Bad That My Boyfriend And I Have Nothing To Discuss Anymore?

It happens to everyone, especially those in long-term relationships

It gets to a point where you have nothing more to talk about.

That’s why you have to actively work on creating memories that would be a point of conversation.

Like going for outdoor activities, going on dinner dates, or mini-vacations.

What Topic Can I Discuss With My Boyfriend?

You can discuss the following topics with your boyfriend:





Daily living




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