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Married Women Give Their Best Advice To Single Ladies: A Research Study

Research methodology: We sent messages to over 1000 women on social media platforms asking them for their best advice for single ladies.

660 replied us their response has been calculated and put in a percentage format for easy understanding, and you can take a look below:

1. Develop Yourself And Live Your Best Life While You Are Single (23%)

23% of the women said single ladies should pursue their dreams and purpose in life.

They shouldn’t make their life all about getting married.

They highlighted the need for personal development if you want to be an asset to the man you marry.

They also stressed the need for ladies to enjoy their singlehood as marriage comes with a lot of responsibility, which can give you little time for yourself.

They encouraged single ladies to use their time now to discover their unique strengths and actively pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Most of the women stressed the need for singles to enjoy their singlehood to the fullest.

In the words of one of them, she said: “Enjoy your freedom to sleep when you want to now, while it last.”

Most of these women wished they had maximized their singlehood.

2. Marry A Man Who Is Your Friend And Respects You (5%)

5% of the women advised single ladies to be friends with the man they intend to marry and choose a man that respects them.

They highlighted the need to marry your friend because communication is the bedrock of a successful marriage.

According to them, when you marry your friend, you can express your worries concerning issues without fear, which would help you avoid resentment.

If you cannot effectively communicate what’s on your mind to him, you will resent him.

In the words of one of them, she said, “Marry your friend and playmate; marriage is not a military zone.”

3. Secure Your Happiness | Love Yourself And Discover Your Self-Identity (21%)

21% of the women stressed the need for you to love yourself as a single.

They believe if you cannot love yourself, your spouse can easily manipulate you.

According to them, “Marriage cannot bring anyone happiness if you can’t find happiness within yourself; nobody is responsible for your happiness but you.

It will always be your responsibility to make yourself happy, which never changes.

Ensure you maintain your identity, as marriage doesn’t mean losing your identity.

According to one of the women she said: “Marriage is a part of life, not the purpose of life.”

The value you place on yourself is the value the man would see and follow suit, so place value on yourself because you are priceless.

4. Don’t Be Desperate To Get Married (18%)

18% of them advised singles not to rush into marriage because their peers were getting married.

They encouraged singles not to rush into marriage because they were getting older. According to them, being single is better than being with the wrong man.

They wanted singles to know that marriage is the most crucial decision of your life and you shouldn’t be in a hurry to make it.

In the words of one of them, she said, “I remember when I couldn’t wait to marry him, now I can’t wait to divorce him.

They encouraged singles to be patient, which they know is hard, but the right man is worth the wait.

They strongly advised singles not to settle for any man just because they wanted to get married.

5. Don’t Ignore Warning Signs | Hidden Characters (4%)

4% of the women encouraged singles not to ignore warning signs in their potential spouses.

They encouraged single ladies to go for kind men.

They claimed it’s one of the most important qualities to look for in a man.

Make sure he’s a kind person, someone who is genuinely kind not just to you but to those around him.

In the words of one of them, she said, “Before choosing your spouse, make sure you observe how he treats other people too. “

The fact that he treats you like a queen is not enough. If he treats others like trash, chances are he would treat you the same way after marriage.

6. Have Your Source Of Income Before Getting Married (18%)

18% of the women strongly advised single to have a source of income before getting married as it would significantly help in the marital journey.

The women were begging singles not to be carried away by love but to ensure they were financially independent.

They encouraged singles to ensure they have a job or business before getting married.

7. Love Is Not Enough To Keep A Marriage (2%)

2% of the women said love is not enough to keep a marriage.

They believe you need a strong commitment to make it work.

They also highlighted that if you are someone who keeps grudges and find it hard to forgive,

You need to work on it before marriage because it’s a journey of forgiveness and compromise.

They believe marriage is work, and you should be ready to work if you want a successful marriage.

8. Find Out If You Are Compatible And Get To Know His Family (9%)

9% of the women encouraged single ladies to get to know the guy they want to marry and find out if they are compatible.

Be sure you share similar values and mindset, as that could be a source of conflict in marriage.

They also encouraged singles to learn about the guy’s family because the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

You shouldn’t marry a man you don’t know.

They also stressed the need for you to be accepted into your spouse’s family; according to them, you would have less stress if they accepted you.


From the research, you would observe that the areas singles need to focus on are:

Developing yourself and living your best life while single.

Securing your happiness and discovering your self-identity

Avoiding desperation because you want to get married

Having your source of income before getting married

The advice given by the women is visualized in the chart below:

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