signs he is talking to someone else

9 Crazy Signs He’s Talking To Another Girl

You are in a relationship with a guy and recently noticed a change in his behavior.

He doesn’t call or text as before; he always has an excuse to give when you confront him.

His attitude makes you believe he’s talking to another girl.

Men are generally excited when they are talking to a new girl, which could mean less attention for you.

If you’ve been sensing your boyfriend is talking to another girl, this article is for you.

If you are ready for the adventure, hop on. Let’s take a ride.

9 Sure Signs He’s Talking To Another Girl

1. He’s Always Chatting On His Phone

Signs He's Talking To Another Girl

If your boyfriend is always giggling and laughing when chatting with a mysterious someone you know nothing about, that’s a sign he’s talking to another girl.

If you notice when he’s chatting on the phone, you can hardly communicate or get his attention; something is up.

Most men don’t know how to balance their attention when talking to another girl.

If your boyfriend’s chatting behavior consumes most of his time when he’s with you, it means he’s talking to another girl.

2. He Won’t Let You Touch His Phone

If your boyfriend guards his phone as if it contains the map of a national treasure, that’s a sign he’s hiding something.

If he hardly allows you to touch his phone or he wants to see what you will do with it, that’s also a sign.

He might even stay close to you to see the apps you want to open.

If your boyfriend is not free to hand over his phone to you, it could mean he’s trying to hide his chats with the other girl.

Even when you finally access his phone, you might notice he has deleted all his chat history.

3. He Gives You Less Attention

That’s because he’s giving most of his attention to the new girl.

It happened to me; when my ex started talking to another guy, she gave me less attention.

It was difficult to chat with her online because she didn’t reply to my chats or would go offline immediately after seeing me online.

Whenever she promised to visit, she would devise an excuse at the last minute.

If it’s hard to get hold of your boyfriend or when he’s with you, his mind seems elsewhere. That’s a sign he’s talking to another girl.

4. Your Instincts Notify You

That’s exactly why you are reading this article because your instinct tells you he’s talking to another girl, which is likely true.

Try not to base your conviction on your instincts alone.

If he’s hiding his phone from you or always chatting with someone, that’s a confirmation he’s talking to another girl.

5. He Starts To Ghost You

signs there is another woman

If your boyfriend suddenly starts to ghost you, then you should beware.

If he goes silent on you for days, he doesn’t call you; when you call, he doesn’t pick up.

He has no explanation when you ask why you couldn’t reach him.

He could even accuse you of being clingy to avoid telling the truth.

Ghosting is often proof there’s someone else in the picture.

6. He Acts Suspicious When He’s Around You

A popular proverb says, “A guilty conscience needs no accuser.”

If you notice your boyfriend acts suspicious around you, such as not answering certain calls, that’s a sign.

Sometimes he could even go outside to receive the call.

When he returns from answering such calls, and you ask him, “Who was that? he would say, “It’s nobody important” That’s a sign he’s talking to another girl.

7. He Criticizes You For Any Mistakes

is my boyfriend talking to someone else

One of the major disadvantages of having an option is the temptation to compare.

The more he keeps talking to the other girl, the more he starts to see what she has that you don’t.

That comparison is going to show in his attitude towards you.

He’s going to care less about you and your feelings.

He might yell and criticize you for any mistakes because he already has an option if the relationship doesn’t work out.

If you notice your boyfriend starts to act mean to you or he doesn’t respect you anymore, that’s a sign he’s talking to another girl.

8. He Becomes Secretive

Your boyfriend used to share his plans with you.

You knew everything about him because he would share it with you.

But now you don’t know anything about him. It’s like you are dating a stranger.

If you notice your boyfriend is now secretive and keeps most issues about himself private, that could mean he’s sharing it with another girl.

9. He’s Quick To Suggest Breakup

If your boyfriend quickly suggests a breakup anytime there’s a misunderstanding, it could mean he’s looking for an exit because he already has another girl in mind.

If he’s always saying, “This relationship is not working, let’s break up”, anytime you have a misunderstanding, that’s a sign he already has a replacement.

What To Do If Your Man Is Talking To Another Girl

Take Some Time To Investigate

It may be something else that’s making him act suspicious. That’s why you have to investigate to be sure he’s talking to another girl.

You need to have proof in case he tries to deny it.

Some men are very good at turning your accusation against you if you don’t have evidence.

When you are convinced he’s talking to another girl, you can now confront him with your findings.

Try and listen to what he has to say and then make your decision.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Know He’s Talking To Someone Else?

He’s always chatting on the phone

He won’t let you touch his phone

He gives you less attention

He talks about breakup often

He’s always on call for long hours

He acts like you are a burden

How Do You Ask A Guy If He’s Talking To Another Girl?

You should ask him directly if you suspect he’s talking to another girl.

Tell him you noticed his attention had been divided recently, and you would want to ask if he’s talking to another girl.

If he denies it and you are not convinced, you should investigate and find the truth.

How To Know If He’s Texting Another Girl?

He’s always online, even when he’s not chatting with you

He deletes his chat history

He guards his phone with his life

He doesn’t reply to your messages even when he’s online

He’s always acting suspicious when he’s around you.

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