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My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like My Job: 9 Odd Reasons

My boyfriend doesn’t like my job, if you’re in such a situation this article is for you.

Let me first share a true life story.

Emily met her boyfriend while working as a waiter at a restaurant.

She previously had an office job until she got fired.

Emily’s boyfriend was a regular at the restaurant and used to give her tips until, one day, he asked for her number.

She gave it to him, and that was how their friendship started; a few months later, they started dating.

Her boyfriend was nice and did things to make her know he loved her.

But there was only one problem.

He didn’t like Emily’s waiter job, which was the source of their constant fights.

He felt the job was beneath Emily’s pedigree and was even more disappointed when she didn’t want to leave.

He started to say demeaning words to her and kept saying she had no ambition in life.

If you are like Emily, this article is for you.

In this article, you will find out why your boyfriend doesn’t like your job and what you can do about it.

If you are ready, let’s get started.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like My Job: Why?

1. It Doesn’t Align With His Values

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn't Like Your Job

Your boyfriend might have certain values that conflict with your job or the industry you work in.

For instance, you work in a company that produces alcoholic drinks,

And your boyfriend doesn’t like alcohol because it’s against his principles; it can make him hate your job.

Or if your boyfriend is a Christian and you work in an adult toy store, that might go against his values and create a lot of tension in the relationship.

2. He’s Jealous And Insecure

Your boyfriend might feel jealous due to the time and attention you give to your job.

If your job is very demanding and doesn’t give you enough time to spend with your boyfriend, it might be why he doesn’t like it.

It’s even worse if the job takes so much of your time but pays too little, and he’s aware.

It’s also possible he doesn’t like the job because he’s afraid you might meet someone better on the job and leave him.

That’s a fear that is common among guys.

If you work in a place where you meet many people daily, such as a hotel receptionist or a waitress, that might scare him and make him dislike your job.

3. Social Status

What to do when your partner hates your job

Your boyfriend might feel your job doesn’t reflect well on his social status.

Men generally want ladies they could brag about to their friends.

He might not like your job because it doesn’t boost his ego among his friends.

His friends might be dating girls working in big places, and you are the odd one out.

If your boyfriend comes from a wealthy family with social status,

Your kind of job might be beneath his family status, and he might feel they would mock him if they found out.

4. Financial Concerns

Your boyfriend might be concerned about the financial stability of your job, especially if it’s not paying well.

Maybe you work so hard, but you are always broke, which can give him cause to worry.

To him, he might not see a solid financial future for you if you keep working there due to the low pay.

Also, the industry could be volatile, and he’s scared you might one day get fired after you’ve put in so much work with small pay.

Your financial stability could be why your boyfriend doesn’t like your job because he thinks it’s not worth it.

5. Personal Biases

He may have biases about certain jobs or industries due to his life experience.

Many people believe nurses and receptionists are loosed sexually, which is untrue.

Your boyfriend might have one of those personal biases against your job.

He might think your job makes you sleep around with other men.

He might even accuse you of sleeping with your senior colleagues to keep your job.

There’s a high chance he already has a certain mindset about your job due to what people generally say about it.

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Like My Job: What To Do About It

6. Communicate With Your Boyfriend

My Boyfriend Doesn't Like My Job

Tell your boyfriend why you are still working there and the plans you have for your life.

Discuss with him and give him all the info he needs about your job for him to have peace of mind.

If he’s scared, you might leave him when you meet someone better at work; assure him of your love and desire to be faithful in the relationship.

Don’t ignore him anytime he’s complaining about your job; explain to him and give him all the assurance he needs to trust you.

7. Set Boundaries

You shouldn’t allow him to make you resign from your job if you don’t want to.

If he forces you to resign, it might give him the mindset that he can make you do anything. That’s often the start of possessiveness.

If you like your job and don’t intend to quit, tell your boyfriend, it doesn’t matter how he feels about it.

Imagine you were the one who didn’t like his job. Would he resign because of you? I guess not.

If you love the job and believe you can build a solid future with it, you should go for it without hesitation.

Some guys want you to quit your job to be financially dependent on them; they could even quit the relationship after you’ve resigned.

Keep your job until you feel it’s time to leave for better opportunities.

8. Seek Support

Talk to your friends and family members about the issue. Don’t try to handle it on your own.

Speak with people you trust among your friends and family, and listen to what they have to say about it.

This article might not cover the issue in detail because everyone’s case is unique.

But if you speak with those you trust, you would give them more details which can help them give you better counsel on the matter.

9. Prioritize Your Happiness

Your happiness comes first. Your boyfriend should support you, not oppose you due to your kind of job.

If you feel things are no longer going well in the relationship, and the issue about your job is bringing constant fights, then you should consider walking away.

If you sacrifice your happiness because of your boyfriend’s desire, be aware you will do it repeatedly.

I encourage you to stand for what you believe in and what makes you happy.

If your guy won’t back down and insist you should leave the job because he doesn’t like it, then you should ask yourself if the relationship is worth it.

10. Re-Evaluate Your Job

Your boyfriend’s concerns may be genuine. Try and evaluate your job and find out if it’s worth all your trouble.

If you keep working at your present job, would you ever be financially stable?

All of these might be the fear of your boyfriend, that’s why he doesn’t like your job.

If you feel his concerns are genuine, you should team up to improve things.

Frequently Asked Questions

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Like Your Job?

If your boyfriend doesn’t like your job, you can do the things listed below:

Give him time to get comfortable with the job

Ask him to help you get a befitting job

If you love the job, then tell him

My Boyfriend Doesn’t Support My Career. What Should I Do?

If your boyfriend doesn’t support your career, you can do the following:

Ask him why he doesn’t like the career

Allay his fears about your career

Make it clear it’s your career choice, and you won’t compromise it

Let him know how important your career choice is to you

Should I Resign From My Job Because Of My Boyfriend?

Leaving your job should be a decision you make for yourself, not because a guy wants you to resign.

If he can tell you to quit your job, he will tell you to cut off your friends next.

Such a guy will likely be controlling and want you to depend on him financially.

You shouldn’t resign because he can break up with you tomorrow, and you will be jobless.

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