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My Boyfriend Wants A Break But Still Loves Me: 9 Weird Facts

I understand how it feels for your boyfriend to ask for a break suddenly, even though the relationship has been healthy.

He might not even tell you why he needs a break, and when you demand answers, he tells you;

“It’s personal stuff; you won’t understand. Just give me some time.”

The big question he might try to avoid is, “How long should you wait”.

It’s confusing and frustrating when you don’t know the direction of the relationship.

In this article, I will share possible reasons why he needs a break and how you can handle the situation.

If you are ready, let’s dive in

My Boyfriend Wants A Break But Still Loves Me: Why He Wants A Break

1. He’s Overwhelmed By The Relationship

My Boyfriend Wants A Break But Still Loves Me

Maybe because you are always with him every day,

Men easily get tired of when you are always available; it makes them feel you are suffocating them.

Men sometimes love to be alone because it allows them to plan, think and strategize about the future.

But when you are always around, it would seem like a distraction.

It’s sometimes good to make him miss you when he does; he would be anxious to see you.

Your constant presence might overwhelm your boyfriend; hence, he needs a break to clear things out about other areas of his life.

Most ladies demand your full attention when they are around, and if you are around often, it means he won’t have time to focus on other things, which might be why he wants a break.

2. He’s Looking For A Way To Quit

Often a guy asking for a break is quietly looking for a breakup.

As a couple, you are both supposed to handle your challenges together.

Maybe he knows asking for a breakup would hurt you badly,

So he opted to ask for a break and then break up with you later when your interest in the relationship has subsided.

Asking for a direct breakup may sound cruel and might hurt you, but a break and then a breakup is not that brutal.

A friend of mine had a similar experience. Her boyfriend requested a break to focus on his final college exams, only to return and ask for a breakup.

3. He’s Dating Someone Else

Sometimes a guy can tell you he wants a break because he wants to explore his relationship with other women while he keeps you as a backup in case things don’t work out.

If your guy is dating someone else, there would be signs that you might have ignored.

My ex-girlfriend called me one day and said she needed a break; I was surprised because I have always done my best for the relationship.

Unknown to me, she was dating someone else and wanted to use me as a backup. Eventually, I found out, and we broke up.

4. You Did Something To Hurt Him

he wants a break how long should i give him

Like cheating or something that betrays his trust,

He would want to take a break and process the information.

It’s not easy to forgive a cheating partner; it takes time and a lot of self-thought to let go.

If you cheated on him, give him time to process the information and decide whether he wants to continue the relationship.

5. He’s Suffering From Anxiety And Depression

Most people suffering from depression and anxiety love to be alone.

If you notice your boyfriend has been showing signs of anxiety and depression, it might be why he wants a break to figure himself out.

He might want space because he can’t trust himself around you, especially when he’s depressed.

What To Do If Your Boyfriend Wants A Break

6. Find Out Why He Needs A Break

A guy who truly loves you would tell you why he needs a break and what he intends to do during the break period.

If he refuses to tell you, it means there’s a communication breakdown, and the break might be his excuse to exit the relationship.

Ask him to tell you why he needs a break and why he feels you can’t handle the challenge together.

His answer might give you a clue as to what is happening.

7. He Should Define The Time Frame

A break without a time frame is a breakup.

He should tell you long it would take for him to figure things out and how long you should wait.

If it’s too long, he might want to use that time to explore other relationships and use you as a backup.

Taking a break in a relationship keeps you stagnant because you don’t know how it will turn out.

8. Define The Rules Of The Break

boyfriend wants a break but still contacts me

There’s nothing as frustrating as a break that has no rules.

Are you allowed to date someone else during the break?

How long should you wait for him?

Are friends and family allowed to know you are on break?

Will there be regular communication during the break?

Whatever you don’t understand, ask him for clarification. Don’t agree to a break that is not clearly defined.

9. Walk Away If The Break Exceeds The Agreed Time

If he stays playing games, you should stop wasting time and quit the relationship.

He might be trying to play with your emotions and take your love for granted.

Find another guy that would give you full commitment.

Your time is too precious to allow a guy to leave you hanging while he explores other options.

Quit, and you will find someone else who deserves your love.

Frequently Asked Questions

If He Says He Needs A Break But Still Loves Me So Much, What Does It Mean?

A guy telling you he needs a break but loves you could mean the following:

He’s tired of the relationship

He’s dating someone else

He’s suffering from anxiety and depression

He needs space to focus on other important areas of his life

He wants to explore other relationships and use you as a backup.

My Boyfriend Wants Space. How Long Should I Wait?

It depends on the time frame you agreed with him.

It shouldn’t be too long, like one year, because so many things can go wrong within that time.

You might fall in love with someone else because you are uncertain if he will return.

If you wait for him for so long, you might miss the opportunity to be with someone else, and he might come back and break up with you.

The break should be in the range of one week to one month. Anything more that might mean your boyfriend has ulterior motives.

Should We Talk During A Break?

It depends on the agreement you both made, but generally,

It’s not recommended you communicate with each other as it would mess up the goal of the break period.

He should be left alone to figure out himself, and when he’s ready, he will return.

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