i want to be single but i love my boyfriend

I Love My Boyfriend But I Want To Be Single: 5 Odd Reasons

I love my boyfriend but i want to be single if you are in such situation this article is for you.

Most people won’t understand when you say you love your boyfriend but want to be single.

Your boyfriend might not even accept it. He might think you are using that as an excuse to be with someone else.

Sometimes it gets to a point where you want to be single because you feel it’s best for you.

Unfortunately, your boyfriend might misunderstand your reason for wanting to be single and could keep accusing you of things you don’t have in mind.

In this article, we will discuss the possible reasons why you want to be single and what you can do about it.

Oops, you are not alone. A lot of people feel the same way. They are just afraid of saying out.

If you are ready, hop on let’s take a ride

I Love My Boyfriend But I Want To Be Single: Why Do You Feel That Way

1. You Want Personal Growth

i love my boyfriend but i want to be single

I’m dating an amazing woman, but sometimes I want to be single because the relationship consumes a lot of time that could have been used to pursue personal growth.

She spends most of her free time with me and wants your maximum attention, which affects other activities.

Having a boyfriend consumes time and could affect your drive for personal growth.

If you work from home like me, your productivity will be severely affected if you have a boyfriend who is always around.

2. You Have High Career Goals

You might have career goals that require your maximum attention

If you plan to advance your career through taking more courses, training and workshops,

You may have little time for your relationship, which can bring constant fights.

Career advancement usually needs serious commitment, which can significantly affect your relationship and make your boyfriend suspect you of cheating.

2. Your Emotional Needs Are Not Met

Maybe your boyfriend doesn’t treat you right, so you want to be single.

He may cheat on you, emotionally and physically abuses you, and you’ve had enough and want to be single.

Before now, he used to treat you like a queen, but now he treats you like trash and doesn’t have any respect for you.

If your emotional needs are unmet, or you are unhappy in the relationship, that’s enough reason to want to be single.

3. You Are Afraid Of Commitment

i love my boyfriend but i want to break up

Some ladies run away when they genuinely fall in love with a guy.

They fear having their heart broken.

You may be in that category and want to be single because you are scared of what might happen next since you are now in love with him.

Your boyfriend might already be talking about marriage, and it’s freaking you out, and you want to run from him ASAP.

You are not the only girl fearing commitment because they don’t know if the guy will change tomorrow.

4. You Need Space

Sometimes your boyfriend always being around you might begin to choke you.

He might be someone you used to enjoy his company at the beginning, but now he’s always with you to the extent you’re bored of him.

Seeing each other daily might be exciting initially, but some people get bored quickly, and you might be one of them.

You may need space to be yourself and explore the world without being accountable to anybody.

Sometimes it gets to a point in life you want to be single for a while without having to explain every decision you make to someone else.

You could also want space to sort out family issues or get the proper closure from your past relationship before fully committing to your current boyfriend.

5. You Are At Different Stages In Life

You and your boyfriend could be at different stages of life due to age or mindset.

Maybe you are older than him, or it’s the other way around, and you have a different perception of life.

You could be talking about marriage if you are older and he’s not ready now.

Or he wants to get married, and you are not ready.

There are so many ways you could be in different stages in life.

It could be in education, finances, or even maturity.

It’s also possible your priorities are different; he could want something you can’t provide.

I Love My Boyfriend But I Want To Be Single: How To Handle The Situation

6. Take Time To Reflect And Be Sure About It

i love him but i want to break up

You have to critically reflect on the decision you are about to take to be sure it’s what you want to avoid regrets later.

So many women have taken this same decision but later found out it was wrong, but the damage has already been done, and they couldn’t get their ex back.

Think critically about the decision; if you still can’t figure it out, talk to someone about it to help you gain clarity.

Try not to depend on your emotions alone to make this decision because emotions can change.

If you are still uncertain about what to do, take a short break from the relationship to help you clarify your next course of action.

7. Communicate Your Feelings

I know this is difficult to discuss with your boyfriend, especially when he has done nothing wrong.

He might even accuse you of meeting another guy as the reason why you want to be single.

Communicate your feelings to him honestly and respectfully.

Tell him why you want to be single, and if it’s for a while, let him know. If you are not coming back, let him know too.

Try to set the right expectation instead of making him believe something untrue.

Tell him why you want to be single and appreciate him for all of his love and sacrifices.

He would try to convince you to stay together. That’s why you should think about it critically before you tell him.

If you are sure you want to be single, then stick to your decision.

8. Take Care Of Yourself

Ensure you take care of yourself and have the best of fun when you are single.

You should figure out yourself emotionally to avoid hurting someone else in the future.

Use your time to find answers to the issue that made you break up with your boyfriend.

Fix everything needed so you can enter a new relationship and not get tired or desire to be single again.

You might want to be single because of unresolved issues in your love life that your boyfriend might not be aware of.

When you finally become single, work on it and get a lasting solution that wouldn’t destroy your next relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

I Love My Boyfriend, But I Miss The Excitement Of Being Single. Is This A Normal Feeling?

Yes, it’s normal. We all feel that way sometimes.

It’s not every day you’re excited about being in a relationship.

Sometimes you want to be single without worrying about someone else.

That’s why love is a decision to commit to someone regardless of circumstances.

That’s because feelings change, and if you build your relationship on feelings, you will one day get tired and desire to be single.

How Do You Know If You Want To Be Single Or In A Relationship?

Listed below are the signs that you want to be single

The relationship feels like a burden

You get angry with your boyfriend easily

You want to hang out alone

You talk to your boyfriend rudely

You start thinking of breakup often

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend That I Want To Be Single?

Telling your boyfriend you want to be single is a challenging task.

He would likely think something is wrong or you met someone else.

Think about it before you tell him to avoid regrets in the future.

If you are sure you still want to be single, then meet with him physically in an open restaurant and tell him you want to be single.

He would try to convince you it’s a bad idea; you have to stick to your decision and walk away.

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