my boyfriend embarrasses me in public

My Boyfriend Embarrasses Me In Front Of Others: 10 Odd Facts

It’s sad when the guy you trust to protect you emotionally abuses you.

I understand how it feels for your boyfriend to embarrass you in front of others.

He might call you names to the amusement of his friends.

In this article, I will share the possible reasons why he behaves that way and what you can do about it.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in

My Boyfriend Embarrasses Me In Front Of Others: Why He Acts That Way

1. He Lacks Empathy

My Boyfriend Embarrasses Me In Front Of Others

Kindness to the one you love is one of the most important qualities your partner should have.

Unfortunately, a lot of people focus on the wrong things.

Your boyfriend is acting that way because he has no empathy for you.

If a guy has empathy for you, he will be careful of how he treats you in the presence of others.

He wouldn’t want anyone to abuse you while he’s around.

We all know embarrassing someone hurts a lot, not to talk about his girlfriend.

He has no empathy for you, likely because he resents you or he’s trying to get revenge for something you did to him.

2. He’s Insecure And Has Low Self-Esteem

Guys with low self-esteem always want to attack your confidence so they can manipulate you.

They would often talk you down and make you feel worthless, even in front of their friends.

He would want you to feel bad and unworthy of love.

He might say, “I am just managing you it’s not easy to find a guy like me.”

A guy with low self-esteem would try to manipulate you to remain in the relationship.

He would make you feel no guy can put up with you.

3. Unresolved Conflicts Or Resentment

Your boyfriend may be angry about something, which makes him behave that way.

Maybe he found out something about you, or you did something to hurt him, and he’s yet to forgive you.

He could have something in his heart that’s making him resent you.

Ask yourself if there’s any unresolved conflict with him recently or if you did something to hurt him.

Maybe he doesn’t like your job, and it’s been causing fights in the relationship.

4. Lack Of Respect

my boyfriend embarrasses me

Your boyfriend embarrassing you in front of others proves he doesn’t respect you and is not scared of losing you.

He could be treating you this way because he believes you can’t leave, so he takes you for granted.

When a guy starts to maltreat you, there’s a high chance he’s dating someone else.

A guy would hardly respect you if he thinks you can’t live without him, and no matter what he does, you would stick with him.

Respect for each other is one of the secrets to a long-lasting relationship; it becomes difficult to communicate when lacking.

5. Power Dynamics

Some guys want to show their friends who is the boss in the relationship

They want their friends to know they have their relationship under control

They might bark orders at you in the presence of their friends and send you inappropriate errands to show they are in charge.

He might believe men should dominate women, and he embarrasses you in front of others to prove it.

You might also notice when you’re in the midst of others, he dismisses your opinion and makes you feel insignificant and unintelligent.

6. He’s Immature

A guy who doesn’t know he needs to protect his girlfriend is immature.

A man’s job is to be the hero and protector of his woman.

I can’t imagine embarrassing my girlfriend in front of my friends.

An immature boyfriend thinks of a relationship as a cruise where he doesn’t need to accept responsibility.

In a healthy relationship, it’s your boyfriend’s responsibility to protect you, but in this case, he’s the one abusing you.

An immature boyfriend would tell others everything about your relationship, including the secrets you told him.

My Boyfriend Embarrasses Me In Front Of Others: How To Handle The Situation

7. Communicate Openly And Assertively

Talk to your boyfriend directly and tell him how his actions hurt you.

Maybe he’s unaware of his behavior or thinks you are okay with it.

Tell him the embarrassing things he has done in front of others.

Your ability to communicate your feelings would make him know you are serious.

8. Set And Enforce Boundaries

Let him know he’s embarrassing you in front of others, and you don’t like it.

If you can’t talk to him or you’re afraid, it proves you need to work on your self-esteem.

Tolerating abuse is not love, and it’s not what makes a guy stay with you.

You can tolerate abuse from him; he would still leave you and go for a woman who won’t tolerate nonsense.

Please don’t tolerate his behavior; address it immediately.

9. Inform Others

Tell others to talk to him to stop embarrassing you.

Maybe his friends don’t support his behavior, or they might think you’re okay with it, so there is no need to interfere.

Let them know you are not okay with it, and they should talk to him to stop behaving that way.

It’s good to speak out to others so they can know the true situation of things.

10. Priority Your Well-Being

my boyfriend is embarrassed of me in public

You can’t continue to be in a relationship with a guy who disrespects you.

If you’ve already told him how he hurts you and he doesn’t change, it means it’s deliberate.

You have to think about yourself, protect your self-esteem, and walk away if he keeps hurting you.

There are many guys out there that would protect and prioritize you.

No need to waste time with a guy that doesn’t value you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Boyfriend Put Me Down In Front Of Other People?

There are many reasons why your boyfriend is acting that way; some of them are listed below:

He’s trying to attack your self-esteem

He wants to show others he’s in charge

He’s not aware you’re embarrassed

He’s insecure and has low self-esteem

My Boyfriend Thinks He’s So Funny And Embarrasses Me And Himself In Gatherings. What Should I Do?

Talk to him about it: maybe he’s unaware he’s embarrassing you publicly.

It might be a joke to him, and he’s just having fun.

Tell him directly he makes jokes that embarrass you in front of others, and he has to stop.

If he doesn’t stop, it means he doesn’t respect you, and there’s no need to be in such a relationship.

Why Is My Boyfriend Rude To Me In Front Of His Friends?

The following are the possible reasons:

He doesn’t respect you

He’s tired of the relationship

He’s dating someone else

He’s immature

He’s trying to show he’s the boss

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