my boyfriend called me his ex's name

My Boyfriend Calls Me The Same Nickname As His Ex: 8 Odd Facts

I can imagine your boyfriend calling you a nickname you felt was special, but somehow you found out it was the same nickname he was calling his ex.

It’s making you feel you are not unique to him.

If you don’t address the issue quickly, it can make you start resenting him.

Or you would cringe anytime he calls you that nickname.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why your boyfriend calls you the same nickname as his ex and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s go

My Boyfriend Calls Me The Same Nickname As His Ex: Why He Acts That Way

1. It’s Just A Habit

My Boyfriend Calls Me The Same Nickname As His Ex

He might be used to the nickname and has been calling all the girls he has dated the same nickname, not just his recent ex.

Like me, I call my current girlfriend “babe” I have used the same nickname for every girl I have dated.

I didn’t pay much attention to it. I am just fond of using the nickname.

Your boyfriend might be like me; not every guy wants to create a new nickname for every girl they date,

Sometimes, they can call you the nickname they’ve been using before now.

2. He Hasn’t Thought About It.

boyfriend called me ex's name during argument

Maybe your boyfriend is unaware he’s calling you the same nickname as his ex.

He may think the nickname is unimportant or doesn’t bother you.

He may have unconsciously given you the same nickname because he feels it suits you.

For instance, your boyfriend might have previously called his ex “my sunshine.”

But she cheated on him and broke his heart, and you came along and made him happy he can also call you “my sunshine”,

Not because he’s not over his ex but because you are his sunshine, and he feels you deserve that nickname.

3. He’s Not Over His Ex

It’s the most obvious one. That’s what you are probably thinking too.

If he’s calling you a nickname he hasn’t used for any other girl except his recent ex, there’s a high chance he’s not over her.

If he’s constantly comparing you to his ex, or his mood changes whenever he talks about her, he’s not over her.

Many guys are still in love with their ex. They don’t just know how to get her back.

If you also notice that he sometimes calls you his ex’s name, that is also a sign you shouldn’t ignore.

5. He Genuinely Likes The Name

Your boyfriend might be genuinely fond of the nickname, which has nothing to do with his ex.

It might be the nickname he used to call his favorite aunt

He might have positive memories concerning the nickname; hence he wants to keep the nickname alive.

The nickname might remind him of something special he doesn’t want to forget.

My Boyfriend Calls Me The Same Nickname As His Ex: How To Handle The Situation.

6. Talk To Your Boyfriend About It.

Tell him it worries you that he calls you the same nickname as his ex.

Maybe he’s unaware, or it’s a nickname he truly loves, but you won’t know until you tell him about your concerns.

Tell him it worries you, and listen to what he says.

Sometimes a simple conversation with your boyfriend would resolve this issue.

Tell him how you feel, knowing he’s calling you the same nickname as his ex.

7. Come Up With A New Nickname.

My boyfriend says the same things to me that he said to his ex

If you are uncomfortable with his explanation or don’t want him to call you that nickname, come up with a new one together.

Tell him to start calling you the new nickname; initially, it will be difficult for him because he’s not used to it.

Give him time to adjust and be patient with him. Please don’t yell and accuse him of being in love with his ex if he mistakenly calls you the former nickname.

8. Trust Him And Ignore It.

If your boyfriend has never done anything for you to suspect him, then you have to ignore being called the same nickname as his ex.

If you can’t ignore it, find out if he has been using the same nickname for all the girls he has dated; if yes, ignore it. Your boyfriend probably loves the nickname, so he keeps using it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Bad If Your Boyfriend Calls You His Ex’s Name?

Depends on how long they were together. It may not mean your boyfriend is still into her.

His brain had gotten accustomed to the name if they had been together for long. It might be why he called you her name by mistake; it would likely stop with time.

What Should I Do If My Boyfriend Called Me By His Ex’s Name?

Ignore it: you can ignore it because it could be memory reflexes since he has been with the person for a long time.

If you keep your things on a particular shelf and later move it to another one, you will notice you often look for the things in the old self because your brain has become accustomed to it.

Give him some time: time heals all wounds, and it helps us enjoy the present.

Give your boyfriend time to make adjustments because it will take a lot of work to erase the memory of someone he has been with for a long time.

It doesn’t mean he’s still in love with her, though. Being patient with him would allow him to get accustomed to you and treasure your relationship with him.

Talk to him about it: if he keeps calling you his ex-name often, you should talk to him about it.

Tell him you’ve noticed he calls you his ex-name often, and you would like to know why.

Listen to his response. You will easily know if he’s still into his ex, or it’s just a coincidence.

Why Would My Boyfriend Call Me The Same Exact Specific Pet Name He And His Ex Used?

There are many reasons why he would do that, but the most common ones are listed below:

He might have used it for all his exes

He genuinely loves the name

He didn’t feel it would bother you

He’s still in love with his ex

The name reminds him of something special.

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