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My Boyfriend Has A Big Stomach: 5 Odd Facts

My boyfriend has a  big stomach, if you are in such a situation this article is for you.

Most ladies want a guy who is a stud,

Has nice-looking muscles, and six-packs that turn you on and make you gush over him.

But unfortunately, you can’t always get what you want.

Even if your guy once had six packs,

There is a chance he didn’t practice a healthy lifestyle,

And now he has a big stomach.

For most women, a guy with a belly is a turn-off.

But before you decide to break up with him or keep resenting him,

You should finish reading this article.

If you’ve been looking for how to handle your boyfriend’s big stomach without hurting his feelings, please read on.

But first, what causes a guy to have a big stomach?

My Boyfriend Has A Big Stomach: What Causes Belly Fat In Men

1. Overeating And Poor Diet

My Boyfriend Has A Big Stomach

If your boyfriend eats a lot, he will likely have a big stomach.

If he’s fond of eating junk or food with a high amount of sugar,

Such as cakes and cookies, that may be the cause.

Sugary foods cause fat to build up around the stomach, gradually increasing its size.

If your boyfriend takes in more calories and burns a tiny fraction, a big stomach will arise due to weight gain.

2. Smoking And Drinking Alcohol

Alcohol, such as red wine, when consumed moderately, is good for one’s health.

But a high intake of alcohol can lead to your boyfriend having a big stomach.

A 2015 study on alcohol use and obesity discovered that men who consume too much alcohol gain weight around the stomach.

The disease control and prevention center recommends avoiding alcohol entirely if you can.

3. Stress

A hormone called cortisol, often known as the stress hormone,

Helps the body respond to stress.

When a person is in a life-threatening situation, such as running from danger,

The body releases the stress hormone, which helps to provide the needed energy to escape danger.

If your boyfriend is under pressure because of his finances or at work,

The stress hormone will produce more energy for him to deal with that situation.

It doesn’t stop there; the more his stress hormone produces more energy,

The more food he eats.

People often want to eat more food when they are under stress.

Due to cortisol, the extra calories from his diet are kept in the area surrounding the stomach,

In case the body needs to produce additional energy.

The calories kept for later use can make his stomach big.

4. Poor Sleep

big stomach man

A 2013 report linked high weight gain to inadequate sleep.

Poor sleep causes an increase in food consumption,

Making it easy for him to gain belly fat.

When your boyfriend is awake at night,

He’s more likely to overeat, which can cause belly fat in the long run.

5. Lack Of Exercise

If your boyfriend doesn’t exercise regularly or doesn’t exercise at all,

That could be the reason for his belly fat.

If you burn fewer calories than you take in, you will gain weight.

If your boyfriend doesn’t exercise or he’s always in a position of inactivity,

Such as sleeping or sitting for long hours, that might be the cause of his belly fat.

My Boyfriend Has A Belly: How To Handle The Situation

6. Surprise Him With A Gym Membership

fat belly male

Talking about belly fat with your boyfriend can be a sensitive issue you might want to avoid.

He can easily misinterpret it as body shaming, making him angry and resentful.

A better approach is to surprise him with a gym membership and tell him you want him to start working out.

It’s a subtle way of telling him he should lose some belly fat without hurting his feelings.

You can get a three-month membership and encourage him to work out regularly at the gym.

You can sometimes go to the gym with him to support him emotionally.

7. Sign Him Up For A Weight Loss Program

An alternative to help him lose belly fat is signing him up for a weight loss program.

The one I highly recommend is the lean belly fix program,

It can help him lose belly fat within a short time.

A weight loss program can help him get results fast,

But he still needs regular exercise to maintain his physique.

8. Help Him Commit To A Healthy Lifestyle

You can help your boyfriend commit to a healthy lifestyle that encourages him to avoid food with high amounts of sugar.

You can also recommend he sign up for a weight loss program like lean belly fix

He would need to stop eating junk and commit to a meal plan even if he doesn’t like it.

If he should ask you why you don’t want him to eat junk food anymore,

You should tell him you are worried about his health.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Girlfriend Make Boyfriend Realize His Belly Is A Bit Too Fat To Go Topless At The Beach Without Making Him Mad?

Haha, I think you need to chill and keep calm.

Your boyfriend seems like a guy who is comfortable with his body size,

And he’s not embarrassed about it.

The last thing you would want to do is to body shame him.

You should support him if he doesn’t see the need to lose weight, especially around his belly.

Imagine it’s the other way around,

You would probably say he’s abusive or controlling.

Please allow your boyfriend to be himself and not try to make him feel bad about his weight.

How Do I Tell My Boyfriend He Needs To Lose Weight?

The list below are ways you can tell your boyfriend he needs to lose weight without hurting his feelings:

Talk to him from a place of love: imagine telling your boyfriend that he’s fat and no longer attractive,

And you would leave him if he doesn’t lose weight; that’s hurtful.

But if you come from a place of love and tell him he means the world,

And you are worried about his health because he has gained weight,

That would make him not feel bad.

If you share your concerns with love, he will take you seriously and might even start working on it immediately.

Create a plan together: if he sees the need to lose weight, then you can create a weight loss plan together.

It can involve going to the gym together or being his fitness partner,

Whatever would help him not to give up easily.

Make him realize it’s not a criticism: discussions about weight gain can quickly bring resentment and anger if you don’t handle it properly.

It can make your boyfriend insecure because he might think you are no longer attracted to him due to his weight.

Make him understand you love and respect him regardless of his weight and you are not trying to criticize his shape.

What Causes Belly Fat In Males?

1. Overeating and poor diet

2. Smoking and drinking alcohol

3. Poor sleep

4. Lack of exercise

5. Stress

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