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9 Ways On How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend When You Still Love Him

In this article, I share tips on how to break up with your boyfriend when you still love him.

It hurts when you want to break up with someone you love.

I have experienced it myself.

When my ex cheated on me a few years ago, I had to leave, but it wasn’t an easy decision considering my love for her.

Finally, I gathered courage and walked away from the relationship.

It was not that I didn’t forgive her; I couldn’t continue the relationship because she was still dating the other guy after I caught her cheating.

Your case might be different, but it doesn’t change anything that you want to break up with a guy you love.

I understand you might be looking for the best way to end the relationship without making him hate you.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend When You Still Love Him

1. Know Why You Are Breaking Up With Him

How To Break Up With Your Boyfriend When You Still Love Him

It’s one of the most important things to figure out before you tell him about the breakup.

He can easily make you change your mind if you don’t know why you are breaking up with him.

He can use friends and family members who would mount pressure on you to give him another chance.

Be sure of the exact reason why you want the breakup.

Does he hit or yell at you, treat you like trash, or he’s cheating on you?

Keep the reason why you want to break up with him in mind

Think critically about everything and ask yourself if continuing the relationship would make you happy; if not, walk away.

My girlfriend cheated on me, so my reason for walking away was quite obvious.

2. Decide How You Would Inform Him

You have to decide on the best way to break up the news to him.

You know your relationship better than anymore, and you know the best means to communicate the breakup to him.

You can invite him to a restaurant and inform him of your decision to quit.

There’s no easy way to break up; if you’re looking for how to break up without hurting him, I am afraid there’s none.

Breaking up with a guy you love is a challenging decision. Just keep reminding yourself why you decided to quit.

3. Think About Your Safety

how do i break up with my boyfriend

Sometimes you only know a guy once you break up with him.

That’s why you must consider your safety when planning to break up

Some guys can go crazy when you break up with them.

They can send you hundreds of messages threatening your life.

If your guy hits you or is possessive, you must be extra careful when breaking up with him.

Think of places you can go to immediately after you break up with him.

Some guys can harm you when they know they can’t have you anymore.

There have been so many reported cases of women whose lives have been cut short by their ex-boyfriends.

Prioritize your safety, break up with him in an open restaurant, and refuse to go somewhere alone with him.

4. Stick To Your Decision

Telling your boyfriend you no longer want the relationship might involve begging for a second chance.

He might promise he would change from whatever he has been doing wrong if you give him one more chance.

That’s why knowing why you are breaking up with him is important.

If he didn’t change before, there’s a high chance he won’t change now; besides, people hardly change.

He might wear you out with constant begging, but you have to stick with your decision.

He can also use friends and family who might try to convince you to give him another chance.

You are the one in a relationship and know what’s best for you.

Many women get deceived when a guy acts genuinely sorry, only to do worse when you take him back.

What To Do When You Broke Up With Your Boyfriend But You Still Love Him

5. Lean On Friends And Family For Support

Friends and family can be a pillar of support after breaking up with your boyfriend.

It’s easy to feel lonely after breaking up with him, and you might contemplate if you made the right decision.

You can stay with your family or hang out with a friend.

Loneliness and negative thoughts can quickly creep into your heart if you have nobody around you.

Do your best to have some fun with friends, and don’t get stuck thinking about a relationship that has ended.

6. Reiterate Why You Broke Up With Him

Reminding yourself why you broke up with him would help you heal faster.

If he was abusive or didn’t respect you, you should keep reminding yourself of what he did that made you quit the relationship.

Also, tell yourself that someone better would come along.

Most women stay in toxic relationships because they believe they can’t find someone better than their current boyfriend.

Such a mindset can make you tolerate his nasty attitude because you believe it’s better than being single.

You deserve the best.

7. Obey The No-Contact Rule

how to break up with your boyfriend

The no-contact rule is one of the most effective strategies to heal from an ex you still love.

So many relationship coaches and therapists agree that the no-contact rule can help you heal from heartbreak fast.

What is the no-contact rule?

The rule states that you shouldn’t contact or let your ex contact you for at least 30 days; the longer the time frame, the better.

The period of no contact helps you heal and evaluate the relationship that just ended,

And gives you the strength to say NO if your ex comes begging for another chance.

The no-contact period should be used to reflect on everything that happened in the relationship and also to kick-start your healing journey.

8. Take Some Time Off Dating To Help You Heal

Many women are in a hurry to start a new relationship after breaking up with a guy they love because they don’t want to feel lonely.

They want to use the new relationship to heal from the previous one.

Such actions often end in frustration because those women make their current boyfriend pay for the sins of their ex.

Some women who haven’t healed properly before starting a new relationship cheat on their current boyfriend with their ex.

I once dated a lady that broke up with a guy she loved, and she cheated on me with the same ex.

Take time to heal before starting a new relationship.

See a therapist if you can’t get over your feelings for him.

9. Start A New Relationship

After you’ve taken some time to heal and feel ready to start another relationship, you can start dating again.

Ensure you don’t ignore red flags in your new relationship.

Lastly, if you must meet with your ex, ensure it’s in an open place.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Break Up With Him If I Still Love Him?

If he’s making you unhappy by treating you like trash and disrespecting you, you should break up even if you still love him.

But make sure you heal properly before starting another relationship.

You shouldn’t tolerate abuse because you’re in love.

It’s not wrong to love a guy. It’s only wrong if you refuse to leave when he takes you for granted.

How Do You Break Up With A Guy That You Love So Much?

If you want to break up with a guy you love but don’t know how you can follow the steps below:

Find out why you are breaking up with him

Deliver the breakup message with any means at your disposal

Stick with your decision

Please stay away from him for a long time

Refuse to go anywhere alone with him.

How To Know If It’s Time To Break Up?

When he no longer respects you

He keeps cheating on you

He has no value in the relationship

He has no value in the relationship

He treats you like trash

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