why do guys push you away when they are stressed

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Stressed And Distant: 13 Hidden Things

It’s disturbing when your boyfriend suddenly becomes distant because he’s stressed about work or other areas of his life.

The truth is you can’t control his mood, but you can help his mood improve.

There are tips and tricks you can apply when your boyfriend is stressed and becoming distant from you.

In this article, you will find out the unique things you can do to help him get better, irrespective of why he’s stressed.

If you are ready, let’s dive in.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Stressed And Distant

1. Show Empathy

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Stressed And Distant

Tell your boyfriend you know he’s going through a tough time

He should know he can count on you and you wouldn’t disappoint him.

Show concern about his situation and allow him to communicate with you without judging him.

Most men want a girlfriend that would support them without judging or nagging.

Although your boyfriend might not show it, he’s appreciative that you are there for him when he’s having challenges,

And you have expressed your desire to stay with him through it.

Every man wants a ride-or-die kind of woman.

2. Listen

Sometimes all a man wants is a woman who would listen to him as he recounts his challenges, even if you don’t contribute.

Make him comfortable to talk about his challenges. He might think you won’t understand what he’s going through, but if you show him you do, he will be more open and share his issues.

Tell him to pour out all his fears, self-doubt and negative thinking,

Listen to him without interrupting, and when he’s done, encourage him that he will overcome them all.

3. Give Space

when a man is stressed and pulls away

When some men are stressed, they want space.

Knowing you are there for him despite giving him space would make him realize he has someone to fall back on when things go south.

Give him space to be himself and figure out things, but support him whenever you can.

4. Send Supportive Messages

Sending him surprise text messages early in the morning or late at night can boost his drive and give him the courage to face his challenges.

He needs to know even if he doesn’t for anybody, he has to win because you believe in him.

Ensure your text messages are romantic and will make him laugh when he reads them.

Inform him you know his challenges, but you are routing that he would overcome them because he’s a champion.

5. Plan Surprise Outings

words of encouragement for a stressed boyfriend

Surprise outings can lift his mood.

If you have the budget, you can take him on a surprise dinner in a nice restaurant.

You can also take him on a mini-vacation to get his mind off whatever is troubling him.

There was a day my girlfriend came to the house unexpectedly, and she told me to dress up and let’s go out.

Honestly, I wasn’t in the mood. I have been consumed by work, and it was stressing me out.

Going on that outing was a huge relief.

6. Offer To Help With Tasks

You can help your boyfriend with some tasks to reduce his stress.

It doesn’t have to be mega. It can be something small like helping your man with laundry or ironing.

These little things mean much to men, especially when he’s under pressure and need to meet up with deadlines.

If he’s working from home, you can help him clean his home office and organize everything so he can work more efficiently.

7. Try Something Fun Together

You can think of exciting things that you can do together.

It could be playing an online game together or playing chess at home.

It could also be taking an evening stroll or sitting in the garden.

The goal is to distract him from whatever is stressing him.

Take him to a place that would make him happy when a man is happy; he will open up and tell you his challenges.

8. Show Physical Affection

Do things like hugging him or holding his hands while walking with him.

It would make him relax, and he would know someone is there for him irrespective of his current challenges.

Cuddle while watching a movie or order a surprise gift for him that he didn’t expect.

Do everything to show you love him physically.

Be willing to support him financially if he needs it but be careful not to allow him to take advantage of you.

9. Be Patient

I know it’s hard, but you have to be patient for him to open up to you.

Some men would tell you they can handle it. Your boyfriend might be one of them.

If so, be patient for him to handle it but lend a hand of support if it’s too much for him.

Whatever is causing him stress will one day pass away. That’s you need to be patient.

10. Encourage Self-Care

A boyfriend going through stress might act in a way you don’t expect.

He might get mad at you for no reason.

That’s why you have to encourage him to get sufficient sleep and worry less.

Eat healthy and exercise regularly rather than leave his health to chance because he’s under pressure.

Ensure he practices good hygiene, like bathing regularly and not using the fact that he’s stressed as an excuse not to take care of himself.

Many men stress themselves so much that they become a shadow of their former selves.

11. Cook His Favorite Meal

Which guy doesn’t like his favorite meal prepared and served as a surprise?

Most of us do.

If you haven’t prepared his favorite meal in a while, you can prepare it now that he’s stressed and distant.

You can visit and surprise him with his favorite meal.

Tell him some romantic things that would inspire him, and then serve the meal.

He might think you are doing much but remind him that you love him and want to be a pillar of support.

12. Take Care Of Yourself

It’s easy to forget yourself because you want to make your boyfriend happy.

You should take care of yourself, too, and not just focus on him.

Plan a girls’ night out with friends and have some fun.

That way, you are not exclusively dependent on him for your happiness.

13. Seek Professional Help

If your boyfriend’s stress is beginning to affect his mental health, you should seek professional help ASAP.

Being his girlfriend would make you know if the stress is affecting his health and call for immediate help.

Some guys only handle stress for a short time.

If you notice what he’s doing is no longer making sense, or he begins to do things that scare you, you should seek help for him.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do You Say When Your Boyfriend Is Stressed And Distant?

If your boyfriend is feeling stressed and distant, you can say the following words to him:

“Babe, you’re not alone. I know you’re stressed, and it’s making you act differently.

But I want you to know I am here for you and will always support you; no matter how tough it gets, you can count on me.”

How Can I Help My Boyfriend When He’s Stressed And Won’t Talk To Me?

You can help him in the following ways:

Support him in your best capacity

Encourage him that things will get better

Send him with surprise gifts at work

Allow him to express his feelings

Give him space to be alone

Why Is My Boyfriend So Distant When He Is Stressed?

The following could be reasons why he’s stressed and distant from you

He’s struggling financially

He’s feeling stuck in life

He’s tired of the relationship

He’s having family issues

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