My Boyfriend Values Money More Than Me

My Boyfriend Values Money More Than Me: 7 Shocking Facts

It’s sad to have a boyfriend that prioritizes money over you, a guy that would do anything for money even if it hurts your feelings.

He might even tell you he values money more than his parents and siblings.

Such guys prefer to spend their free time working than being with you.

Dating a guy like that might make you feel alone or not good enough.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend values money more than you and what you can do about it.

My Boyfriend Values Money More Than Me: Why?

1. Upbringing And Family Influence

all my boyfriend cares about is money

Your boyfriend might have been raised by parents who prioritize financial success more than people; he might have carried that mindset to adult relationships.

His dad might have taught him that money can get you anything.

Your boyfriend might also have been taught that he can get any woman he desires if he has money.

Such mindsets can make him not value you because he believes women are only after money.

The way a child is raised influences how they behave as adults.

2. He’s Broke

A broke guy often believes money will solve all his problems; hence, he tends to value it more than the woman he’s dating.

If your boyfriend is broke or struggling financially, he might see money as the only thing he needs to transform his life.

At that point, he’s willing to do anything, even if he has to hurt your feelings.

3. He’s Driven By Ambition

Your boyfriend might have set financial targets that he wants to achieve.

He might want financial independence at a certain age or retire early; hence, he focuses all his attention on money while ignoring you.

4. Fear Of Abandonment

Many men believe nobody will care about them if they don’t have money.

I have seen men work from dawn to dusk before they fear being poor.

They have no time for their relationships.

Your boyfriend might have been in a relationship in the past where financial issues led to a breakup; hence, he feels money is the most important thing in a relationship.

5. He Doesn’t Really Care About You

Your boyfriend might behave that way because he doesn’t care about you.

A guy who loves you would prioritize you over everything else.

For your boyfriend to put money first shows a lack of commitment to the relationship.

No matter how busy a man is, he should create time for the woman he loves.

6. Emotional Disconnect

Your boyfriend might not be happy in the relationship; hence, He focuses on money, especially if he believes women only care about money.

He might be tired of how the relationship is going, so he decides to pursue money.

A popular proverb among men says, “You can lose money while chasing women, but you can’t lose women chasing money.”

Although I don’t agree with the proverb, many men believe it.

7. External Pressure

my boyfriend always talks about money

Your boyfriend might be pressured to make money because of his friends.

He might feel insecure because his friends are successful; hence, he’s trying to make money by all means.

Your boyfriend might be competing with his peers who seem more successful than him.

My Boyfriend Values Money More Than Me: How To Handle The Situation

8. Call Him Out

Let your boyfriend know you’ve noticed he values money more than you.

Tell him money is important, but it shouldn’t take your place.

He might not be aware of what he’s doing. That’s why you have to talk to him.

He needs to know how you feel when he doesn’t prioritize you.

9. Give Him A Chance To Explain

my boyfriend is obsessed with money

After expressing your feelings, you need to give him a chance to explain.

It might not be what you think; maybe he’s trying to give you a better life.

That’s why communication is so important in romantic relationships.

Listening to his reasons for valuing money can help you understand why he behaves that way.

10. Seek Compromise

You have to come to a compromise concerning money and spending time together.

He needs to know how to prioritize you, and you also need to give him space to pursue money.

You have to agree on something that works for both parties.

11. Set Firm Boundaries

You have to tell him you won’t tolerate playing second fiddle.

He won’t know you’re serious about it if you don’t set firm boundaries.

Make him aware he risks losing you if he continues to behave this way.

It will also help you to know if he cares about you or if the relationship means anything to him.

If he changes his attitude, it means he cares about you, but if he ignores you and continues to act the same way,

You mean nothing to him, and there’s no need to stay in a relationship where your boyfriend takes you for granted.

12. Be Patient

After talking with him and setting boundaries, you have to be patient and see if he’s trying to change his behaviour.

If he doesn’t change after some time, you can quit and find someone who values you and treats you like a queen.

You need a guy who doesn’t worship or prioritize money over his love life.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Make My Boyfriend Realize My Importance?

Sometimes, the guy you love might take you for granted, and you would want him to realize your worth by doing the following:

Focus on self-care: The more available you are for a guy, the more likely he will take you for granted.

If your life depends on him, he will take you for granted.

He will not value you if you have no friends or don’t hang out with anyone else except him.

Have a girl’s night out, or go out for outdoor activities without him.

When he realizes you’re living your best life, he will learn to prioritize you.

Give him space: sometimes you have to give your boyfriend space to miss you for him to realize your importance.

If you call him every hour, you should limit it. That way, he will notice you don’t call as before.

Talk to him directly: let him know you’ve observed he doesn’t value you.

Sometimes, you have to communicate your feelings to your boyfriend because he might not know you feel that way.

Why Does My Boyfriend Only Think About Money?

Your boyfriend might only think about money due to any of the reasons:

He believes money brings Respect

He’s broke and trying to get out of debt

He’s under pressure to be rich

He’s from a low-income family

He’s driven by ambition

My Boyfriend Values Money Over Everything; For Him, Money Comes Above Parents, Friends, And Relationships. What Should I Do?

Try to talk to him about it, but he might not listen to you because that’s his mindset.

You will have to give him time to figure out that money isn’t everything.

When that happens, he will drop the mentality that money is more important than people.

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