all my boyfriend does is play video games

My Boyfriend Plays Video Games Instead Of Talking To Me: 11 Odd Facts

My boyfriend plays video games instead of talking to me if you are in such a situation this article is for you.

You visit your boyfriend, and he doesn’t give you attention because he’s playing Call of Duty or Minecraft with his online friends.

Things like video games are quite fascinating to men.

There’s nothing wrong with your boyfriend. He’s not a jerk. He’s just a man, and men love anything adventure.

Although I would admit it’s wrong for him to ignore you because of his video game, you deserve to know why he acts that way.

In this article, we will discuss why your boyfriend prefers to play video games instead of talking to you.

If you’re ready, let’s dive in

Why Does My Boyfriend Play Video Games So Much Instead Of Talking To Me?

1. He Doesn’t Think It Bothers You

My Boyfriend Plays Video Games Instead Of Talking To Me

Maybe you’ve never complained about his gaming attitude.

You may assume he ought to know that you need his attention.

He might be unaware his actions hurt you and feel you’re okay with it.

Your boyfriend is not a magician. He can’t read your mind to know if you’re happy unless you tell him.

2. He’s Resenting You

Your boyfriend might be acting that way because he’s resenting you.

Resentment often hinders communication and could be why he prefers to play video games rather than talk to you.

Did you get into an argument with him recently? It could be why he’s resenting you.

Another reason could be you’re trying to change him, and he doesn’t like it.

Men often become resentful when you’re trying to force them to do something.

3. He’s Tired Of The Relationship

boyfriend plays video games all day

When a guy is tired of a relationship, he starts behaving funny.

Most guys won’t tell you the relationship is over. They would prefer to keep you around for their selfish interest.

But their attitude towards you would show they’re no longer interested in the relationship.

If you notice he has stopped calling or texting as before, or he cheats with other women without hiding it, these are signs the relationship is over for him.

A guy who prefers to play video games rather than talk to you means he doesn’t care about your presence.

4. He’s Not Compatible With You

Your boyfriend might prefer to play video games because there’s nothing to talk about.

Having nothing to talk about is a common problem most people in relationships face, especially long-term couples.

He might be tired of repeating the same conversations with you, so he wants to play video games instead.

If you notice conversations with your boyfriend are becoming boring, you have to think of creative ways to spice the relationship, like going out and having romantic dinners.

5. He’s Trying To Avoid Conflicts

Your boyfriend might be trying to avoid conflicts with you; hence he plays video games to escape from trouble.

He might be afraid you would start a fight he can’t handle or nag him if he decides to talk with you.

There may be unresolved issues in the relationship, and he’s trying to avoid the conversation by using video games as an excuse.

6. He’s Bored

Your boyfriend may be bored, so he prefers to play video games.

He might feel he’s not getting the needed excitement and adventure from the relationship; hence he prefers to play games online with his friends.

A guy that’s bored of you would often ignore you when you come around and would prefer to play video games for the period you will be with him.

What Do I Do If My Boyfriend Plays Video Games All Day Instead Of Talking To Me?

7. Communicate Your Feelings

what to do when your boyfriend is playing video games

The first step is to tell him how his behavior affects you.

He should know you feel ignored and neglected whenever he’s playing video games instead of giving you attention.

Find a calm and appropriate time to discuss your feelings with him.

Avoid bringing up the issue when he’s in a gaming session because he would likely not listen to you, or he would get defensive and accuse you of trying to control him.

8. Practice Active Listening

After telling him how you feel, allow your boyfriend to share his perspective.

Maybe he’s unaware his actions hurt you or felt you were okay with it.

Be open and receptive to his reasons for playing video games instead of talking to you,

Discuss the issue extensively, and come to a compromise that would work for both parties.

9. Negotiate Boundaries

Discuss and agree on boundaries concerning gaming time.

It could involve setting time limits for gaming, designating certain days game-free, and spending quality time together.

You can also create a rule that there will be no gaming whenever you’re around.

The key is to agree on a compromise that works for both parties.

10. Consider Joining Him

If he’s open to it, you can learn how to play the game and join him whenever he’s having a gaming session.

That way, you can connect with him emotionally by doing what he loves.

It would also create room for communication and give you something to discuss with him.

11. Focus On Self-Care

While addressing the issue, remember it would take time for him to adjust his gaming attitude permanently.

In the meantime, focus on taking care of yourself emotionally, and don’t allow your boyfriend’s behavior to diminish your self-esteem.

Engage in activities that bring you joy, spend time with friends and family, and prioritize your well-being.

If your boyfriend refuses to change and still keeps prioritizing his gaming sessions over you, it’s time to walk away because he doesn’t care about you anymore.

You shouldn’t wait for a guy to treat you like crap before you realize you deserve better.

Frequently Asked Questions

My Boyfriend Plays Video Games Instead Of Talking To Me. What Should I Do

Express your feelings: if you feel your boyfriend is spending too much time playing video games and ignoring you, then let him know.

Also, don’t try to stop him from playing video games; it might make him resent you.

Instead, tell him to spend quality time with you.

There should be gaming-free days when he doesn’t play video games but instead spends quality time with you.

Watch him play the game: you can also watch him whenever he’s playing the video games, ask questions and offer him emotional support if he’s not winning.

That would make him love you more, and he would realize he needs to spend more time with you.

Give him space: you have to give him space to play his video games, So he doesn’t feel you’re trying to control him.

Many guys become cold and distant when it seems you want to control them.

When he starts playing video games, give him space and use that time to focus on other things.

What To Do When Your Boyfriend Is Obsessed With Video Games?

If your boyfriend is obsessed with video games, you can do the following:

Bring his attention to it.

Inform him that you’re unhappy with his gaming habit.

Convince him to sign up for therapy

Ask him to spend more time with you

Quit the relationship if he doesn’t change.

Should I Break Up With My Boyfriend Over Video Games?

It depends on the situation.

If your boyfriend keeps prioritizing his video games over you or acts defensive and aggressive whenever you tell him to spend more time with you,

Then it’s clear he doesn’t care about you anymore, and you should quit.

But if he’s doing his best to make time for you and treats you right, you have to be patient and give him time to make changes.

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